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first order of business, THIS SONG OMG. I've had it stuck in my head since this morning. and this girl, Brandi Carlile, is from where my friend lives. HOW AWESOME? but omg, yes, this song, I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. I'll upload it if anyone wants it, but not right now, 'cause I'm about to go to bed.

ok, next up: DOM LOVES BILLY, IT IS OFFICIAL. LOL I HAVE NO WORDS. I'm just in a prolonged state of fangirl squee.

school-wise - ONE FINAL DOWN, ONE TO GO. I studied for a lot of the weekend, and I took six fucking pages (graph paper pages, not normal pages) of notes, TWO of which were just vocabulary. but the final went well, I think, and there were sections of it that I was 100% confidant about, so that was very nice indeed. unfortunately, during that time, I didn't even touch physics, so now I have all of a day to go over that.

OH. we have a bunny. my sister's fostering her for the humane society, and her original name was SMIPPLES (yes, you read that right). the first thing the people said? CHANGE HER NAME, PLEASE, OMG. 'cause no one could read it right, or figure out how to pronounce it. we're now calling her Lyla, and she's adorable and soft and weighs more than one of the dogs (Peanut). LOL Peanut's a bit nervous about her, but okay with her; Dazzle's scared out of her mind (we think she's seen Monty Python/Holy Grail too many times, LOL), and Popcorn either HATES her or is just completely freaked out. Lyla nearly gave Dazzle a heart attack when she first got here: Dazzle came in and jumped on the bed and saw this movement out of the corner of her eye and she was like OMGWTFBUNNYRABBIT?!!!?!?!?!!!?! and she's been hiding under my desk a lot now. LOL *pets her*

spoilers for... Project Runway S4 Finale, Biggest Loser Couples (tonight's episode), and Lost - the one about Jin and Sun )


OH, and I had something to post about my Italian class, but I'll save that for later, since it's kinda long and I've already talked about A TON of things. OH, and I wanted talk more about The Other Boleyn Girl, and the second one, and... oh what else? OH RIGHT, King Arthur and my Sex & Sexuality textbook. LATER, THOUGH.

OH ALSO, I can't wait for ScriptFrenzy. I WANNA START NOW. question: would you guys wanna read it as I write/when I finish? it's weird formatting and stuff if you're not used to it. and I'd have to figure out a way to post it, 'cause last time I tried, LJ just erased all the formatting.

OKAY NOW I'M RAMBLING. BEDTIME. ...oh and, FIRST this weekend. unfortunately, I don't think the SeaTac tournament will be simulcast, otherwise I'd link you to it, but if it is, I'll let you know. it's very cool.
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most awesome episode of lost ever.

a few words )
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yay, Kevin finally emailed back about my job. and then he called last night. so, he's gonna pick me up from class on Wednesday and we'll presumably talk about schedules for editing time then. and he wants me to film the VEX tournament on the 23rd. I'm thinking about recruiting cuteguy from last quarter to help....

oh Lost. if you've seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say OMG WTF OMG OMG OMG OMFG GUHH. yeah. SO SEXY. and sad, too, but yeah. oh, and the rest of the episode had me going WTFFFFFFFF!!!

did I ever post about Torchwood? GUH KISSING OMFG. I have since clipped it and put it on repeat. so sad for Tosh, though.

OH, and I randomly watched Spice World yesterday and was like OMG IS THAT TOSH? IT IS. WOW. ROFL I love all the cameos in that movie. :P and after that I watched 2 episodes of Dr. Who, which was awesome. I watched kind of a lot of tv yesterday... >.<

BUT, I did do some homework. I painted some, I did about half of my physics, and I started reading Pinocchio in Italian.

and I'm 3.2k into a new fic and I have no idea where it's leading... I dunno yet if it'll have a happy ending or a HORRIBLY DEPRESSING one. it could go either way. LOL

and finally, I'm going to try to play Lost's "Life and Death" song on the piano. it's so prettyyyyy!! and sad. :(


Aug. 21st, 2007 11:49 am
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i know what the lost numbers mean. it's a collection of COMPLETELY RANDOM numbers. SO RANDOM, that you see them absolutely everywhere, all the time. aaannnndddd, yeah, that's it. LOL

and i assume by now that everyone's seen the new Dom photoshoot? what do you guys think of the new tattoo?

and finally, i think i'm going to delete my facebook account because i never got into it and i don't like using it and i don't like the idea of people being able to find me through my rl friends and stuff.

oh wait, no finally. because yesterday i reread some of my old favorite fics and they put me in a better mood, so i'll just pass on the links here, even though you'll probably already have read them. and omg this post is getting longer by the second. sorry.

