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Since our fic won't be ready until tonight, Sarah and I decided it would be okay to post the mix a little early, as a kind of teaser for the fic. We had so much fun pulling these songs together, so I hope you enjoy the playlist. We picked out a line from each that particularly fits the characters and scenes, but it's not really a literal soundtrack. It does, however, follow the general story (vaguely), so this mix can give you a sense of the tone from beginning to end. We're so excited to post later. Enjoy this in the meantime!

eta: the fic has been posted! :)

Disclaimer: The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with the music you collect here is your own responsibility.
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[index] - [1a] - [1b] - [2a] - [2b] - [art] - [mix]

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Cover To Cover

[index] - [one] - [two] - [three] - [four] - [mixes]

I’m sure mixing this fic was kind of hard, because the draft I sent in had basically none of the pseudo-relationship scenes towards the end--seriously, it was only half the length it is now--but wow, [ profile] spuzz and [ profile] manipulant totally came through, and these songs all fit really well with how the fic turned out in the end.

Fanmix 1 )

Fanmix 2 )
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I have:

Attic Demos
The Black Parade
TBPID! Maxwell's show
Bullets, Three Cheers, and Black Parade STRIPPED
and the CD of LOTMS, but it's just not on my computer yet

but I'm missing:

Three Cheers
all of the B-sides
TBPID! Mexico show
Desolation Row
(which I just realized I only have the video of, not the mp3)

all of which I used to have. :( can you help me? I can upload things in return. I have a fair amount of bandom songs and albums. :D

(I'm also looking for Paramore's album Riot and the "Live in Denver" version of Panic's cover of Karma Police, if you've got either of those. I thought I had most of my music back, but apparently not. eta: dammit, I lost my entire Thrice discography too. ugh. but I think I just found that again... I hope.)

eta: you guys are awesome. ♥
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The band played Kriespiel, and then Patrick came out and they went right into EITHER Oblivion or The Messenger (I CAN'T REMEMBERRRR >.<). I didn't record either of these, and I only recorded snippets for several of the others, because I thought the audio capabilities on my little camera were way worse than they apparently are, and I thought the audio would blow out, so I only recorded quieter parts of the songs.

under here be 16 of my videos plus a few from someone else )

I don't know where these talky bits fit into the set, but he took up a fair amount of time talking, and I took a few notes on what he said.

some of his ramblings... )

None of my pictures are very good, so I'll just give you a link to the album. But I wanted to point out these two (as always, click for full-size):

pictures )

That other youtuber seems to have also attended the Vancouver concert the next night. I haven't watched any of those videos yet, but there ya go. I'd be interested to know how much the setlist changes (if at all), especially since one of the things in that Nylon zine said that in order to keep shows fun for the bands, change up the setlist every night. I don't know if Patrick does that or not.
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I was so super excited for this, you guys. And it totally exceeded my expectations. I twittered like, the entire time up until Patrick Wolf came on.

4:13pm - Waiting for a bus to take me into seattle for PWOLF OMG.

Jaguar Love, Plastiscines, Living Things, other random notes )


12:15am - Holy crap that was amazing.
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oh maaaaaaaan. Jeeves is well on the way to becoming normal again. I have Outlook back, with my CALENDAR, and my EMAIL, and my TO DO LIST, and mcr's RSS FEED, and it is AWESOME. I also have Semagic back to post from, because it's so much easier than dealing with LJ. Pandora's still fucked up and I don't have iTunes yet, but I'm working on it.

OKAY SO, the point of this post is basically going to make me sound like an asshat, but... I really want music? :( Basically, I'm just gonna list the stuff I used to have and some stuff I didn't have but wanted, and if you want to contribute to my sadly very lacking music collection, you would be my best friend ever. If I just list an artist, that means I had (literally) ALL of their stuff. I will whore myself out for music, guys, seriously. If you give me ANYTHING, I will be happy. I'm begging. On my knees, and this floor is not the most comfortable. *___* please?

