Dec. 20th, 2007 12:18 am
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I've been held captive and forced to clean the house for about a week, I think. and it just finished barely under the wire before we went to pick up my grandparents from the airport. (did that sentence make sense? i don't even really care...) anyway, they're here now, which will probably mean significantly less computer time. woe.

my friend came over on Sunday/Monday to help clean, and she actually helped a lot. I dunno what specifically she did, but it was good. lol. and then we stayed up until, like, 2am or something, talking. it's been so long since we've had more than 20 minutes alone together. i found out i still have opinions that differ a bit--okay, quite a lot--from hers, about marriage and sex and love and that sort of thing, but okay, whatever. >.< at least we can still kinda talk about it.

and since I don't think I ever posted about my grades, here they are (the official ones): Math = B, Italian = A-, and Studio = A. not bad, even though I'm a bit miffed about the B. >.< for that weekend class, I just got a P, for passing grade, but omg I'm so annoyed about that still. *kicks the teacher*

fandom: I'm so very happy about the Hobbit news. I'm fully willing to wait until PJ is available to direct, though. but at least he's involved, and that is very good news indeed. and I realized a while ago that even if Billy and Dom aren't involved in the actual movies, they'll probably turn up for the premieres, which would be very awesome as well. :D

so, happy holidays, everyone, and hopefully I'll still be somewhat available online between now and Christmas.
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and so much stuff has happened! first of all, in TV land...

- The Office: Casino Night - OMG JIM. CRYING. LOVE. AWWWWWWW. ♥ SO MUCH.
- The Beatles' Help! movie - CRACKTASTIC. I think the best part was watching them mess around in the snow, LOL.
- the Monk and Psych holiday specials - were nothing really special. >.< but any new Psych is good, because it is adorable. :P

in the mail today came the movies Reign Over Me, which looked really good, so I can't wait to watch it, and THE FLYING SCOTSMAN. YAY!!! I also have Hairspray from the store, and that really has to go back, but I haven't watched it yet...

in school news, I got an A in Studio Production. as if I could've gotten anything else. and a B in math, which means I didn't do fantastically on the final, because before the final, I think my grade was about a B+... and I don't have my grade for Italian yet, but my grade prior to the exam is a 92.8, which is ALMOST an A, I think. I looked up the books I need for next quarter: Italian uses the same book I already have, which is very nice; Physics requires like, 4 different book/workbook/study guide things, booo; and the two books for Writing Fiction look AWESOME. can't wait to get those in my hands. :D

as I said a while ago, cute guy had something else going on and couldn't come to Sweeney Todd, but it's always fun when my dad and I see movies together, so I really wasn't too bummed. the movie was AWESOME. and the blood was very Tim Burton-ish: bright bright red, and therefore not very disgusting. there was a lot of it, though. but there was so much humor in the movie too, it was really cool. and then the costumes were awesome, and the singing was alright, and it was just soooo cool!! I do think the gothy makeup was overdone in a couple of scenes, though. but overall I liked it. I can't wait to see it again when it actually comes out. lol!!

currently, I'm rearranging furniture in the house. amazing how just rearranging a room makes it look so much cleaner. LOL of course, there's actual cleaning being done as well, much to my annoyance. :P my friend is coming over on Sunday night and staying until Monday to help us clean (she's getting paid to clean, btw. I wish I was getting paid. >.<) I think the grandparents are coming on Wednesday, which doesn't leave a whole lot of time... and then my dad's birthday is on Saturday next week, so that's when we're going to have the first big family dinner of the holidays, I think.

