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I think I mentioned the one-day film challenge (Crash Cinema) in my last post? Well, I did that. The film we made in 8(ish) hours came out kind of ridiculous but not terrible. Hopefully amusing. It was for the theme of Argo (that new Ben Affleck movie), and we had to incorporate a bunch of stuff into it. Anyway, I went to the press screening of Argo on Monday and LOVED it, and our short film is showing before the premiere of Argo tonight, so I'm going to see it again! This time with the whole red carpet dealio (lol). I might come back with more thoughts later, but for now I'll just say that I really enjoyed the movie, and that it was very tense at times but surprisingly hilarious at times too. Definitely not a "funny" movie, but lighthearted enough to break up the crazy tension and time pressure. Really good, though; I recommend it.

Last night, I watched Devour. Purely because of Jensen. (The things I do for him...) Reactions: 1) LOL 2) no really, LOL, what is that thing? 3) there is some terrible acting going on here 4) holy god, Jensen is pretty 5) he just can't escape the hell, devil, possession, psychopath shit, can he? Okay, honestly, it wasn't as terrible as I was expecting it to be, but I had some pretttttty low expectations. Jensen was about the only good thing in it, and I'm glad he was the star because if he'd only shown up in a couple of scenes, I don't know that I could've gotten through it. I loved all his little bb psychopath moments. Had to hide my eyes when he was cutting off his tongue, though. D: I came out of that movie just wanting someone to edit together that footage with SPN footage to make a video about young!Dean. It fits pretty well, right?

I've seen New York Minute (ridiculous, but I grew up watching Mary Kate & Ashley movies, so that wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be), so next up is Christmas Cottage. I will admit, I don't have high hopes. lol sorry, Jared, it just doesn't look like my type of movie. I do like Thomas Kinkade in real life, though. I will give it a shot.

How awesome was SPN 8.02, btw? FUCKING AWESOME. Can't wait for the next one. Is it Wednesday yet?

Other things: I keep calling the job to find out the schedule for my training and they keep not calling me back. UGH, I WANT TO START ALREADY. Hopefully I'm about to pick up another job, though: teaching kids robotics like I did this summer, except year-round. Yay? Yay money and robots, at least. And finally, I'm trying to get back in the habit of checking my f-list and posting here, so keep on top of me to do that. In the meantime, you know where to find me (on twitter. always. constantly. forever.). Oh, I'm writing a bit more too. Trying to finish a kink_bingo fic that keeps growing. Hopefully I can wrap that up soon. And who's excited for NaNoWriMo? I think I'm settling on an idea, now I just want to START it. \o/
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I've posted on twitter about this a lot, but I realized I haven't actually linked the campaign here. I started my indiegogo fundraising campaign for my film, and so far I've raised alllllllmost half of my goal, which is allllllmost what I need to shoot my film! I'd really like to have around $2500 before I shoot, which is in a week and a half. I'm almost there! Any support you can give, even if it's just spreading the word, would be amazing and so helpful.

I explain a little more about the costs and stuff in this post, or on the indiegogo website, and in that LJ post, I'm offering my fic-writing services instead of the perks listed on indiegogo, if you would prefer to donate that way.

It's getting down to the wire! I'm so excited--stressed out of my mind, but so excited. My actors have been cast, locations chosen, and equipment rented... The biggest thing I need now is set dressing (mostly funeral flower arrangements for a church). But I'm sure it will all come together soon! :)

I wish that silly embedded widget would show up... :(
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It is that time, that time when I ask for money.

As many of you probably know, I am a senior in film school right now. My senior project is to create a short film, of which I am the writer and director, and the goal is to submit this film to film festivals in as many places as I afford. A short film is a "calling card" for lots of filmmakers, and the stuff on my reel could land me a job. So I'm asking for your support now, because making movies costs money.

My film! technical and content details! )

My vague, proposed budget is around $2,500. That should cover pretty much everything, and give us good quality things when we need them (like the hotel).