Artists )

Albums )

Songs )

Stuff I didn't have preiviously but would really really love to have now )

And um, if you have any like, absolute favorite songs/albums/bands, feel free to rec them as well. Please please please give me stuff, I have nothing besides Pencey Prep and as much as I love Frankie, that shit gets old. I will be so grateful to you for, like, EVER. ♥

eta: why me and Tony are awesome: we trade REALLY DIRTY SONGS. ahahahahaha
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I believe a few of you know of my sudden and increasing love for My Chemical Romance, but that's not been the only reason for my LJ absence lately (though it has contributed). I've actually been really busy these past few weeks, with midterms and my boyfriend coming down for a visit, and Halloween (which is apparently a huge deal here at SCAD. It goes on for like, a week before and after the 31st, in all seriousness), not to mention my continued battle over transfer credits with the admissions people.

Classes are going pretty well, and I've registered for next quarter already (Color Theory, Art History II, and Public Speaking), but because they're so project-based, it takes a lot of time to do homework. It has been pretty awesome having art projects as homework, though, I must admit. Class was cancelled yesterday, and my entire hall was so happy about it... We all slept in, and I slept for ELEVEN HOURS. It was amazing. I've been staying up far too late and waking up far too early lately.

There's also some drama going on with my friends, mostly involving my roommate and her now-ex-boyfriend, and Mike's immaturity with drinking and drugs getting my my nerves. Other than that, though, I've been getting closer to some of the people I really like, and I don't feel like as much of an outsider, which is definitely a good feeling. I spent all yesterday with one of my roommates, and that was really fun. We get along really well, even though we're so different.

In fandom news, I'm now obsessed with My Chem, after a looooong period of me resisting bandom and half of my f-list falling hard for it. So now I've fallen hard, oh so hard. I've been reading some amazing fics, watching youtube religiously, and even writing bandom fic. I've also signed up for slashababy, and I'm nowhere near abandoning lotrips, so don't worry about that. I'm still just as in love with Dom as I ever was, although I do wish I could see some of what he's been working on recently. I got used to seeing him almost every week during Lost, and now all these movies and things are in various stages of production and not even getting wide-releases... *sigh* I just miss him. Which kind of explains me falling in love with Gerard, Frank, and Mikey, I guess.

So basically, the point of this post is: I'm sorry I've disappeared from LJ so much. I'm still reading, but not commenting, which is bad of me, and I'm sooooorry. I don't like being non-posty, I like posting a lot, but I really haven't had time to sit down and write a real post. I haven't even had time to write in my physical journal. But I'm going home in two weeks, and once I get back home, I'm going to be bored out of my mind. And probably posting a lot. So be prepared. :D In the meantime, I love you all, sorry again for not commenting, and I will talk to you soon. ♥
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Warning: RAMBLING AHEAD OMG. You might regret asking me stuff. Just so ya know.

Choose 7 of my interests for me to talk about, and/or ask me to choose 7 of your interests for you to talk about (either in your own post or in comments).

from [ profile] wonder_walldbc:

astronomy, freedom of speech, billy boyd, lyrics, the beatles, dom's hands, raquel )

from [ profile] random_yayness:

bdsm, germany, jears, not yet, space, traveling, ocean )

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I've given in and started reading [ profile] shoebox_project. And I was all sad because some of the pictures have disappeared. Until I found the whole thing in pdf format (oh thank god). Which means, I can upload them to the Kindle. Which I am doing now. I'm at chapter 9, and I ALREADY LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH.