other randomness:
- I'm in chapter 4 of The Golden Compass, and so far I realllllly like it. hopefully I'll be able to finish it before I go see the movie.
- omgwtf coyote? there was a coyote in our backyard earlier today!! WTF? for reference, I live in the very densely populated suburbs. O.o
- ever since classes ended, I've been staying up extremely late at night and waking up extremely late in the morning. I dunno why. my body rebels against waking up early now. :P
- FotR last night = ♥. I don't know why I get so fangirly when the movies are on TV, seeing as I have them on extended edition DVD.... :P
- there's a part near the end of The Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks (which I finished recently and really enjoyed) that I agree with SO MUCH that I was literally saying "YES, EXACTLY!!" out loud as I listened. I don't want to spoil anyone or spark an argument or anything, so I'll just say that the passage pertains to religion and leave it at that.
- tony emailed me a photo of us from the weekend we first met. awww, we're so little! apparently we were 12, but we certaily don't look it from the picture. lol
- I started writing a Dom/Viggo ficlet a few days ago and it has since grown into something much more involved than I was planning. but there will still be porn, don't worry about that. *g*
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finals are over!!! and both of them went a lot better than I expected. although, last night, I was worried about how NOT worried I was... I don't get test anxiety or anything, but I thought it was a bit strange to be so laid back about them. but they both went very well, so I have high hopes for decent grades. for the math, most of the stuff was just easy, though there were a couple that I didn't quite know how to do. but oh, the joy of multiple-choice questions: GUESSING. I'm usually a good guesser. LOL Italian was kind of the same; I just knew most of the stuff on the test. the teacher gave us little cards that we could use as a free answer for any question, but only one question, so we had to use it wisely. when I was done with the test, I had a couple little trouble spots, of course, but I didn't really know what to ask her. I finally settled on irregular verbs, because I'm absolutely sure that I got several of those wrong. so she helped me with one, which in turn helped me with another, but then I just gave up because I really don't know those fucking irregular verbs.

and then when I came home, I found a present from my mom. I think she decided it was going to be a present kind of arbitrarily, because she wanted to get me this anyway, lol. it's a single book with the complete Dark Materials trilogy, which is The Golden Compass and two others. (are they making a movie out of the other two, or just The Golden Compass?) anyway, I've not read it before, and my mom was surprised because when she started reading it a few weeks ago, she said it was exactly the kind of book I'd love. so now I'm on chapter 3 and I love it already. :P hopefully I can finish it before we go see the movie.

also, cute guy emailed me back and said that he couldn't come to the movie because of a prior engagement. :( he was all apologetic and sweet, though, which was nice. I've also kept up an email conversation with him, so hopefully we can get together some other time. :)

and also, EPGY just recently sent my transcript from them to SCAD and Drexel. damn them for holding up my applications. it was supposed to be sent already! >.<

now, it's back off to bed with me and my book, and I don't have to get up early tomorrow. YAY
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italian presentation tomorrow: OMG SAVE MEEEEE. I think it goes without saying that I don't have my lines memorized, seeing as they were only finished TODAY. after class, we practiced about 3 times, and we're going to practice as many times as possible tomorrow, and luckily, our group is the last one in class, so that's good, right? I do like the fact, though, that I don't show up until the second half of page 2. :P but I did (for some IDIOTIC reason) write myself some fucking complicated lines. what was I thinking?! kinda too late to change it now. and hopefully if I forget, I know enough basic italian to improvise convincingly. (since that's how I wrote the stupid thing in the first place, lol).

oh, and, there is a FREE SCREENING OF SWEENEY TODD, and I AM GOING. FUCK YES. next thursday. awesome? I think SO. :D

and duuude, school is over on monday. I cannot wait.

also, yes, I know this icon makes no sense for this post. but it's nice to look at. *giggles*

quick post

Dec. 5th, 2007 08:21 am
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According to Tiffany, I won't be able to do the study abroad thing (I'm not old enough, wtf?!). I dunno if that's true, but it probably is. I'm not too unhappy about it, though, because the trip would've been expensive and I'm not sure I should've buggered off to Italy right before I had to get everything set up for me to go to college. And also, this way I'll be able to get a job early and not be competing for one when public school lets out. So, all for the best, probably. Though my mom did say (and I definitely agree) that I should travel sometime during my college career, because once I'm out of college, opportunities like that start to disappear fast.

Okay, now about school; I got a B on my last Italian test, which, while not great, is certainly better than a C, so the C will be dropped. \o/ I did okay on my math quiz, but I really hate that his quizzes only have like, 4 problems. It makes each one worth A LOT, and I usually miss about 1 or half of 1. WHICH SUCKS. Not much I can do about it, though, except study more.

Both of my finals are on Monday (Studio doesn't have a final), and my oral presentation for Italian is TOMORROW, WTF. We're supposed to do a skit and have our lines memorized. We just finished WRITING our lines last night. omg we're gonna die. >.<

Also, I wanted to link to this site... We're graphing polar equations and stuff in math, and it reminded me of this Butterfly Curve that I saw a while back. We're not doing anything nearly this complicated in class, but isn't it pretty?

