Jun. 20th, 2011 11:30 pm
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i made a comment on twitter today during a conversation about icons about how i... never have any icons. and SOMEBODY was lurky and gave me a shit ton of icon space. SO THIS IS A GRATUITOUS ICON POST. i looked through a couple posts of icons but only found a few that really struck me, so i decided to just MAKE MY OWN, and i don't even have a photo editing software, so they're kinda crap, but OMG I'M SO HAPPY WITH THEM, just the fact that they are people i talk about all the time and i FINALLY HAVE ICONS OF THEM!

hello new tommy default. one of my favorite pictures. :DDD i also added an adam/tommy one, an adam/brad one, and a solo brad one. i mean, they're all just the pictures i had handy on my desktop with the colors fucked with a little so i might not keep them for long, but omgggg. new icons. :D i already don't recognize myself in comments. O.O i'm really really happy to finally have icons for this fandom, but i never wanted to give up any of my mcr or dominic icons. i will have to search for some more glam fandom icon makers. :DDDDD

i know more people follow me on twitter than on here, so idk if mystery!anon is on my flist? but THANK YOU. ♥ ♥ ♥

May. 7th, 2010 11:16 pm
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I discovered today that my lj birthday was on on the 5th. I don't really pay attention to these things, but a couple of you just celebrated lj anniversaries and I wanted to check when mine was, and I was surprised that it was just now. I've had this journal for four years, as of two days ago, and I've grown so much in that time. I got it so I could post lotrips fic, and even though I've moved on, I still can't quite let go of that fandom. I've met some incredibly talented, intelligent, creative people in lotrips and now in bandom, and it's been amazing. I've learned so much from you all, and I feel priviledged to have you all in my life. My experience with lj has been wonderful, and I honestly can't imagine leaving. I'd miss you all too much! Seriously, you're some of the greatest friends I have and I'm so thankful that we can all share our lives with each other like this. I love you guys.


Jul. 12th, 2008 01:26 am
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Eddie Izzard is so incredibly lovely. The show was amazing, hilarious, enlightening, etc. I took pics and videos of the Q&A thing afterward. He didn't call on me, but I was right there, so I was at least in a good spot for my camera.... until it ran out of batteries. But anyway; more info and the pics and videos and stuff will come soon, when I'm more mentally awake (which is not right now, obviously, 'cause I have a feeling at least one of these sentences doesn't make sense, but I'm assuming that's okay.) Also, I bought a Cake or Death shirt, which is awesome. And I chatted about pretty much everything I could remember with Raquel, so if I go to bed now, it won't all be gone from my memory (yay, chat transcripts! lol). Besides being lovely, he's also very sexy, isn't he? Anyway, yes, bedtime now.

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Warning: RAMBLING AHEAD OMG. You might regret asking me stuff. Just so ya know.

Choose 7 of my interests for me to talk about, and/or ask me to choose 7 of your interests for you to talk about (either in your own post or in comments).

from [livejournal.com profile] wonder_walldbc:

astronomy, freedom of speech, billy boyd, lyrics, the beatles, dom's hands, raquel )

from [livejournal.com profile] random_yayness:

bdsm, germany, jears, not yet, space, traveling, ocean )


Feb. 14th, 2008 12:15 am
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so, it has been decided that Raquel is my moonrock. and after some talk about Dom, Craig, and Eddie, and gay bombs and cage sex, we got to this.

etc, etc.... somehow we got into full-on squee mode, and figured we were highly evolved fangirls with... mutant powers... or something. I don't even know what we were doing by this point. LOL  *here begins the NC-17 part, by the way*

and then, blah blah blah, more rock stuff, and bedtime. ♥
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Raquel just posted transcripts of our post-Dom on the Late Late Show chat. instead of reposting all that, I'll just link you to hers.


omg we are so insane. ;D

and we're also recruiting members for a future Dom/Craig community, btw. LOL

PS: apparently I hadn't made an insanejournal yet, only a greatestjournal. anyway, now I'm on both of those, both with the name silentdescant, so friend me there if you'd like.
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my day today was SUCH UTTER CRAP. for no particular reason. i woke up on the wrong side of the bed (figuratively, of course, since i only ever sleep on one side of my bed...) but yeah, math was a bit crap, italian was more crap, time in between classes was pathetically spent moaning about the classes themselves, and the study period after italian? omg french guy need to shut up. and everytime i look at Lake, i think Owen. LOL he's so sweet, though.