Also, I need to take my lit midterm before midnight tonight. MUST STUDY OMG. And also write fic for tomorrow. The one I'm working on now just reached 13,000 words last night. \o/

Also also, I've recently downloaded some music which I love (and which are all connected to The Riches. 1) How We Operate - Gomez (it's used for the intro bit), 2) Please Read the Letter - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss (it was in the season finale, which was AWESOME, btw), and 3) Stars & Satellites - Minnie Driver (the song's not in the show, but she is, lol). All very good, and all stuck in my head now. *dances*
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YAY, Dazzle won that video contest! I dunno if any of you voted, but if you did, thank you!! My sister's making money left and right now. I'm a bit jealous, actually. She has marketable talents like photography and dog training and stuff like that, which is also good for these kinds of contests. Meanwhile, I.... go to school and write fanfic in my spare time. >.<

My other bit of news for the day is this: I think I'm going to go mostly friends-only. Gradually, though; I'm not just gonna suddenly disappear or anything. And fic and stuff will be left public, of course. I have a vague plan to switch journals as well, and use this one more for fan-ish stuff (which was my original intention with it anyway).

Also, Raquel and Megan and I watched Return of the King last night all together, which was so much fun to do. We should do that more often. And this is an general invite for anyone who wants to join us, if there's ever a movie on tv we all want to watch or something.

Also! My ipod won't turn off. >.< It's had this problem before, but this time, even the 'reset' isn't working. GAAH.


Mar. 24th, 2008 11:41 pm
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grades. boo )

oh, and that cute physics guy? as time went on, he just got more and more annoying and boring. gah. what is it with boys? he started off cute and nice and interesting, and then it just got kinda "....ooookay then." y'know what I mean?

and also, music. first of all, I'm suddenly very into Lily Allen and I totally want to buy her CD, and secondly, this video is in that weird freaky-awesome-hilarious zone.

Alfie - Lily Allen )

tomorrow: piano lesson, more editing of Citadel, and hopefully The Other Boleyn Girl. I can't believe the recital's in a week. >.< and also, I love Citadel, still. it's one of my favorite things I've written, I think. and finally; I've heard good and bad things about that movie, and I just really want to see it to satisfy my curiousity. and to see Jim Sturgess. 'cause seriously, he's adorable. LOL
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first order of business, THIS SONG OMG. I've had it stuck in my head since this morning. and this girl, Brandi Carlile, is from where my friend lives. HOW AWESOME? but omg, yes, this song, I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. I'll upload it if anyone wants it, but not right now, 'cause I'm about to go to bed.

ok, next up: DOM LOVES BILLY, IT IS OFFICIAL. LOL I HAVE NO WORDS. I'm just in a prolonged state of fangirl squee.

school-wise - ONE FINAL DOWN, ONE TO GO. I studied for a lot of the weekend, and I took six fucking pages (graph paper pages, not normal pages) of notes, TWO of which were just vocabulary. but the final went well, I think, and there were sections of it that I was 100% confidant about, so that was very nice indeed. unfortunately, during that time, I didn't even touch physics, so now I have all of a day to go over that.

OH. we have a bunny. my sister's fostering her for the humane society, and her original name was SMIPPLES (yes, you read that right). the first thing the people said? CHANGE HER NAME, PLEASE, OMG. 'cause no one could read it right, or figure out how to pronounce it. we're now calling her Lyla, and she's adorable and soft and weighs more than one of the dogs (Peanut). LOL Peanut's a bit nervous about her, but okay with her; Dazzle's scared out of her mind (we think she's seen Monty Python/Holy Grail too many times, LOL), and Popcorn either HATES her or is just completely freaked out. Lyla nearly gave Dazzle a heart attack when she first got here: Dazzle came in and jumped on the bed and saw this movement out of the corner of her eye and she was like OMGWTFBUNNYRABBIT?!!!?!?!?!!!?! and she's been hiding under my desk a lot now. LOL *pets her*

spoilers for... Project Runway S4 Finale, Biggest Loser Couples (tonight's episode), and Lost - the one about Jin and Sun )


OH, and I had something to post about my Italian class, but I'll save that for later, since it's kinda long and I've already talked about A TON of things. OH, and I wanted talk more about The Other Boleyn Girl, and the second one, and... oh what else? OH RIGHT, King Arthur and my Sex & Sexuality textbook. LATER, THOUGH.

