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Birthdate:Aug 1
Location:Georgia, United States of America
Website:Fic Index
I'm Jen (or Jennifer), and I write a lot. Mostly fanfiction. I also go to college in the south and live in the pacific northwest over summer and winter breaks. I post about these things quite often.

I mostly write My Chemical Romance and Lord of the Rings RPS fanfiction. I'm obsessed with all the boys from MCR, but mostly Frank and Gerard. I also love Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd from LOTR. Bandom and LOTRPS are both very incestuous fandoms, and I like that about them; I'm a fan of pretty much everybody involved.

Friending: I keep most of my real-life entries friends-locked, so if you want to have access to those, drop me a comment on my friends-only post (or any of my public posts). I may or may not friend you back, but I do like having friends and meeting people, so your chances are good. If you're just here for the fic, though, there's no need to ask.

All of my fics are linked in my index. [updated June 24th 2009]

I write various things with giddy_london at bestdamndress

I write Dom to babydazzle's Billy in El Fuego at monaboyd_draft

My fic recs can be found at my page.

Most of my icons (and graphics) are free to use (unless specifically noted), but please credit me in the keywords if you do use them. They can be found at my photobucket album.

Warning: this journal contains a lot of slash (male/male pairings), which might offend some people, and a lot of BDSM porn, which might offend even more people. My fics have warnings, but there’s always a chance something will show up in another of my posts or in the comments. So if those things offend you, try to steer clear.

Blanket fic disclaimer: I'm making no claims that what I write is true and it should not be taken as such. I'm making no profit off of these stories. They are just fiction.

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