Mar. 10th, 2011 12:38 pm
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I've seen this meme a couple of times on my flist. Looked like fun. Here we go. :)

Six pairings I like:
1) Frank/Gerard
2) Adam/Tommy
3) Adam/Brad
4) Adam/Tommy/Brad
5) Frank/Jamia
6) Frank/Lindsey

Three pairings I've abandoned:
7) Ron/Hermione
8) Fred/George
9) Billy/Dom

Three pairings I have never really liked:
10) Frank/Mikey
11) Harry/Draco
12) Mikey/Ray

Two pairings that have piqued my interest:
13) Tommy/Isaac
14) Adam/dominant!OMC

questions! )

IN OTHER NEWS: I am almost almost almost done with this quarter. Spring break starts Tuesday night for me, with a flight home. \o/ I'm excited. I just gotta get through a final exam today, then that's basically it! Besides just going to the last couple classes. Also, a play I wrote is going to be performed on my school's radio station on Sunday night. I'll have more details about that soon, if you'd like to tune in. :)
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Everyone's been making rec lists for MCR fandom, like, all the must-read stories for newbies. Pretty much everything I would rec has already been recced, SO I decided to do something a little different. I have been told that I write D/s fic pretty well (♥!), but there's some excellent stuff out there that I love to read and reread and reread, fics that inspire me and that I've learned from, so, here's a list of those. It says "multifandom" in the subject line, but it's really only the fandoms and pairings I like, so don't go expecting something varied and diverse. Also, everything here is NC-17 unless otherwise noted.

Lord of the Rings RPS )

LotR RPS is a fandom FULL of excellent BDSM fics, and I'm glad I started out in that fandom. There are far too many to name here (I've gone way past the number I expected to limit myself to anyway), so check out my delicious for more.

My Chemical Romance )

There's something about most of these bandom fics that I can't put my finger on, but they feel different than the lotrips BDSM fics. I don't know why; there's excellent fic in both fandoms. I have less meta about this fandom, apparently. Except that's not exactly true, because I have a ton of meta in my head about the people themselves. I don't know why it feels so different, but it's weirding me out. Anyway, moving on.

There doesn't seem to be quiiiite as much BDSM in this fandom as there was in lotrips, but there's still quite a lot that I have saved to my delicious that I haven't recced here. Check it out. I've been a little lenient with my bdsm tag, though; most of these just have some element (sometimes a pretty vague element) of D/s.

Adam Lambert (and Co.) )

And as always, there's more to be found at my delicious! Also, there's a surprising amount of good stuff over at the [ profile] glam_kink meme. I like how kinky this fandom seems to be, and how, even if Adam isn't all that kinky in real life, he makes it easy to push him to that extreme in fiction.

That pretty much concludes this rec list. Hopefully I rambled enough-but-not-too-much for you. :) This was really a lot of fun, because I had an excuse to reread some really good fic. Especially in lotrips; I haven't read much in that fandom in a long time, so it was good to revisit. Oh, and if you have any other must-read BDSM fics, please link me to them! I'm always up for more good kinkfic.

ETA (April 2011): This list, especially in Adam fandom, is not up to date at all. A lot of really excellent BDSM fics have been posted since I wrote this post, and I've saved some of them to my delicious and some of them to my AO3 bookmarks if you'd like to go looking for them. I'll probably do an updated D/s reclist at some point, and I'll link to it here when I do.
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I wrote two (sadly very short) things for [ profile] monaboyd_month! I really wish I'd had time to finish something longer, but omg, this month has been crazy. Perhaps I'll be able to finish the longer ficlet I had in mind in time for free-for-all day. :D?

Both are Billy/Dom, obviously. They're both pretty short, too, under 1000 words each. Here are the links:

Midnight - Who's kissing at midnight?

Movie Night - Billy gets one of Dom's packages in the mail by mistake.

I drove my sis (and mom) down to Albany, OR yesterday, and I got to sleep with the cutest little yorkie ever last night, and my mom and I stopped at Powell's on the way back home today, which was great. Also in Portland: people were filming the tv show Leverage. O.O!! We hung out at a bakery and tried to stake it out but we couldn't see much. The PA we talked to was super cute, though. Also I might get the PA gig on the music video Kat's working on, which would be GREAT because they would pay me. It interferes with the tentative dates Kevin's setting, but if I get the job maybe that can change a little. Also, I have an interview with Shilo tomorrow. :| If all of this works out, I will be suuuuper busy this summer.