OH ALSO, I can't wait for ScriptFrenzy. I WANNA START NOW. question: would you guys wanna read it as I write/when I finish? it's weird formatting and stuff if you're not used to it. and I'd have to figure out a way to post it, 'cause last time I tried, LJ just erased all the formatting.

OKAY NOW I'M RAMBLING. BEDTIME. ...oh and, FIRST this weekend. unfortunately, I don't think the SeaTac tournament will be simulcast, otherwise I'd link you to it, but if it is, I'll let you know. it's very cool.
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I hate it when my computer randomly shuts down internet explorer, thereby closing all of the tabs I had open. *KICKS OMG* Semi-luckily for me, I almost anticipated this, and I have a relatively good memory for crap like that. Except I keep thinking there was something else that I had open that I can't remember.... >.<

Also, I just realized I never posted this: Augustana's album All The Stars And Boulevards, as a .zip file of .mp3s.

Jeff's premiere is tonight. I guess I'm going to wear my green Chinese dress, which is pretty much the only dress I have at the moment. I have a black one, actually, but it doesn't have sleeves and it's kinda low cut and it's FREEZING here, so I'm thinkin' no. There was a lot of frost this morning. Very very cold. >.<

Speaking of, I had to wait outside the DoL before it opened to get my driver's license. Only, I'd taken the written test before and passed, so apparently I didn't need to take it again, I just had to schedule my actual drive test. So, next Wednesday at 2:50, I have to go back and do that and remember to brush my hair and stuff because I finally get a new picture on my license and I want it to look better than the one I have now, which is absolute crap. LOL

Also, I made an autumn/Dom wallpaper, but I didn't really like it, so I made a different Dom wallpaper, with text from a poem called Moonlight by Giridhar Mohanarangan.

So now it's 4pm and I have to go eat and get ready to go.
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I got my most recent SAT scores back today: writing was a bit lower, but I expected that. math was EXACTLY THE SAME as last time (640, if I remember correctly), and the reading? up by 80 points. *\o/* YAAAAAY. Hopefully this means I qualify for the highest scholarship at SCAD. :D :D :D I'm very excited. I need to send in my application packet today with my updated scores, homeschool transcript, and personal statement. Hopefully I'll know whether I'm accepted by Christmas or New Years. YAY.

I got 46/50 on my studio quiz last Thursday. And ok, y'know that movie premiere the guy at class invited me to? There's an article about it in the newspaper. Jeff is the guy I know. Didn't I tell you he was good-looking? ;D This is so awesome. And I didn't know he was homeschooled!! I'll have to ask him for tickets tonight. I'm very excited about that also.

Tomorrow night's the Halloween Dance, which I went to last year, but besides a mild desire to go, I'd totally forgotten about it. And anyway, the premiere is the next night, and it's probably better not to do two things in a row. Besides the fact that I haven't even thought about costumes... I dunno what I'm going to do for Halloween...

I'll be posting RunAway in a few minutes and OMG I LOVE THIS NEXT CHAPTER. It ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, though. SORRY.

And one more thing: the Across the Universe soundtrack is so awesome and I've been listening to it non-stop since yesterday. omg this song makes me laugh. "They're great, they're just... chillled out!"


Oct. 22nd, 2007 03:27 pm
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quickie update:

math quiz today only had 3 problems on it (wtf?!), but they were all easy.
italian quiz from last week: C- WHAT THE FUCK. I SUCK OMG. it's not toooo bad, though, because it's not like I was randomly guessing, I just got uno and un mixed up in my head so all the questions on that I got wrong. >.<

across the universe soundtrack shipped today, should be here tomorrow. YAYNESS OMG. I had dear prudence and strawberry fields forever stuck in my head all morning.

it's so hard to go back to school in the morning after a 3 day weekend. >.<
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a friend lists 7 of your interests that they are interesting in hearing you talk about. comment here if you want me to list 7 interests for you to discuss!

this list is from [ profile] surreality_fan

lots of rambling under here )