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mini-rant about lost... well, more about the theorists, really )

ok, so anyway. last week of classes is this week and next week is finals (of which i only have one, i think), so OMGYAY.

my schedule )

also, my mom and i looked at my grades so far for psychology and media & messages and if i can pull out a high-B or (hopefully) an A, i'll get an A in both of those classes. \o/ i got a 97/100 for my research project in psych, but none of the other students commented on it, which makes me sad. >.< and i have no idea where i'm at for english, because i can't even stomach looking at all the things i've missed...

i'll talk about my film shoots later, because OMG I HAVE TO STUDY NOW. and i know i say i'll do stuff later ALL THE TIME, and then never do, but it's the last week of classes, so after this, i'll have about ten years of free time. LOL


May. 31st, 2007 12:44 pm
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first, a rec: InvisiBilly - Billy/Dom, PG, very cute

then, a second rec: There's A New Sheriff In Town - LJ/6A, "contains fairly graphic depictions of dubiously consensual intercourse between an adult and a minor. No incest... this time." FTW.

and finally, if you haven't joined [ profile] fandom_counts, you should. there's no posts or anything; they're just trying to find out how many LJ users are part of fandom. I've been refreshing the profile page all day, watching the number of members grow. which tells you exactly how much I've been procrastinating...

also, as it's Thursday, I keep thinking I have a new Lost episode to watch. >.< how did I get into that habit so fast?
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feel free to just scroll on by. i just wanted to preserve this transcript for my own (and hopefully others') amusement.

a chat between me and my sister.

for reference, we're in the same room while doing this. LOL

also, lost spoilers for season 3 finale in there somewhere. also, i edited out names of RL people we talked about. also, this is really REALLY rapid-fire. and all the times i'm saying 'dude pay attention', she's doing other stuff on her computer besides chatting with me. lol! demanding, aren't i?

lookit us procrastinate omg.

warnings for: length, keyboard smashing, typos, and LOTS OF RANDOMNESS OMG.

random word and movie associations )
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soooo, today. today was a bit of an adventure. as I said in an earlier post, I pretty much rolled out of bed into the car, lol. I alllllways forget about parking downtown. >.< so we went to Bellevue to redeem our secret movie passes and get our tickets and everything only to first discover that my dad doesn't know where Lincoln Center is (meaning we walked back and forth around Bellevue between one movie theater, the car, and another movie theater), and then (once at the right theater), we found out that SIFF's box office doesn't open in Bellevue until the 30th or something. which meant the whole mission was in vain! lol, by this time, we'd completely missed the secret movie, which really sucks, but the box office hours are made to screw us over apparently. so anyway, then we drove to downtown Seattle and found the box office there, only (again) we had to park like, a gazillion blocks away. then we waited in line for a while and finally got to the desk and got all our tickets and passes and vouchers and stuff. but then we had to decide on a movie, and there weren't many that I wanted to see today. >.< finally decided on the moon movie, but then had an issue of remembering where the hell the Neptune theater is. my dad got it confused with the Egyptian..... so we drive there, park quite a few blocks away, and wait in line for about 45 mins (in a drizzle! but luckily there was an awning, lol), then go inside and wait for another half an hour or so, but this time sitting down. lol.

so, 1) I'm very glad I decided not to wear heels. >.< I changed them for my normal shoes at the very last second. sooo glad I did. 2) I'm glad we saw the movie we saw, because it was awesome and the director was there too! 3) I'm now watching The Abyss, and it's reminding me of the Lost finale because of
spoilers )

so anyway, I'm gonna try to fix up my little ficlet in a few minutes, 'cause I've got a couple of ideas for it now.

ps: my most-used words: so, also, and anyway. >.<

pps: I misread a sign that said "habits for the home" and was like "omg I want a hobbit for the home." LOL I've seen so many lotr-type things like that today. "two towers" on a sign, and... well, now I can't remember, but there were others. lol