but anyway, the good things:

lord of the rings soundtrack. always and forever, i will love it. and i want the score for christmas. *hopes*

Raquel's emails. omg ♥

the incline of trees.

chicken noodle soup.

by the way, Tiffany, here's a few videos of Owen. "Meet Owen" "Owen's top 10 moments" (annoying background music, but oh well) and "Ianto clips from episode 12" (that's the episode where Ianto and Owen were all angry and fighting, lol. Spoilers, obviously. and here's a picspam with mostly Ianto and Jack, but some Owen too.
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there are so many things that have contributed to my insane gleefulness today. here's a few:

The Incline of Trees (formerly lotruniversity) is being updated with edited, complete posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. *cue MASSIVE FLAILING and possible SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION*

It's confirmed: Eric Bana and Karl Urban are going to be in Star Trek together! (link via [livejournal.com profile] legomyarrow) For those The Archer/The Flag fans on my flist, MAJOR YAY.

[livejournal.com profile] push_pull_push has been updated, and OH MY GOD, if you're not reading that fic yet, YOU SHOULD BE. It is seriously hot, both this chapter and the story on the whole.

Brokeback Mountain came in the mail today, so I can FINALLY WATCH IT. (soon, anyway)

I've written a History Boys ficlet, a CSI ficlet, and a bdsm-y Monaboyd ficlet, and they all just have to be edited before I post them. \o/ Also, I posted RunAway today, which is always a source of great yay.

I think my SCAD essay is nearing completion. I sure as hell hope it is, anyway.
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several good things:

1) my new 'cute guy' is adorable and he actually talks to me and we have a lot of fun.

2) cute guy's friend, really amazingly good looking guy, has a FEATURE-LENGTH INDIE FILM premiering on the 27th and HE INVITED ME. well, the whole class, but it was just me and a couple other people there when he mentioned it, and he's friends with the other guys, so I was very happy to be included. :) he's really sweet and apparently pretty good at movie stuff, which is definitely a good thing. I can't wait to see what he's done. oh, and it's a "black tie" event, so... I might possibly wear my new-ish black dress. O.o

3) I am such a good student. :D in this class, anyway. well, in all of them, really, but this one in particular.

4) even though today's class was SO BORING, it's still the most fun one. that sentence doesn't seem quite grammatically sound, but whatever.

5) movie. premiere. at lincoln square cinemas. made by someone I know. how awesome is that?
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1. Today, on the way to school, I was nattering on about something (my mom was driving), and suddenly I said "GOLLUM!" The car in front of us had the license plate "GOLLUM" and the thing that goes around the license plate (I dunno what it's called) had the end of the ring poem, "one ring to bring them all / and in the darkness bind them." hahaha, my mom said "Oh look, there's another LotR fan." :P

2. I dislike the subject of slavery. I don't hate it, at least not as much anymore, but I really don't like it. I mean, of course I don't like slavery, but I don't even like the topic of it, intellectually. Religion, on the other hand, I have some interest in. I'm not very religious myself, but I find the subject very intriguing. So, what do I do? I start writing a fic about slavery. *headdesk* I do have one in progress about religion too, though. lol

3. Math class. Precalculus. Trigonometry. So far, it's not been anything too difficult, and the instructor is nice and young and he explains things pretty well (even though I still had to ask my dad for help understanding my homework). I'm worried that it's going to get hard really fast, though. >.< I hate five-day-a-week classes.

4. Italian. The teacher (professeressa) loves my last name (which is Italian). She talks in Italian a lot, though. More than I expected for the first week of classes. And she doesn't explain everything she's saying, which is a bit stressful. So far, I've memorized the Italian alphabet, though, which is good, and my almost-two years of Latin are definitely helping.

5. Apparently I never posted about this! My mom kind of found out about my slashy online activities. I played it down, though, (okay, I lied) and admitted to very tame versions of what I actual read/write. Obviously I couldn't deny anything as she'd seen something, but apparently it wasn't anything too porny, so while it wasn't a good thing that she found out, at least I know that it could've been very much worse. And at least this way she knows something so I don't have to be quite as paranoid. LOL

6. The Incline of Trees (aka: lotruni) has been updated!!!!!!! omgomgomg GO AND READ. *incoherent flailing* 

7. Next week, I think, I will begin posting something that I half want to keep as a surprise and half want to shout out to everyone. I'm very excited about it. :D

8. Dom. Just Dom. ♥
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I'm sure most (if not all) of you guys have seen this already......

hi-res of that secret-agent type photoshoot [locked post]

Dom.... oh my god. As I told [livejournal.com profile] bloodrayveness earlier, I was just looking at the older pics yesterday because I wanted to make a graphic with them, but I thought they were too small. NOT ANYMORE OMG. I am so dead from these pictures, seriously.