I watched Pushing Daisies tonight, except I missed the first few minutes. It's beautifully shot, and I love the colors. It looks like a movie. And actually, I think it would probably work better as a movie than a show because I don't know how they're going to continue it and keep it fresh. Also, my sis and I recognized Jim Dale narrating right away because of all the Harry Potter audiobooks. :D That came as a surprise. Oh, and is this a half-hour show filling an hour timeslot? Because that was a hell of a lot of commercials. O.o

And I watched the newest House episode. spoilers )

To the classical music lovers - does anyone have Valse in A by Frederic Chopin and would be willing to upload? I've googled it but only found things I have to pay for, and I don't like paying for things. lol I'm about to start playing this song in piano.

And finally, I reviewed some SAT stuff today. I'm gonna fail. >.< ONLY TWO MORE DAYS. *headdesk*


Aug. 30th, 2007 11:23 am
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OMG I HATE RINGTONES. it took me FOR-FUCKING-EVER to get the damn file onto the phone's memory, and now it won't let me use it as a ringtone! WHAT THE BLEEDING FUCK? GAAAAHHHHH.

i WILL make this work. eventually.

i just have to figure out HOW first. DAMN PHONE. I WANT TO BREAK IT. only that would be bad. so i won't do that, but I WANT TO SOOOOO BAD. DAMN FUCKING STUPID PHONE.

...and now tony's just told me how to download a file that i KNEW should've been simple to get, and it WAS, but i couldn't figure it out. so YAY for that. *downloads more stuff* :D :D :D so at least that's one good thing. lol

eta: hee, i like the 'determined' mood icon.

eta2: grabbing those files was SO FUCKING EASY. why didn't i think of that? i took a whole class on html and computer shit. i should've known that. anyways. YAY FOR EASY. lol

eta3: YAAAAAAY, things are working now. still not with the phone, but i can't deal with that at the moment. tony's just said that there IS an alarm clock on the ipod, which is PERFECT, so i don't even have to do the thing i WAS going to do with the phone, and this is all very good news. also, tiffany's coming over in like, an hour. and i'm not dressed and haven't eaten yet. oops. BUT MY IPOD WORKS! *giggles* AAAANNNNDDDD, i finally have a lot of those beecake videos in the right format so they're on there too! \o/ when did i get to be so electronics-illiterate? i'm not usually this way, i swear. lol
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from [ profile] babybrothalova:

Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 of your favorite songs that begin with that letter.

my letter was L )

in other news... I feel so apathetic towards, well, everything lately. I finished Lord of the Rings, so I went to look for another book to read, and none of the ones on my bookshelf piqued my interest at all, even though I bought them in the first place. I've written very little unless in a fit of inspiration, and reading through my WIPs isn't helping. Then of course, there's schoolwork, which I can't concentrate on at all. I have 3 math programs I'm supposed to be working through, and I've done about half an hour of each... over the last three days. And now I have to write my personal statement for my SCAD application, which requires talking about my personal and educational experiences as well as my personal and professional goals and aspirations. At the moment, I can't even think of a goal, which is dumb, because I know I have goals. I just seem to have forgotten them or something. *headdesk* I think my vacation was too long; it hasn't left me any time to just veg out and have a meltdown during the summer. I want to melt. I feel like melting. Only, I don't have time to melt, which is so stupid of me because I've been doing nothing but waste time since I got back, pretty much.

It feels like things have changed, but I don't know how. But nothing's really changed, has it?
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this is all instrumental-type music. all the albums are .zip, the two single songs are .mp3.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - 18 songs

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - 19 songs

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - 19 songs

Arwen's Song (Houses of Healing) - song from RotK Extended Edition (not on the soundtrack)

Use Well the Days - LotR song that isn't in the movies

Hanneke Cassel - celtic/folk fiddle music. 12 songs

Bear McCreary - various songs from the Battlestar Galactica soundtracks. 8 songs

Nature's Symphonies - classical music with stormy nature sounds added in. 13 songs

hope you enjoy. :D

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