May. 22nd, 2007 07:54 pm
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so okay, that rant the other day? all most is better now. and Cute Guy showed up today! apparently he's been sick AND his car broke down. *pets him* *no really, because his hair is just lovely* as is his chest hair omfg also, the evil french producer girl has seemed to lighten up a bit and she's not as annoying about the storyboards though she still is speaking french a lot... and because I won't be available on the first day of shooting until the afternoon, I had to give over my duties to the french PA girl, who is very cute and reminds me of Claire on Lost. except, y'know, french. anyway, besides the whole language difference thing (quite a few "sorry? what was that?" in our conversation, LOL), she seems very sharp and she caught on quickly, so should be able to manage fine without me for half a day. and I didn't really get a chance to talk to the director, but he seemed very laid back today, so I'm guessing he's handling everything he's supposed to. and I kind of avoided the annoying DoP. hopefully the director and the producer will get on him for doing storyboards omg. I did complain to BOTH of them, so. *hopes* ALSO, nobody turned up for the auditions yesterday! so we're having auditions again next week or something, and the producer wants me to come, so yay. kind of. lol. it'll be interesting, to say the least.

whew. *takes a breath* also, I got quite a bit of Escaping Blame writing done while I was waiting around. *should be working on RunAway omg*

things to do tonight: organize psych project results with my dad; read an essay for english; post in psych; email the script to the producer; email a few documents to the PA; hopefully watch Dom on that The Sauce show, which [personal profile] txvoodoosays was really cute. \o/

oh, and tiffany? omg that piano in the student union building. SUCKS OMG. wtf half the keys won't even PLAY! the guy who was playing before me somehow sounded awesome, though, despite the stupid piano.

also, nearing the end of week 1 of my unofficial weight watchers thing, which is going alright. *shrugs* I do find myself wanting things I can't really have, though, like COOKIES. >.<
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LotR is amazing. Can't really say a whole lot more than that at the moment because my mind is mush. But, we did end up watching the Dom/Elijah easter egg and both Fellowship of the Cast and A Day in the Life of a Hobbit, so that was pretty awesome. Especially since the person who stayed long enough to watch them both had never seen them before. lol!

I will admit to tearing up a bit at the end. Actual tears, unlike the dry-eyed kind of thing I did for Lost (I just couldn't cry!!). But though I got a bit misty at the Frodo/Sam "End of All Things" scene, I actually cried when Dom Merry started crying at the Grey Havens. Also, when Merry and Eowyn are about to go into battle in RotK? Dom has the exact same "staring death in the face" expression that he has in Lost. guh.

And now, a meme, because I was tagged by [ profile] babybrothalova. :D

Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

1. Sometimes adults that I've known all my life call me "Jenny-pop" because my dad made up the name "Jenny-popadopalos", and he used to call me "Jenny-pop" all the time. LOL!
2. I have been on a cruise to the Bahamas. 'Twas very fun. :D
3. I have two Return of the King posters, and neither of them have Billy or Dom on them. >.<
4. I've composed two songs, both of which are crap, and I'm still working (kind of on-and-off) on the ending to one of them.
5. I've never fired a gun, but I really really want to, at least once in my life. Although I did just have my first try at a BB gun on Friday, so that was cool. LOL
6. I have the bad habit of thinking everyone is an idiot, and I rarely change this opinion of people unless I'm proven wrong by the person in question. >.< For the record, I don't think you guys are idiots. *g* Just people in general.
7. I haven't seriously read Harry Potter fanfiction since I began reading LotR RPS. *facepalm* And there were some good WIPs I was reading, too! I'll have to get back to those....
8. 8 is my favorite number.

I tag...

[ profile] bloodrayveness
[ profile] rebel_blue
[ profile] morebliss
[ profile] giddy_london
[ profile] rainbowcobweb darnit, Baby already tagged you! lol!!
[ profile] wbearsmom
[ profile] rowenanienna (ps: what time are you in the computer lab on Tuesday?)
[ profile] imogen_star_dom
[ profile] jillo_loves_dom

wow, coming up with 8 people was harder than I thought it would be. >.< So, do the meme if you'd like, or just ignore it if you feel so inclined.

Fic: Saved

May. 19th, 2007 01:48 pm
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title: Saved
characters: Charlie/Claire + Desmond + Hurley
rating: R for situations and language
warning: 2586 words of ANGST. This is not a happy story. Contrary to what the title suggests, Charlie does die at the end. :( There’s a whole lot of angst, plus a bit of graphic imagery.
spoilers: through episode 3.21 - Greatest Hits
disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, I just like writing about them every now and then.
feedback: always always welcome and greatly appreciated.
summary: “You were supposed to save him!”

Saved )
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I have a LotR book 6 test to take today and I'm only in chapter 1. >.< But anyway, it got me thinking about invisibility. This is such a random question omg. But pls to be humouring me?

Harry's Invisibility Cloak - This makes a ton of sense to me. It's a cloak that makes everything under it, no matter what it is, invisible. So, if you're too tall, your feet will show. If you pick up something and put it underneath, it too will be invisible. However, what about when it's just lying around? I don't get that. Shouldn't it be invisible all the time? Like, when Harry folds it up and puts it away and stuff?