So, I just have to survive until Monday, and then there'll probably be some kind of party or something in Italian, and then the quarter is over! WOOO!!! And now I've looked at the clock and omg I gotta go. Like, now.
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Bedtime last night - 2:30-ish
Woke up - 6:45
Went to class - 8:30-ish
Went to eat and stuff at the mall - 1:00 to 3:00
Went to class - 3:00
Finished class - 10:00
Finished making DVD and mini-DV copies of my interview - 11:15
Got home - 12:00-ish

notes: I bought a fedora with rainbow pinstripes. 'tis awesome. I later drove home at about 20mph through a 40mph zone because the fucking windows fogged up and I couldn't see a fucking THING, and it was almost as bad as driving in Montana, and luckily there wasn't anybody else around. I feel like I haven't eaten at all today. I did eat, though, at least a bit. >.< UGH.

further notes: Cute Guy is still awesome, of course. I have a picture of him with a fake mustache. *cue me reaching up to fix it OMF*. so is Jeff, omg I'd like, LOVE him if he didn't have a girlfriend or anything. and some other people in that class are such idiots omg.

still further notes: random spam email and comments from brainspouses is ABSOLUTE LOVE. and so are the comments to kiltsandlollies's lotrips post. and so is Incline of Trees. <3


Wake up, go to class, go to piano/art class, spend the night, come home Saturday (probably around noon). OMG.

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my day today was SUCH UTTER CRAP. for no particular reason. i woke up on the wrong side of the bed (figuratively, of course, since i only ever sleep on one side of my bed...) but yeah, math was a bit crap, italian was more crap, time in between classes was pathetically spent moaning about the classes themselves, and the study period after italian? omg french guy need to shut up. and everytime i look at Lake, i think Owen. LOL he's so sweet, though.

but anyway, the good things:

lord of the rings soundtrack. always and forever, i will love it. and i want the score for christmas. *hopes*

Raquel's emails. omg ♥

the incline of trees.

chicken noodle soup.

by the way, Tiffany, here's a few videos of Owen. "Meet Owen" "Owen's top 10 moments" (annoying background music, but oh well) and "Ianto clips from episode 12" (that's the episode where Ianto and Owen were all angry and fighting, lol. Spoilers, obviously. and here's a picspam with mostly Ianto and Jack, but some Owen too.
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so, on thanksgiving i was going to do a post of great yay which included birthday wishes for my lovely brainspouse, semi-gushing reviews of 2 fantastic movies, and other such happy things. but no, i forgot, and now it's several days later, and a ton of utter crap just came up. well, not just, but i'm just now realizing it.

bad things 1 through 6... )

and now for some good news... watched episode 12 of torchwood today. captain jack harkness. pretty much the whole time i was like IANTOOOO. and OMG JAAAACK. and other such squealing noises. OMG IANTO/OWEN FIGHT FTW. owen's so mean though, wtf. poor ianto. the boss' (adorablesexyawesome) bit on the side. heee

does this count as a good thing? i've been reading porn like, nonstop all weekend. O.o some good, some not so good, and some where the authors didn't quite know how to form sentences.... yeah, that wasn't fun. but the rest was.

i drew a picture of a crawler from the citadel, and i was going to post it, but i haven't yet. i did scan it in, though. but then i sent the scan to tony's brother, who's in animation, and he said he'll see what he can do with it. so if he gets back to me with a 3D picture of it, i will post them both together.

i wanted to post so many things, but i just haven't. >.< things i will get around to posting sometime soon: review of August Rush (OMGADORABLE, I LOVED), review of Brokeback Mountain (which i FINALLY saw and OMG LOVED. OH MY GOD.), writing technique questions for all of you writers, a meme or 2, and.. OH right, a picspam! duh. ok. so, eventually, alright? okay. i'd better get to my math homework before i turn into a zombie.

also, ps: i still have Apologize on repeat omg. it's the ONLY song i've listened to while writing the citadel. and wtf, the movie Armageddon still kinda makes me cry. :(

oh, pps: did i tell you i've registered for next quarter's classes now? physics, italian II, writing fiction, and that's it so far. should i do a human development course on humour or do something with my robotics/interview guy to fill in the extra credits?
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1. Take your answer to each question and type it into Google Image Search.
2. Post one of the images from the first page of results.

everybody else is doing it... )

in other news, I made it to the halfway point in NaNo! past it, actually; I'm now at 26,100 27,306. *\o/* I think I actually have enough material to go another 25k, which is good, because I'd been having doubts about that.