I am tired and I've got a snuggly dog to sleep with tonight, and I'm going to stop looking up things about extreme body mod. O____o

hey guys!

Jun. 7th, 2010 08:23 pm
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OKAY, so I am at my grandparents' house, aka the place with no cell signal, but I got my laptop hooked up to their wireless and that is pretty sweet. \o/


here is my card. )

so now I have a kink_bingo card (and I've started a couple of ficlets for that already), and a hc_bingo card, and monaboyd_month to write by the end of the month, and a bbb to edit and post by the end of the month. \o/ \o/ \o/ I got my art and mix and stuff for it, and that's pretty awesome. I haven't listened to my mix yet, but I shall do that tonight. I'm excited. \o/ (lots of \o/ emoticons today, hahaha.)

oh hey also, monaboyd_month stuff has been posting, and today is [ profile] kiltsandlollies's day, and so far she's done a couple of picspams, and she does the best picspams, and if anyone wants to know why I ADORE Billy/Dom (friendship or slash), check this one out. *_______* OH MY BOYS. ♥_________♥ I have a type, can you tell? obnoxious boys who make epic hearteyes at slightly-less-obnoxious boys.

in other news, I had a great girl-talk with my aunt last night, which was awesome. she's super religious but she knows I'm not so she tries not to push anything on me, which is great. we went out to the mall today and there were SO MANY PRETTY DRESSES. I think I will need to go shopping once I get back to Seattle. (two days!)

I'm behind on Glee and Doctor Who, but I just downloaded both to watch tonight/tomorrow. yay! (yay computer + internet, yaaaaay, I can't live without you, Jeeves, never leave me.)

Fic: Cuffs

Feb. 21st, 2010 02:44 am
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title: Cuffs
pairing: Dominic Monaghan/Frank Iero (lotrips/bandom crossover)
rating: R
words: 700
warning: handcuffs
summary: “What do you get out of it?” he asks, giving the cuff a gentle tug.
disclaimer: I don't own these boys, and I don't think they've ever even met in real life.
a/n: This is a little ficlet in my totally self-indulgent Dom/Frank universe. For those on either side of the fandom divide that don't know: this is Frank, and this is Dominic. For the purposes of this ficlet, you should know that Dom almost always wears cuffs, bracelets, or bands around his wrists. I have a fair amount of this universe actually written, but I keep forgetting that I haven't posted it. This ficlet was written for the kinkbingo square of "bondage (wrist restraints)".

Cuffs )
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title: Birthday Candles
pairing: Dominic Monaghan/Frank Iero (lotrips/bandom crossover)
rating: PG-13
words: 500
warning: bad puns
summary: Figuring out what to do for Dom's birthday.
disclaimer: extremely untrue.
a/n: this is in honor of Dominic's birthday (whew, just before midnight!), and takes place in the schmoopy Dom/Frank 'verse that lives in my head. Basically, my two favorite boys are just adorable and domestic and in love all the time and nothing bad ever happens. Happy Birthday, Dommie.

Birthday Candles )
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I love Dom. There's some times in interviews when I just want to say OH SHUT UP, but I get that way with Gerard, too. Anyway, the point of this is that there were more pictures posted yesterday of Dom wearing those skeleton gloves, and in this interview that somebody linked to, he rambles on and on about.... idk, having sex at age 14 (Dom, you slut! I love my canon. For both fandoms.) and stuff, and that he really likes weird animals and has scorpions.

Now I really just want this kind of self-indulgant sort-of-AU where things are basically the same as they are now, with Dom jetting around doing various movies and shows, and MCR on tour and everything like normal, but Dom and Frank have this kind of casual, sometimes-long-distance, long-term relationship. Where Frank buys several pairs of skeleton gloves and Dom steals a couple before Frank cuts off the fingertips. And when they got together, Dom was obsessed with scorpions and that's why Frank got that tattoo. And he doesn't keep spiders anymore because it's the one thing Frank can't get over, and he's still a bit sketchy on the bugs. And Frank and Dom sometimes jam on their guitars at home and Dom is pretty much awful and it doesn't really sink in when Frank tries to teach him things, but they don't even care, they just laugh about it. And Dom, of course, goes out to a few shows, but he likes spending time with all the guys at the studio more than at the crazy venues, and Frank goes to the premiere of the XMen movie with Gerard and Mikey because they're nerds and he meets up with Dom once they're all inside and not in front of the cameras. And they've both gone through dubious facial hair phases, and they both like getting tattoos (Frank, obviously, a little bit more than Dom...) I MIGHT JUST HAVE TO WRITE THIS. SHUT UP AND DEAL.