Some of this money will also go to what my professor likes to call extending the "life of the film". After my senior showcase in the spring when I graduate, where my film along with all of the other films from my year will be shown in our movie theater on the big screen, student films basically die. I don't want my film to die, and I think it has a very good chance at success if I submit it to as many film festivals as I can manage. Film festival submissions cost money, but there are sometimes awards, grants, prizes, and invaluable opportunities to get my work seen by a ton of people. Film festivals are where new filmmakers get noticed, and I want to get noticed. I believe my film can get me noticed, too. So this is the biggest need for your help. There's no proposed budget for this part. The more submission money I have, the more film festivals I can submit my film to, so any little bit helps.

I will be putting together a pitch video and an official fundraising project on indiegogo which is basically like kickstarter. That's not set up yet, but it will be, and you could donate there or here. The difference will be the incentives. There, I will be offering incentives like your name in the credits of the film, set photography from the shoot, printed and signed "programs" used in a funeral scene in the film, DVDs, posters, and artwork from my storyboard artist.

Here, I am offering... well, you can have your name in the credits too, and a handwritten note of thanks in the programs from set, but my main incentive for this little donate button is fanfic. I will take prompts for the fandoms I write in, and even fandoms I'm familiar with but haven't written in before, basically whatever you want. I will write stories for you, in exchange for your support for my senior film. I've never participated in those charity auctions or fic exchanges like this before, so I don't know how other people do it, but if you donate some money we can email about prompts and whatever you want me to do for you in exchange. My email address is There's no deadline for donations, and you don't even have to give me a prompt if you don't want to (though I really do enjoy writing for people, and I would love to give you something in return for donating), and you can donate here or via indiegogo (once I get that set up in the next week or so). And there's no pressure or anything. This is just a request, if you have the cash to spare, to consider my project, and if you don't, then please pimp out this post or the indiegogo link when it's available! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I will update you on progress and all that soon!

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I just dashed into the computer lab for a few minutes before class when I found out THE VIDEO HAS BEEN ONLINE SINCE THIS MORNING. and here it is, embedded and linked for your viewing pleasure.

I don't really have time to talk about it a lot right now, but OMG. OMGGG. I LOVE IT. ...even though I already knew this take. but I think you should know that two of my dogs (my sister's dogs, really) are in this: Dazzle, the black and white border collie, is at the top of the pyramid at the end, and Peanut, the fluffy white shih-tzu is in a bunch of different parts: elevators, spinny chairs, popcorn (the jumping), and the end pyramid. also, the super fat, little brown dog is one of Damian's dogs, Bunny, and she was pretty much my responsibility during a lot of the shoot.


ALSO, here's a little interview with Lauren, the head dog trainer, and Trish, the director and Damian's sister, about the behind the scenes stuff.

ETA: here's a bit of behind the scenes footage! there was a B-roll camera guy around the whole time, but this particular footage is from the fist time Damian and Trish visited the set, before I was part of the project. (I came in like a day before the band did.) my sister's in there, though! and Dazzle!
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HEY SO. REMINDER. OK Go's new video, which I worked on this summer, is premiering TOMORROW (MONDAY) on Ellen DeGeneres' show! Courtney Cox is the main guest. I think the band will actually be on the show -- Dan's facebook comments were kind of vague; they're in Europe right now but flying home in time for Ellen and Leno, and they're playing Leno, but... idk what they're doing with Ellen? I'm assuming they're actually on the show, since they're premiering the video, but the preview on Ellen's site doesn't say. I feel like a commercial, but check here for local listings (wow, that's a convenient page; all shows should have that).

WHAT ELSE IS UP. ummm. I'm still really sad about my internet situation. I hope to god my RA's actually working on it and not just placating us. I feel like I'm missing SO MUCH, even though I'm almost constantly checking twitter on my phone. I can't chat, I can't watch MCR's video (on YOUTUBE, anyway, but thank you so much to wherever I downloaded it to my phone from), I can't keep up with Glamnation shenanigans, I can't comment (or even CATCH UP ON) all your posts... IT IS QUITE SAD.