also, Torchwood made me cry and The Office made me all emotional, and I think I'm going to go watch House in a few minutes. wtf, Torchwood, you're not supposed to make me CRY. so angsty omg. and The Office; Jim = ♥.

oh, omg, I realized today that there's a guy in my Italian class (he's in my project group too, actually) that looks just like Owen from Torchwood. I kept thinking he looked familiar and then when I watched an episode today, I was like HA!

the future

Nov. 8th, 2007 01:28 pm
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So here's the deal: next quarter class registration is coming up soon. These are the classes I know I'm going to take:

5 cr - Italian 2
5 cr - Physics (intro or slightly advanced or something, I dunno)

which leaves me 8 more credits. So, another 5 credit class and a 2 or 3 credit one. Let's talk about the 3 credit one first.

class options for winter quarter )

So that kind of takes care of winter quarter. But for spring, this is where it gets interesting (and exciting!!).

spring and summer options )

So anyway, that's only one of the things that's going on in my brain right now. Others include: math midterm on Tuesday, Italian test today (it went okay; better than I'd anticipated), interview and directing tonight, talking to FIRST WA guy about next quarter tonight, and food. Not only do I need to eat something before I leave, but I think I have to bring snacks for the crew as well. I'm thinkin' left over Halloween candy and oranges. That might make a mess though... Well, whatever, one of the guys last week brought bananas.
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to do list:

make mp3 of script
practice script with mp3
finish studio test
study for italian test tomorrow (kinda sorta)
copy/complete italian workbook (almost but not quite finished)
do math homework
write intro and outro script for studio (or just wing it)
write cover letters for college applications (omg this isn't done yet?!)
write nano fic omfg. i am so unbelievably behind.
go shopping for something i have to send somewhere
send something somewhere once i buy it


i just got a pair of $90 leather boots and ~$25 leather gloves. omg the gloves are so awesome. it's like, the softest, most supple leather i've ever felt. i love. *pets them* but anyways, OMG that's way more than i'd usually spend on either of those things. bad me. >.< i shouldn't have, but fall fashion is my clothing downfall. spring/summer fashion, on the other hand... no thanks. LOL

i passed my driver's test today. YAY. it was pretty easy, actually. he said i didn't look over my shoulder on one of my turns, but there was NOBODY on the road and i DID look in my mirror wtf.

and speaking of driving: i drove in seattle for the first time tonight. i'd been avoiding it forever because i was kinda scared of driving in the city, but it certainly did help that i did it when there was practically nobody on the road. but still, i did it! and in high-heel boots, too! *g*

pictures for that meme are coming... soon. i promise. i still have to take pics (less-blurry pics, anyway) of a couple things and my painting. speaking of, i need to work on my new painting...

all my posts lately are "omg school is killing me" kind of things. for shame. except runaway. and speaking of, i dunno when i'll have time to post the epilogue tomorrow. maybe i should just stay up late and post it after midnight. LOL i want it to be on thursday, otherwise i'd do it now. i'm just weird that way. PLUS OMG, i just realized this: tomorrow is nov. 8th. what are the odds that the last chapter of runaway would be posted on the 8th?!* that's so awesome. hahahaha now it DEFINITELY has to be posted tomorrow.

*8 is my favorite number and has been popping up in odd places lately. i just love that number. don't really know why. lol
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The dogs have fleas. The HOUSE has fleas. I DON'T WANT FLEAS!!!! *shudders*

The Assertive Communication class is finally over. It was a good class, but about 90% of the students didn't want to be there, which made it difficult for me and the two other people that did. I spoke to the teacher after we let out yesterday and he said he really appreciated my being in the class, because the rest of the idiots weren't cooperating at ALL and they kept saying stuff like "how soon is lunch?" "when can we get out of here?!" *STABS THEM* I didn't learn much I didn't already know, but it was good and I think I'll be able to use some of the techniques. I discovered that while I usually speak assertively, my body language is completely non-assertive. Also, I say "I'm sorry" for EVERYTHING, which I need to stop doing. LOL By the way, I got about 9 hours of sleep on Saturday night, which was COMPLETELY AWESOME. I love it when I get enough sleep to survive the day. :P

So, my NaNo fic is still on the high end of 2000-something, because I haven't had time to sit down and write uninterrupted for a while. :( I'm hoping I can set aside some time this afternoon, but I have a(nother) play to film at the theatre tonight! Which brings me to this bit of news:

On Saturday, my mom got a phone call from the theatre lady, asking me to come film because it was the last night of the production. This is right smack in the middle of my weekend class, remember. I would've refused, but the play just HAD to be interesting. And it was. It was called "Deathtrap" and it was about a playwright who commits murder and there's a lot of double-crossing and dry humour. But now, for some reason, there's ANOTHER play ("The Legend of Sleepy Hollow") this evening that I'm now scheduled to film. (I don't know how they had another production so quickly; apparently it's like a 45min one-act or something...)