ETA because I keep thinking of things. All the guys tease Frank a lot for dating the guy from Lord of the Rings, seriously, but they're all petty much geeking out anyway, and Gerard tries really hard not to act like a complete dork when Frank brings Dom over the first time. And Dom hangs out backstage and meets people and networks like crazy, because he's kind of like Mikeyway in that he makes friends with everybody and then remembers them later. And they play pranks together whenever Dom's out on tour with MCR, and sometimes they get Bob and even Gerard to help, because Gerard and Dom get to be really good friends who can geek out over Star Wars until Frank's ears bleed.
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1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

[ profile] morebliss was evil and gave me Dom, Billy, and Frank. UGH, TOUGH DECISION. I don't really have too many pictures of any of them available (especially of Frank, wtf, I thought I had more of him uploaded!), but here you go. :D

and the results are.... )
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I believe a few of you know of my sudden and increasing love for My Chemical Romance, but that's not been the only reason for my LJ absence lately (though it has contributed). I've actually been really busy these past few weeks, with midterms and my boyfriend coming down for a visit, and Halloween (which is apparently a huge deal here at SCAD. It goes on for like, a week before and after the 31st, in all seriousness), not to mention my continued battle over transfer credits with the admissions people.

Classes are going pretty well, and I've registered for next quarter already (Color Theory, Art History II, and Public Speaking), but because they're so project-based, it takes a lot of time to do homework. It has been pretty awesome having art projects as homework, though, I must admit. Class was cancelled yesterday, and my entire hall was so happy about it... We all slept in, and I slept for ELEVEN HOURS. It was amazing. I've been staying up far too late and waking up far too early lately.

There's also some drama going on with my friends, mostly involving my roommate and her now-ex-boyfriend, and Mike's immaturity with drinking and drugs getting my my nerves. Other than that, though, I've been getting closer to some of the people I really like, and I don't feel like as much of an outsider, which is definitely a good feeling. I spent all yesterday with one of my roommates, and that was really fun. We get along really well, even though we're so different.

In fandom news, I'm now obsessed with My Chem, after a looooong period of me resisting bandom and half of my f-list falling hard for it. So now I've fallen hard, oh so hard. I've been reading some amazing fics, watching youtube religiously, and even writing bandom fic. I've also signed up for slashababy, and I'm nowhere near abandoning lotrips, so don't worry about that. I'm still just as in love with Dom as I ever was, although I do wish I could see some of what he's been working on recently. I got used to seeing him almost every week during Lost, and now all these movies and things are in various stages of production and not even getting wide-releases... *sigh* I just miss him. Which kind of explains me falling in love with Gerard, Frank, and Mikey, I guess.

So basically, the point of this post is: I'm sorry I've disappeared from LJ so much. I'm still reading, but not commenting, which is bad of me, and I'm sooooorry. I don't like being non-posty, I like posting a lot, but I really haven't had time to sit down and write a real post. I haven't even had time to write in my physical journal. But I'm going home in two weeks, and once I get back home, I'm going to be bored out of my mind. And probably posting a lot. So be prepared. :D In the meantime, I love you all, sorry again for not commenting, and I will talk to you soon. ♥
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Warning: RAMBLING AHEAD OMG. You might regret asking me stuff. Just so ya know.

Choose 7 of my interests for me to talk about, and/or ask me to choose 7 of your interests for you to talk about (either in your own post or in comments).

from [ profile] wonder_walldbc:

astronomy, freedom of speech, billy boyd, lyrics, the beatles, dom's hands, raquel )

from [ profile] random_yayness:

bdsm, germany, jears, not yet, space, traveling, ocean )

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OMFG. did anyone watch Dom on MadTV? and did you see the credits? and and and. DID YOU SEE DOM'S ASS? I'm so dying right now. someone has to put this online. SRSLY. *FLAILS*

in OTHER news, I went to tape Steel Magnolias, and it was pretty good, but the movie was better. LOL overall, I liked it; these are just my nitpicky points. 1) their 'southern' accents were a bit off, 2) they stuttered over some of their lines/missed cues a bit, 3) the staging was annoying, 4) they were all pretty quiet. otherwise, good. lol and i got paid for the other DVDs, which is good. even though i have to split the money with my sister.

and in still other news, today (well, now yesterday) was my monaboyd_month day, and I posted 4 fics, which I  will repost here in a couple weeks. all of them are Monaboyd, obviously...