I've been flipping around tuning into this stream for a while. a couple of boys trying to break the world record for kissing and GLBT equality and all that. can you imagine kissing for 33 hours without sitting or taking a break? jeez. DEDICATION. they just broke the record now, but I think their goal is like an hour beyond that or something? idk. whatever. I like it. &boys!;

boring post is boring. I've mostly been reading textbooks and making trips to the computer lab to CATCH UP ON STUFF this weekend. don't forget to tune into Ellen tomorrow! I won't be able to (UGH, CLASS) but it'll be online shortly after, I'm sure. CATCH YOU GUYS L8R. <3
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so I had that FIRST mock tournament/filming thing! besides staying up until 2am and then waking up at 6:30, it was great! it didn't quite go how I expected it to, but I think we got some good footage that we can work with, and I was pretty impressed overall that we managed to MAKE a tournament with only about 100-150 people, since usually there are like, a LOT. there was this one dude that was seriously cute, one of the filming guys who volunteered, and he had an awesome hat and knew his shit about film, and we were flirting pretty hardcore all day, and I finally had to ask how old he was, just to make sure I wasn't hitting on a 17 year old or something. not that anything's gonna happen since uh, I'll probably never see him again but whatevs, flirting is fun.

and yesterday I went with my family to my dad's company picnic, and wow, they really went all out this year (more than the past few years, anyway). there were motorcycle people (crazy jumping CRAZY people) and the seattle knights group, who did jousting and swordfighting and that was really cool even though it looked very rehearsed. lol. I got sunburned, which was not cool. this is why I wear long sleeves all the time. :(

today we're taking my sister to college, which is on the other side of the mountains, so it's like 5 hours there and 5 hours back. so we're staying with her tonight and proooobably tomorrow night too. I'm kinda blah about it because I probably won't get any time online. :( :( :( but I will have my phone.

and I know a couple people have found it already, but I put my name in this meme! I haven't commented to anybody yet; I was planning on doing that this morning but I guess that'll have to wait. so... yeah. sorry. I have things to say to you! just not yet.

the that's my favorite! meme

and [ profile] maryangel200 gave me actor and actress names for that other meme, but I don't have time to figure out all my favorite movies of them so that meme will have to wait too. I'm literally typing this while packing my sister's clothes. ugh I hate going out of tooooown. :( :( :(

here's some adam/tommy hotness to make this post a little happier.

om nom nom )
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I wrote two (sadly very short) things for [ profile] monaboyd_month! I really wish I'd had time to finish something longer, but omg, this month has been crazy. Perhaps I'll be able to finish the longer ficlet I had in mind in time for free-for-all day. :D?

Both are Billy/Dom, obviously. They're both pretty short, too, under 1000 words each. Here are the links:

Midnight - Who's kissing at midnight?

Movie Night - Billy gets one of Dom's packages in the mail by mistake.

I drove my sis (and mom) down to Albany, OR yesterday, and I got to sleep with the cutest little yorkie ever last night, and my mom and I stopped at Powell's on the way back home today, which was great. Also in Portland: people were filming the tv show Leverage. O.O!! We hung out at a bakery and tried to stake it out but we couldn't see much. The PA we talked to was super cute, though. Also I might get the PA gig on the music video Kat's working on, which would be GREAT because they would pay me. It interferes with the tentative dates Kevin's setting, but if I get the job maybe that can change a little. Also, I have an interview with Shilo tomorrow. :| If all of this works out, I will be suuuuper busy this summer.

I am tired and I've got a snuggly dog to sleep with tonight, and I'm going to stop looking up things about extreme body mod. O____o
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OMFG. did anyone watch Dom on MadTV? and did you see the credits? and and and. DID YOU SEE DOM'S ASS? I'm so dying right now. someone has to put this online. SRSLY. *FLAILS*

in OTHER news, I went to tape Steel Magnolias, and it was pretty good, but the movie was better. LOL overall, I liked it; these are just my nitpicky points. 1) their 'southern' accents were a bit off, 2) they stuttered over some of their lines/missed cues a bit, 3) the staging was annoying, 4) they were all pretty quiet. otherwise, good. lol and i got paid for the other DVDs, which is good. even though i have to split the money with my sister.

and in still other news, today (well, now yesterday) was my monaboyd_month day, and I posted 4 fics, which I  will repost here in a couple weeks. all of them are Monaboyd, obviously...

One Last Time - NC-17, "Billy and Dominic are trapped, facing death in some form or another." MAJOR ANGST, but my favorite of the four.
Home in a Hotel Room - NC-17, "Dom’s been waiting for Billy to come home."
Impatient - NC-17, for imogen_star_dom's prompt from ages ago.
An Ending - R, (with a bit of Billy/Ali) "Billy has a decision to make, and someone’s going to end up hurt."

tomorrow, I have to do 3 classes worth of homework, 'cause I didn't do much of it today. oops.



