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Oct. 26th, 2011 07:02 pm
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I have not rewritten my script yet. I'm kind of scared to open it. It only needs kind of minor rewrites, but... ahh, I'm just scared.

I have: a Director of Photography who is VERY highly regarded by both students and professors (and the chair of the department), and I feel really really lucky to have him because he's like, SUPER booked up and HE approached me, which is how I like it. (lol I sound like MCR.) Anyway, he recommended to me both an editor and a sound guy (idk if that means field- or post-sound... or both?), but I haven't met them yet. I sucked it up and had a conversation with the other guy who really wanted to DP my film, to let him know I was going with Pieter, and it was honestly stressing me out a lot, knowing that I had to let this guy down. He's a really cool, sweet guy! But he took it really well, and totally supoorted my decision and was interested in working somewhere in the camera department for me anyway. I just kinda feel bad becaues he has no senior projects to work on right now. :\ But I think Pieter was the right decision.

I had the open casting call on Saturday, and wow, it was busy. I got several actors in to audition for me, so that was nice. A lot of girls, a couple guys. (I need one of each.) There were a few girls I liked enough to have a call-back, but I wasn't really into any of the guys. Hmm. :[ I still have time, though. I might go through the casting office now that I know more specifically what I need...

I also have two producers (one is only for preproduction, though). Neither of which is doing a whole lot at this particular moment... I'm not sure how much I need from them, to be honest. I kind of wish I had someone to take over... finding people, and scheduling meetings, and shit like that. UGH. I desperately need a budget, so I can start a kickstarter project (or more likely, indiegogo, since for that you get to keep WHATEVER money gets donated, and it doesn't hinge on reaching the goal), and I kind of desperately need a production designer. And those two things kind of intersect, because a lot of the budget goes to production design/art direction. UGH UGH UGH. I haven't heard about any really good PDs, though I have heard about some bad ones... my Directing Actors class has basically turned into a twice a week gossip session about how everyone's films are doing. Which is really really helpful, honestly, because I know who I should and shouldn't work with.

I still have the sixty (SIXTY) people who signed up on my interest list at the Senior Soiree, and wow, yeah. That's a lot of people. Some were freshmen, though, so they're just, like... PAs. Grips. Whatever. I sent them all an email but I haven't scheduled an interest meeting yet, because... I'm lazy. And I'm worried. I don't know what to tell them, you know? I can't just say, oh, you wanna do this? HAVE AT IT. I need some kind of... screening process. I need to make sure they're GOOD. But I also need a crew. So, hm.

All in all, I'm... okay with where I'm at right now. I'm not panicked. I'm not super happy either, I feel really behind. Especially compared to other directors I've been talking to, but then again, my film is way shorter and much more simple... So I think I'm okay. We're shooting in mid-February (I think the second or third weekend?) and I have a bit of time left. O.O

So, I was also thinking... I'm going to have this indiegogo fundraising project, and I'll have to think of donation incentives for that, but I was also thinking about maybe writing fic in exchange for donations? What do you guys think of that? Like I said earlier, I basically have no concept of my budget, but if I want to shoot on 35mm film, that'll up the price a little. So I'm thinking I'll need to raise a couple thousand dollars at least, just for the film and processing and all that, plus a bit of production design and catering. What else costs money? Film festival entry fees, that does for sure. So yeah, I will be needing money! I will be having a fundraising website thing of some kind! I will probably also set up a paypal so I can get money directly that way instead of all the website fees! Tell me your thoughts.
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