One Last Time - NC-17, "Billy and Dominic are trapped, facing death in some form or another." MAJOR ANGST, but my favorite of the four.
Home in a Hotel Room - NC-17, "Dom’s been waiting for Billy to come home."
Impatient - NC-17, for imogen_star_dom's prompt from ages ago.
An Ending - R, (with a bit of Billy/Ali) "Billy has a decision to make, and someone’s going to end up hurt."

tomorrow, I have to do 3 classes worth of homework, 'cause I didn't do much of it today. oops.



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I am in love. I just. He's just. Yeah. Love.

Let's see, I have to call Tony and wish him a happy birthday, I have to call Erin to catch up on the gossip we missed last Friday, and I have to call Augie back because.. um. I randomly called him out of boredom and left a message, and he called me back. >.<

Oh, it was so funny yesterday in Italian; we were all chatting before class started, and one of my classmates (who's always nice to everyone) started going on and on about this girl she saw out in the hall. Stuff like "she looked so dumb, like she's going to die from doing something completely stupid like walking in front of a bus to pick up something." And she was just talking and talking, and we were all laughing, and then one of the guys came in, and she was like "Did you see that girl in the hallway? The one who looks like she's gonna die from doing something idiotic?" and the guy was like "What? OH yeah, her." And so the conversation continued.

And then, when the teacher walked in (long after the conversation had finished), she came with a new student. She was blonde, messy, super-stick-thin, and looked dumber than bricks, I kid you not. I glanced over at my classmate, and we walked out together after class, and I was like "WAS THAT HER?" and she glanced around and said "YES OMG."

The funny/pathetic part? The girl looked every inch how my friend was describing. LOL

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first order of business, THIS SONG OMG. I've had it stuck in my head since this morning. and this girl, Brandi Carlile, is from where my friend lives. HOW AWESOME? but omg, yes, this song, I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. I'll upload it if anyone wants it, but not right now, 'cause I'm about to go to bed.

ok, next up: DOM LOVES BILLY, IT IS OFFICIAL. LOL I HAVE NO WORDS. I'm just in a prolonged state of fangirl squee.

school-wise - ONE FINAL DOWN, ONE TO GO. I studied for a lot of the weekend, and I took six fucking pages (graph paper pages, not normal pages) of notes, TWO of which were just vocabulary. but the final went well, I think, and there were sections of it that I was 100% confidant about, so that was very nice indeed. unfortunately, during that time, I didn't even touch physics, so now I have all of a day to go over that.

OH. we have a bunny. my sister's fostering her for the humane society, and her original name was SMIPPLES (yes, you read that right). the first thing the people said? CHANGE HER NAME, PLEASE, OMG. 'cause no one could read it right, or figure out how to pronounce it. we're now calling her Lyla, and she's adorable and soft and weighs more than one of the dogs (Peanut). LOL Peanut's a bit nervous about her, but okay with her; Dazzle's scared out of her mind (we think she's seen Monty Python/Holy Grail too many times, LOL), and Popcorn either HATES her or is just completely freaked out. Lyla nearly gave Dazzle a heart attack when she first got here: Dazzle came in and jumped on the bed and saw this movement out of the corner of her eye and she was like OMGWTFBUNNYRABBIT?!!!?!?!?!!!?! and she's been hiding under my desk a lot now. LOL *pets her*

spoilers for... Project Runway S4 Finale, Biggest Loser Couples (tonight's episode), and Lost - the one about Jin and Sun )


OH, and I had something to post about my Italian class, but I'll save that for later, since it's kinda long and I've already talked about A TON of things. OH, and I wanted talk more about The Other Boleyn Girl, and the second one, and... oh what else? OH RIGHT, King Arthur and my Sex & Sexuality textbook. LATER, THOUGH.

OH ALSO, I can't wait for ScriptFrenzy. I WANNA START NOW. question: would you guys wanna read it as I write/when I finish? it's weird formatting and stuff if you're not used to it. and I'd have to figure out a way to post it, 'cause last time I tried, LJ just erased all the formatting.

OKAY NOW I'M RAMBLING. BEDTIME. ...oh and, FIRST this weekend. unfortunately, I don't think the SeaTac tournament will be simulcast, otherwise I'd link you to it, but if it is, I'll let you know. it's very cool.