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kevin's coming over in, like, a couple of hours with his wife's laptop to edit the footage we shot. when he called i was kind of half awake, and i guess my voice was still all rough and sleepy 'cause he said "did i wake you up? i did, didn't i?' but i didn't want to tell him i was still asleep at *10:30*! anyways, this means that the house has to be clean by the time he gets here. i dunno if he's gonna stay the whole time or leave me to it or what.

oh, but also, my mom got her new kindle today, so she gave me the old one, which i get to keep until amazon asks for it back (which they might not, actually). so, y'know what i did? I COPIED FIC ONTO IT. IT IS AWESOME. I CAN READ C-VERSE ON THE KINDLE. actually, i can read pretty much anything i want on there, if i put it on, but the problem is i don't have a lot of stuff copied to word documents, and i don't want to bother with converting html files because then there'll be weird formatting issues. but this is so awesome. i was super excited last night while my mom was setting up her new one and showing me how to re-set up the old one. it's so cool!!!!
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Kevin picked me up after school and promptly took me to Quiznos, since neither of us had eaten. we had a lovely little lunch meeting during which he outlined his questions and everything, and I listened and agreed. then we went off to Intel to meet this guy who turned out to be the very definition of adorkable. he's a genius, and he's cute, and he reminded me of Marco from The 4400 (do any of you watch that show?). he was so cute, I could hardly stand it. and his office, oh my GOD. it was amazingly cool. I was blown away by the coolness. there were entire walls of whiteboards, with equations and graphs and sketches and notes all over them in different colors and handwritings, and there were electronics on every surface, and there were robots everywhere, and all the desks were like work tables with about 5 humongous flat-screen monitors, and all the people I saw were young, adorkable geeks like this guy. it was awesome. so anyway, the actual interview went well, and I got most of what I wanted, and now I just have to go over to Kevin's sometime (probably over the weekend) to edit it together. I already know what I'm going to do in my mind (I should probably take notes before I forget, actually). my mom told me to pack a toothbrush in case I go over there and get so caught up in editing that it'd be easier to just spend the night. lol

reminds me, I need to email cuteguy about filming on the 23rd.
...and call Augie back, because I never did this afternoon. *facepalm* we were having SUCH a great conversation, too; I only hung up because class was starting. lol

also, there's some sort of film group I can submit a script to, but I think the deadline's somewhere in mid-Feb, and I just don't think I'm as fast at writing scripts as I am stories...

eta: also on my to do list - kidnap raquel and stow away on a boat to nz. how much do you think we could charge for mind-reading tricks? we could live in a hobbit hole. until we get kicked out when they start filming the hobbit, that is. lol
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yay, Kevin finally emailed back about my job. and then he called last night. so, he's gonna pick me up from class on Wednesday and we'll presumably talk about schedules for editing time then. and he wants me to film the VEX tournament on the 23rd. I'm thinking about recruiting cuteguy from last quarter to help....

oh Lost. if you've seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say OMG WTF OMG OMG OMG OMFG GUHH. yeah. SO SEXY. and sad, too, but yeah. oh, and the rest of the episode had me going WTFFFFFFFF!!!

did I ever post about Torchwood? GUH KISSING OMFG. I have since clipped it and put it on repeat. so sad for Tosh, though.

OH, and I randomly watched Spice World yesterday and was like OMG IS THAT TOSH? IT IS. WOW. ROFL I love all the cameos in that movie. :P and after that I watched 2 episodes of Dr. Who, which was awesome. I watched kind of a lot of tv yesterday... >.<

BUT, I did do some homework. I painted some, I did about half of my physics, and I started reading Pinocchio in Italian.

and I'm 3.2k into a new fic and I have no idea where it's leading... I dunno yet if it'll have a happy ending or a HORRIBLY DEPRESSING one. it could go either way. LOL

and finally, I'm going to try to play Lost's "Life and Death" song on the piano. it's so prettyyyyy!! and sad. :(
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ok, list of stuff I hafta do tomorrow:

- revise and turn in my facade and juggling vignettes (asdfjlaskjflsjkdf JUGGLING IHU)
- email Kevin omg
- try to extract those stupid fucking dvd files
- read physics and start online hw (which was only posted TONIGHT, WTF. grr, teacher)
- italian hw
- paint 
eta: read history. stupid history. >.<

hm, what am I missing?

in other news, I slept until almost noon today, which was quite lovely. but then I ate breakfast and then nothing until dinner, so I completely pigged out on pizza, and now I kinda feel sick and gross. >.<

I think I had a bit of a breakthrough on my painting (hopefully). AH, THAT'S WHAT'S MISSING. *adds to list* anyway. I need to finish that and start a new one, like, really soon. like, tomorrow. hopefully.

oh, I stayed up late last night reading and reviewing vignettes from my fiction classmates, and I just have to say something: after reading all those, I feel like the majority of you guys on my flist are better writers than the guys in my class. ♥ there were a couple of pieces that I really enjoyed, though.

and randomly, I just realized how much I'm gonna miss my best friend here when I go off to college. we get half an hour of girl-talk time on fridays, and last week was really good for some reason (though, omg we are such gossips. LOL). I should have her over sometime soon... when she came over to help clean the house before the holidays, we stayed up SO LATE just talking. and now I'm making myself kinda sad, so I'll stop there.

oh, but omg, the new girl in my art class is SO ANNOYING. (she's not really new, but she's new compared to how long we've been doing art with the same little group). so I was talking to my friend in her bedroom before art, and the girl comes in, and I was trying to tell some story or other, and she totally interrupts me and starts just rambling on about something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. my friend is just looking at me like O___o and I'm looking back at her like O___O!! with my mouth kind of hanging open in shock, and when the girl finally stops talking, there's one of those weird, awkward silences, wherein I say "...SO ANYWAY" and try to pick up where I left off. that wasn't the first time she'd done that, but it was definitely one of the most OBVIOUS and ANNOYING times. she's just, like.. completely lacking in social etiquitte. omg. >.<

sorry to go all 'preteen girl' on you there, but she just bugs the hell out of me. let's see, how many times did I say "like" in that paragraph? wow, only 3? I said it more in my head, believe me. LOL anyway, that's all the inane rambling I'll subject you to tonight. I'm off to bed.

gah, life

Jan. 4th, 2008 08:21 am
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'tis 8:15. I should leave in 15 minutes. I haven't eaten yet, though. I haven't printed that pic I was going to start painting today. I finished my Italian homework at 3am ('cause it was easy, so I procrastinated). I stayed up really late reading DOM/ELIJAH (but it was Establishment, so it was good), and omg, I actually got Raquel hooked on it as well. LOL!!

job from hell had more issues: the DVD that supposedly didn't have errors didn't re-download back in completely. like, the whole end of the show is just not there. I tried importing it from the DVD with the error in the beginning, but apparently it either couldn't get past that error, or there was some other problem with it (I wouldn't be surprised). omg I wish this lady would just FUCK OFF. and my mom isn't helping me with it because she said I know more about it than she did. that is NOT TRUE. I didn't even know Premiere could import those file extensions off DVDs!! (it's cool, though, because I think I have part of a movie saved like that and couldn't play it, so...)

and why is it so bloody cold in this house?! *snuggles under several layers of blankets* >.< can I stay home today?
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oh crap, it's 1am. today = first day of school. Italian was interesting; there were 2 sections of the 101 class, but now there's only 1 section of the 102 class, so we've merged together. physics was kinda awesome, the instructor seems pretty cool. tomorrow we're doing some kind of experiment with bowling. should be fun. so far in writing, I've introduced myself and gotten several replies about my nano fic. \o/ speaking of, I need to get cracking on that, but not right now. I also have to choose another picture to paint; there's one I like from the second photoshoot we did, but the position's just SLIGHTLY off, and I'm not quite confident that I'd be able to wing it. I also have to take care of those STUPID FUCKING DVDS OMFG *KICKS THINGS*. it's the job that won't. fucking. end. and the worst part is, she's already paid me. also, I have to email Kevin. shit. the FIRST kickoff is like, next Saturday or something. or the one after, I dunno. and also, one of my NY's resolutions is to stick to weight watchers omg. >.< and also, I had lots of stomach pain today, no idea why. *clutches stomach* owie.