The One Ring - This does not make sense to me at all. It makes the wearer invisible, right? But it also makes their clothes invisible, and stuff their holding (Frodo's sword, Sam's pack, etc.). But... it doesn't just make everything the invisible person touches invisible, does it? I mean, if Frodo picked up a rock while he was invisible, would it disappear too? And to further this, if the Ring turns everything the wearer touches invisible, why don't the floor of buildings and the rocks he climbs over disappear?

Personal Powers - This makes more sense, I think. Because usually it's just the person going invisible, not their clothes or things they touch. But this does have the problem of stripping down every time the person goes invisible. And I haven't seen Fantastic Four, but didn't the girl like, get a suit that went invisible too? or something? I wanna see that movie. and the sequel that's coming out soon. lol

So I guess my question is this: where does invisibility end? Is it just an arbitrary line drawn in the sand? "Everything up to this point can disappear, but nothing else"?

Therefore, a poll.

[Poll #986653]


ps: FotR tomorrow omgyay!! I don't know why I'm so excited, because I literally just watched it on TV, but YAY ANYWAY.

pps: I still have Charlie's Death Anthem (aka Run) on repeat. *sniff*

ppps: Apparently I am becoming obsessed with italics. *giggles*


May. 17th, 2007 03:32 am
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ok. so. I watched it. then I rewinded and watched all the Charlie bits. and Charlie's bits. LOL and then I came online and immediately started freaking out with [ profile] bloodrayveness. and because I am lazy and it is 2:30am 3:30am (now) and I've already said most of what I'm going to say about Lost to her, I decided just to copy/paste the chat transcript. and I didn't fix our spelling errors, sorry. LOL and it is long. lol

there's also a bit of spoilers about Orli's Leno appearance, but srsly, nothing major.

WARNING: spoilers for Charlie's episode, "Greatest Hits", AS WELL AS talk of spoilers for the finale, "Through the Looking Glass".

also, this is seriously the first thing I said when I logged on. LOL


ALSO. we have decided that Snow Patrol's song Run is CHARLIE'S DEATH ANTHEM, OH MY GOD. I almost can't believe that after all of this stuff tonight, hearing that song is what made me break down.

and now, because I honestly COULDN'T DECIDE on what icon to upload/use for this post, here's a bunch of icons I was considering, each perfect in its own way. I finally decided on this one because omg, lookit Charlie all happy and glowy!

11 icons I considered )

and yeah. so. oh my god, Charlie. *sniffle* omg this music. *cries*


May. 16th, 2007 09:17 pm
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omg first draft of essay is done. hopefully it won't take too much editing/revising before i can turn it in and WATCH LOST OMG.


also, have uploaded this new icon. by [ profile] green_queen. because she totally rocks. :D
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i want to get my paper done so i can watch lost. but i haven't even REALLY started. >.< that gives me, what, 3 hours? no, it starts at 10, doesn't it. LOL so 4 hours. and 5 until the paper's DUE. fuck. why have i still not started it? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. omg i suck. this paper is going to suck majorly omg.
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+ )

- )

more + )

and finally, I love you all. :) Thanks for being here and everything. /sappy omg >.<

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uploaded these pics for [ profile] babybrothalova and then figured you guys might like them too. if you don't already have them, that is.

Dominic Monaghan in An Insomniac's Nightmare - I don't remember who the caps are by, but it's not me, so don't give me credit. 2 zip files.

screencaps of the movie 58 mb

screencaps of behind the scenes of the movie 36 mb

I think a lot of you already have these, but it never hurts to upload pics, does it? *g*

also. how adorable was Dom on Leno? COMPLETELY ADORABLE. let me tell you; massive amounts of fangirlish squeeing went on here.

details )


also also: am writing a happy, fluffy, Monaboyd reunion porn ficlet. :P blame Baby. *giggles*
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lost - man behind the curtain - as it happens!

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ok ok ok, i know i'm still an episode behind, but what about this.

my theory )

it probably shows that's impossible in the episode i haven't seen yet, right? LOL

oh oh, about The Brig: did the music/sound effects seem slightly different than normal to anyone else or is it just me?
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omg am so behind on Lost. but I wanna see Charlie's episode live, so am catching up.

The Brig...

was gonna watch the other Lost, but the TV got taken over and am watching Medium instead. *shrugs* I really like the husband guy. but I'm always so amazed at how understanding he is. LOL he's like, the perfect husband. *g*

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