Mar. 7th, 2008 01:03 pm
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so I suck in Italian. and Physics. Oh well. Finals are, what, week after next? something like that. then it's over. until next quarter. fuck.



first Eddie's tour, now Dom's photos, and on Monday, Dom's on Leno, where he will hopefully talk about it a bit. OMG, this has been a good week, disregarding school, which sucks majorly.
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So, I'm writing again. (obviously). The Dom/Viggo fic I started forever ago (which was supposed to be short), is nearing completion. \o/ I still have about a million things in my WIP folder, and more written longhand in my writing notebook, but... I'll get to them eventually. I'm feeling better about writing lately, so it'll happen. (I don't think I had writer's block, really; just... finishing block? LOL I started about a gazillion new fics....)

The problem with three day weekends is that on Sunday, it feels like a normal weekend. So here I am on Monday, scrambling to get things done. Well, not really scrambling but... putting more effort in than usual. I have an Italian presentation on Thursday, which I'm researching now. Oh god. It's going to be crap. And I'm not bringing enough food for the class. Although... focaccia bread is a specialty of Liguria, and it's really good... great, now I'm hungry. Anyway, I'm outlining it and everything in English, which means I still have to translate it. *sigh*

My registration for next quarter is like, next Monday. (AND SPEAKING OF, DOM'S GONNA BE ON CRAIG AGAIN. I THINK. FTW.) Anyway, there's a couple options, most of them in psychology or sociology.

possible courses for next quarter )

Oh, and a side note about robotics: TONY WON FIRST PLACE & CHAIRMAN'S AWARD IN FTC AT THE TENNESSEE REGIONAL. FUCK YES. QUALIFIED FOR NATIONALS. FUCK. YES. *\o/* He called me up, and I said hi, and I didn't even remember that he was at the competition, and he just said "We, uh. We won." LOL WOOOOO!!! IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME. He totally deserves it. His team (and mine too, actually; just in FLL and not FTC, 'cause we only did that once) got ROBBED a few years in a row. Stupid judge bastards. ANYWAY.

On top of all that crap, I need to finish my portfolio. Now that I have 10 pics picked out, I need my sis to take super-awesome photos of them, to show detail and everything, and I still need to finish about 2 of them. Also, I was gonna put in a few writing samples. Any suggestions on that? Is there anything I've written that's just, like, completely awesome? I was thinking about maybe the intro to Citadel, before I introduce the characters. But that's all I can think of off the top of my head...

Hmm, okay, I think that's quite enough seriousness for now. *nod nod* Off you go.
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yay, Kevin finally emailed back about my job. and then he called last night. so, he's gonna pick me up from class on Wednesday and we'll presumably talk about schedules for editing time then. and he wants me to film the VEX tournament on the 23rd. I'm thinking about recruiting cuteguy from last quarter to help....

oh Lost. if you've seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say OMG WTF OMG OMG OMG OMFG GUHH. yeah. SO SEXY. and sad, too, but yeah. oh, and the rest of the episode had me going WTFFFFFFFF!!!

did I ever post about Torchwood? GUH KISSING OMFG. I have since clipped it and put it on repeat. so sad for Tosh, though.

OH, and I randomly watched Spice World yesterday and was like OMG IS THAT TOSH? IT IS. WOW. ROFL I love all the cameos in that movie. :P and after that I watched 2 episodes of Dr. Who, which was awesome. I watched kind of a lot of tv yesterday... >.<

BUT, I did do some homework. I painted some, I did about half of my physics, and I started reading Pinocchio in Italian.

and I'm 3.2k into a new fic and I have no idea where it's leading... I dunno yet if it'll have a happy ending or a HORRIBLY DEPRESSING one. it could go either way. LOL

and finally, I'm going to try to play Lost's "Life and Death" song on the piano. it's so prettyyyyy!! and sad. :(
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Raquel just posted transcripts of our post-Dom on the Late Late Show chat. instead of reposting all that, I'll just link you to hers.


omg we are so insane. ;D

and we're also recruiting members for a future Dom/Craig community, btw. LOL

PS: apparently I hadn't made an insanejournal yet, only a greatestjournal. anyway, now I'm on both of those, both with the name silentdescant, so friend me there if you'd like.
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um, see subject line. *SO HAPPY OMFG*




OMG I AM IMPATIENT. IT IS SEVEN IN THE MORNING. CRAP. well, at least it's brightened my day. 

eta: okay, um, TOMORROW NIGHT, because THE GUIDE LIES. Craig was awesome, though, and there was a bit about leather, so that was good. I love him lots. :D
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'tis 11:59. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOM. you constantly bring me joy. ♥ here's to a great year for you. *raises glass* 

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