May. 17th, 2007 03:32 am
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ok. so. I watched it. then I rewinded and watched all the Charlie bits. and Charlie's bits. LOL and then I came online and immediately started freaking out with [livejournal.com profile] bloodrayveness. and because I am lazy and it is 2:30am 3:30am (now) and I've already said most of what I'm going to say about Lost to her, I decided just to copy/paste the chat transcript. and I didn't fix our spelling errors, sorry. LOL and it is long. lol

there's also a bit of spoilers about Orli's Leno appearance, but srsly, nothing major.

WARNING: spoilers for Charlie's episode, "Greatest Hits", AS WELL AS talk of spoilers for the finale, "Through the Looking Glass".

also, this is seriously the first thing I said when I logged on. LOL


ALSO. we have decided that Snow Patrol's song Run is CHARLIE'S DEATH ANTHEM, OH MY GOD. I almost can't believe that after all of this stuff tonight, hearing that song is what made me break down.

and now, because I honestly COULDN'T DECIDE on what icon to upload/use for this post, here's a bunch of icons I was considering, each perfect in its own way. I finally decided on this one because omg, lookit Charlie all happy and glowy!

11 icons I considered )

and yeah. so. oh my god, Charlie. *sniffle* omg this music. *cries*
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+ )

- )

more + )

and finally, I love you all. :) Thanks for being here and everything. /sappy omg >.<

newsy news

May. 4th, 2007 11:16 pm
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I haven't had a real update in a while, so: a numbered list of my life. >.<

1) I must thank the lovely and generous [livejournal.com profile] morebliss for giving me 2 months of paid LJ time. ♥ *bounces* That means I can upload a few more icons, like this one. *grin*

2) SAT2 Biology test is tomorrow at seven o'clock in the fucking morning, and I hate mornings with all kinds of fiery passion. Plus, am so not ready for it. Then a week and a half until the AP test. omg pls save me. *clings to f-list*

3) Today at co-op we skipped art class to do more biology studying. Which I needed and appreciated, no doubt, but the whole time I was just thinking "I wish I was doing art right now..." I'm in the middle of a Dom drawing! That so trumps biology.

4) Bit sick today and a little yesterday I think. Coughing and such. I felt like I had a bit of a fever earlier, but mom says not. Still felt like it, though. >.<

5) I had the loveliest dream this morning, but then I had to wake up and go to class. Not fair. cut for a little tiny bit about the dream )

6) Rewrote the script for the movie class. Now I just have to upload it. The director wants to meet with me and the DoP at Starbucks tomorrow to discuss storyboards. Somehow the rumour's been spreading that I'm a fantastic artist, which I am not. The only reason the pictures I draw come out well at all is because I copy them directly, no creativity involved. I have done a couple of storyboards before, but omg were they horrible. Anyway, now everyone's expecting me to come up with these great drawings. It's all the producer and Cute Guy's fault, I'm thinking, since only they've seen my sketchbook... >.<

7) On my little practice test I took just now, I got a 620, which isn't exact because the book had a fucking TYPO that kinda CHANGED THE ENTIRE ANSWER. omg. So. Not a horrible score, and I've certainly done worse. Not great either, but it'll pass. Hopefully I can recreate this score or better tomorrow at 7 in the morning. >.<

8) It's 11:00 and I still haven't done my psych online post that's due by midnight. fuuuuuuck. *hurries* Psych quiz Sun/Mon, hopefully I'll be able to pull through it.

9) I just wrote a little tiny bit of freakin' hardcore BDSM. Debating about whether or not to continue it. (you're all going to say YES PLS OMG, but I'm seriously not sure about this... >.<)

10) am tired. must finish psych, then go to bed and get some sleeeeeeep.
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news about Tony's Vex and FRC teams )

today's SIFF Volunteer Orientation )

Easter weekend; WSU visit and a dog trail )

interesting stuff in class )

random stuff about my favorite prof )

And last but not least, a meme snagged from a few people including [livejournal.com profile] babybrothalova and [livejournal.com profile] rebel_blue

Comment and I'll--
1 - Tell you why I friended you. Assuming I can remember :)
2 - Associate you with something. A fandom, a song, a colour, a piece of fruit. SOMETHING.
3 - Tell you something I like about you.
4 - Tell you a memory I have of you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you. (Or else I'll just ask a random question. I reserve that right.)
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
8 - In return, you must post this in your own LJ.