In February, they're having "The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)", which I cannot WAIT for, because it sounds so awesome. It's by The Reduced Shakes Spear Company. HEE.

So anyway, I have a math quiz today that hopefully I'll be able to do well on. *crosses fingers* I also have a ton of Italian homework to finish between classes. And I also have to call the original "cute guy" and ask him to step in to be the host for my studio class. I don't even know if he's still at the school..... >.< So yeah, that's my day today. How 'bout you?
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the bad:

etc. )

the good:

etc. )

Anyway, I have to do several things before bed tonight:

- sketch next painting
- print out studio test
- email FIRST WA guy about interview (high priority)
- start math homework (moderately high priority)
- start Italian homework (low priority)
- write more (very low priority)
- pack backpack for tomorrow
- pack secondary backpack for tomorrow
- gather food for lunch/dinner tomorrow
- make a recording of myself reading the director's script (can wait until weekend)

holy shit, that's a lot. >.< and it's already 11pm!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


I'm acting oddly calm for having an internal freak-out. O.o
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I did... nothing. I didn't even dress up, and I didn't give out candy. (yay! LOL) I watched Poltergeist, which still kinda freaks me out in a couple of scenes, even though the effects are SO BAD. When the guy peels off his face? Yeah, that's freaky. Even though it's so OBVIOUSLY fake.

I thought about staying up 'til midnight to start NaNo, but I'm so tired and I have a looooong day tomorrow (and Friday and Saturday and Sunday), so I'll just start writing between classes tomorrow.

Oh, also! I got 18/20 on my last math quiz, which is a good thing. :D and I dunno if I mentioned before, but my last Italian quiz came back with a 94, which is an A, which is MUCH better than the C I got on the pop quiz. >.<

Ok, so. Happy Halloween. Don't gorge on candy and make yourselves sick. Good luck, fellow NaNo-ers!! G'night!

comm pimp!

Oct. 23rd, 2007 06:40 pm
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not much new to report. I think I did pretty well on my Italian test. and apparently I got 1/2 points off for one question on that math test. booo.

in other news: if you're doing NaNoWriMo or if you just wanna watch us suffer, go join [profile] babybrothalova's new community [profile] write_more.

YAY, NEW HOUSE TONIGHT! and speaking of TV, I just watched another ep of Torchwood. is Jack one of the chosen ones? he lives forever... I'm simultaneously confused and amused by this show. but I love Ianto. :P


Oct. 23rd, 2007 12:24 am
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it's after midnight. i stayed up looking at bdsm sites with raquel. and now am really inspired for a fic. i don't wanna wake up tomorrow morning. can i sleep for... a week? that sounds good to me.

also, we are not too bright: we both tried to do the reverse prayer pose. now our shoulders hurt. i don't think it's physically possible. :P

am going to bed now.

crap. just remembered i have an italian test tomorrow.

notes for the fic so i don't forget...
mild r/nc-17 and therefore behind a cut )


Oct. 22nd, 2007 03:27 pm
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quickie update:

math quiz today only had 3 problems on it (wtf?!), but they were all easy.
italian quiz from last week: C- WHAT THE FUCK. I SUCK OMG. it's not toooo bad, though, because it's not like I was randomly guessing, I just got uno and un mixed up in my head so all the questions on that I got wrong. >.<

across the universe soundtrack shipped today, should be here tomorrow. YAYNESS OMG. I had dear prudence and strawberry fields forever stuck in my head all morning.

it's so hard to go back to school in the morning after a 3 day weekend. >.<

loose ends

Oct. 17th, 2007 06:39 pm
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pop quiz in italian today. i didn't do terribly, but i got a few things wrong. stupid indefinite articles. >.< at least i'm good at verb endings. i'm a bit behind on math homework, so i'll try to catch up on that tonight. there'll be a quiz tomorrow in studio, but it's just a fill in the blank type thing, and i'm pretty sure my semi-photographic memory along with some common sense will help me out there. and then, NO SCHOOL FRIDAY!!!!! i dunno why. is it a holiday? LOL i need to start a painting, though, before going to art class, so i'll have something to work on.