eta: OKAY I REMEMBERED. At the SIFF thing today, I WON SOMETHING. I was all "OMG RLY?" LOL. I had a ticket taped under my chair, so I went up to the front desk and she pulls out this huge bag and is like "Oooh yay, here's some swag!" The contents: Turner Classic Movies SceneIt (OMG YAY, even though I already have the original SceneIt; my dad will love this one. also, I can't believe they're giving away SCENEIT! lol), a SIFF t-shirt (and omg, it's my size. O_O), a $3 Starbucks Gift Card (meh, whatever. I'll use it sometime, I guess.), and two MORE tickets to the Janus Film Festival (I already have a bunch from volunteering and going to that other swag thing.), oh, and also, a pen. LOL!
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listen up! in order for Raquel to win her ipod, she needs votes!!! SO GO AND VOTE.

go here: 

then click the option for haiku number 1. the one that starts with: American Girl.

so uh, that's all I have for you today. I'll post more later, because I still have a ton of stuff to post about. lol
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I posted a little Monaboyd drabble in the comments here, along with visual aids. :D

happy early birthday Jill, since I won't be home on your actual birthday!

now I've got to go pack a ton of homework and entertainment and stuff for the weekend. I'll be back.... Sunday, I think, or Monday morning.

Raquel news: Florida has defected and is now under her rule. People in Georgia and Alabama are leaving for Florida in droves. *bows to Queen of SendSpace-and-now-Florida-too Raquel* ♥


Apr. 3rd, 2007 01:36 am
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[livejournal.com profile] bloodrayveness has gone to Florida for a week. I dunno if I'll be able to survive. *swoons dramatically*

in other news, Vista now works and I've been able to print off syllabuses (syllabi? LOL) for both my online classes. wtf TONS of reading already! >.<

in even further removed news, for those of you interested, I actually did write some RunAway the other day, and I finished the next chapter, but I'm not going to be posting again until either WAY more is finished, or if the entire fic is finished, because I don't want more delays like this to happen, and I'm assuming you guys don't want that either. :\
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[profile] brainspouse has been updated with my crack!art of good-angel!Raquel and bad-angel!Jen, LOL!

and then Raquel made icons! *giggles*

feel free to friend that comm for updates on weird stuff like that. :D


Mar. 16th, 2007 01:15 am
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My dad came home from his Scotland/Kentucky business trip. With souvenirs! \o/ I got a "Scottish Translation" shirt that says "Gonnie no dae that!" on the front, then "I would ask you to consider whether what you have just done (or are about to do) is the appropriate action to take in the current circumstances." HEEE! My sister got one that said "It wasnae me!" with some long, cute translation as well. *giggles*

And apparently he has to go back to Scotland next month. And the really big news is, if the dates don't interfere with my AP-test day, I MIGHT GET TO GO TOOOO!!!!!! Of course, this is just a minor possibility, and I don't even have my passport at the moment, so. BUT STILL!!!! The place he goes is just like, 45 min. outside of Glasgow, and he went sight-seeing there this past time! And it's SCOTLAND, so HELLO, I'M IN!!!

Apparently he also has pictures (we haven't looked yet) from a cave in Kentucky that I've actually been to before, but don't remember because I was like, 3. O.o Lived in Kentucky for a while, actually. I've lived in 5 different states so far, and then different houses/apartments within those 5 states. Which is... unusual? At least according to the people I hang out with, who've lived here their entire lives. LOL

in other news; test tomorrow which I haven't studied for, biology lunch wherein we bring foodstuffs that look like blood clots and the like (should be an interesting class tomorrow, to say the least), and woo, my piano book came in the mail today! got to figure out what exactly I'm going to play out of it, though.

OH, and something from LotR (the books, not the films): I came across a quote in book 5, chapter 2 -

"Good-bye!" said Merry. He could find no more to say. He felt very small, and he was puzzled and depressed by all these gloomy words. More than ever he missed the unquenchable cheerfulness of Pippin.

Does that not sound like how Dom has described Billy on multiple occasions? (paraphrasing) "He doesn't try to get happy, he just is happy." or something like that. And now I want to read some good Merry/Pippin fics... LOL

also also: wrote a bit of RunAway today, for the first time in forever. >.< I'm sorry I've been kinda distant lately. I haven't meant to be, it just happened that way. Actually... well, I'll save that for another post.

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