i finished editing the epilogue of runaway. and then i formatted it all into a new document and did a word count and stuff, which was WAY harder than it should've been, because i had to NOT count all the chapter headings and the "***" i use for scene changes. it came out to 50,360 words, but the last 100 of that is a quote and the the source of the quote and the fin. but that's okay, it's still over 50,000 words, which was my goal while writing the last couple of chapters. it helps for the upcoming nanowrimo to know that i've at least written that much for one fic before now, y'know? anyway, i think runaway will be finished posting on nov 8th, and then i'll have a q&a post and i think i'll upload the completed .doc for anyone who wants to save it all in one place.

let's see, what else did i want to say? um... oh, yesterday the guy who sits next to me in math class wore a fedora and i couldn't keep my eyes off him. it looked awesome. annnnd, uhh... oh, my scad essay just needs a conclusion and then probably some tweaking, but then it should be done. conclusions are the worst part of essays, though, at least for me. oh, and my sat scores will be online this saturday, i think, so yay! hopefully i did better this time than last time. i think i did, but i'm not sure.

does anyone know what happened to faces_fit/last_glances? the last post i saw, they were working out some of the issues, and then it was gone. :(
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eta: waaah, the html on this post sucks.

eta2: ok, I dunno if it's my html or lj being annoying. probably the later. *KICKS*

in no particular order, some update-y things...

  • A- on my first Italian quiz!! the average grade is a C, and apparently some people failed completely. eek.

  • today's math quiz: HARD. omg I completely didn't know how to figure a couple things out. uh oh. hopefully I didn't do too terribly, though. also, my calculator is doing weird things, and even when I asked the teacher about it, he was like "uh.... that IS weird." so I'm gonna head to the math lab in a minute to see if they can figure out what's wrong with it.

  • every now and then, Tony will say something incredibly sweet and it makes my heart melt a bit. :) hopefully he'll have gotten on his flight by now; last I talked to him it had been delayed. >.<

  • there are orange leaves all over the courtyard and parking lots at school. I love fall; it's so pretty. green is my favorite color, but when all the trees turn orange and red, it just looks fantastic.

  • will post the next chapter of runaway tomorrow. \o/

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1. Today, on the way to school, I was nattering on about something (my mom was driving), and suddenly I said "GOLLUM!" The car in front of us had the license plate "GOLLUM" and the thing that goes around the license plate (I dunno what it's called) had the end of the ring poem, "one ring to bring them all / and in the darkness bind them." hahaha, my mom said "Oh look, there's another LotR fan." :P

2. I dislike the subject of slavery. I don't hate it, at least not as much anymore, but I really don't like it. I mean, of course I don't like slavery, but I don't even like the topic of it, intellectually. Religion, on the other hand, I have some interest in. I'm not very religious myself, but I find the subject very intriguing. So, what do I do? I start writing a fic about slavery. *headdesk* I do have one in progress about religion too, though. lol

3. Math class. Precalculus. Trigonometry. So far, it's not been anything too difficult, and the instructor is nice and young and he explains things pretty well (even though I still had to ask my dad for help understanding my homework). I'm worried that it's going to get hard really fast, though. >.< I hate five-day-a-week classes.

4. Italian. The teacher (professeressa) loves my last name (which is Italian). She talks in Italian a lot, though. More than I expected for the first week of classes. And she doesn't explain everything she's saying, which is a bit stressful. So far, I've memorized the Italian alphabet, though, which is good, and my almost-two years of Latin are definitely helping.

5. Apparently I never posted about this! My mom kind of found out about my slashy online activities. I played it down, though, (okay, I lied) and admitted to very tame versions of what I actual read/write. Obviously I couldn't deny anything as she'd seen something, but apparently it wasn't anything too porny, so while it wasn't a good thing that she found out, at least I know that it could've been very much worse. And at least this way she knows something so I don't have to be quite as paranoid. LOL

6. The Incline of Trees (aka: lotruni) has been updated!!!!!!! omgomgomg GO AND READ. *incoherent flailing* 

7. Next week, I think, I will begin posting something that I half want to keep as a surprise and half want to shout out to everyone. I'm very excited about it. :D

8. Dom. Just Dom. ♥

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