anyway, now Raquel's got me dreaming about a new fic, as well as a couple WIPs, and omg sweet dreams tonight. *cackles*

and randomly, Brent Corrigan was awfully adorable when he was young. well, sexy and adorable. LOL
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The dogs have fleas. The HOUSE has fleas. I DON'T WANT FLEAS!!!! *shudders*

The Assertive Communication class is finally over. It was a good class, but about 90% of the students didn't want to be there, which made it difficult for me and the two other people that did. I spoke to the teacher after we let out yesterday and he said he really appreciated my being in the class, because the rest of the idiots weren't cooperating at ALL and they kept saying stuff like "how soon is lunch?" "when can we get out of here?!" *STABS THEM* I didn't learn much I didn't already know, but it was good and I think I'll be able to use some of the techniques. I discovered that while I usually speak assertively, my body language is completely non-assertive. Also, I say "I'm sorry" for EVERYTHING, which I need to stop doing. LOL By the way, I got about 9 hours of sleep on Saturday night, which was COMPLETELY AWESOME. I love it when I get enough sleep to survive the day. :P

So, my NaNo fic is still on the high end of 2000-something, because I haven't had time to sit down and write uninterrupted for a while. :( I'm hoping I can set aside some time this afternoon, but I have a(nother) play to film at the theatre tonight! Which brings me to this bit of news:

On Saturday, my mom got a phone call from the theatre lady, asking me to come film because it was the last night of the production. This is right smack in the middle of my weekend class, remember. I would've refused, but the play just HAD to be interesting. And it was. It was called "Deathtrap" and it was about a playwright who commits murder and there's a lot of double-crossing and dry humour. But now, for some reason, there's ANOTHER play ("The Legend of Sleepy Hollow") this evening that I'm now scheduled to film. (I don't know how they had another production so quickly; apparently it's like a 45min one-act or something...)

In February, they're having "The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)", which I cannot WAIT for, because it sounds so awesome. It's by The Reduced Shakes Spear Company. HEE.

So anyway, I have a math quiz today that hopefully I'll be able to do well on. *crosses fingers* I also have a ton of Italian homework to finish between classes. And I also have to call the original "cute guy" and ask him to step in to be the host for my studio class. I don't even know if he's still at the school..... >.< So yeah, that's my day today. How 'bout you?

road trip!

Sep. 14th, 2007 11:01 am
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I'm leaving for a week, starting tomorrow morning(!!!). It's not really the trip that's last-minute, just the fact that I'm going too. Actually I'm going to be gone until Monday night, which means I'll be missing the first day of classes, which really sucks. (and that reminds me that I need to email my teachers...) I'll have internet access at the hotel, but not as much time to actually access the internet. :( Hopefully while I'm gone I'll actually get some schoolwork done. Oh, and I just remembered that I have a play to go to tonight. I wonder if my mom's taken that into consideration.... I'll have to make sure she knows. Anyway, things are suddenly very busy here and I haven't packed at all, but I'm sure the trip will just fly by. Except for the 20 hours in the car each way. >.<

to do list ) 
to do )

to pack list ) 
to pack )

ETA: can anyone translate this into German for me? "Get Nick to come out here, to translate." I plugged it into babelfish and got something totally weird and I don't speak German, so... a little help, please? :)


Sep. 12th, 2007 11:26 pm
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So, the head guy for the FRC tournament took me and my mom out to dinner and talked about the project he wants me to do, which is basically just filming a bunch of people and editing it together and it actually sounds even more fun than that. But it wasn't much that my mom hadn't already told me already, which was a bit of a let down. But the pizza was awesome, but I ate the whole thing, which wasn't quite as awesome.

this post got kinda long, so here's a cut. :D )
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I am all dressed up and about to go out to a FIRST mentor meeting, but before that, one of the main guys is taking me and my mom out to dinner because he's trying to bribe me into doing a job that I want to do anyway. :D He's got all this super-hi-tech camera equipment and I'm not sure of the details, but basically he wants me to use it to make cool videos. So I'm very YAY about this. \o/ Except for the fact that it's volunteer. Oh well, it'll be fun and it'll look good on my resume, right? Right.

Also, the new plan to concentrate and finish things? It's working great, just not on my schoolwork. But I am finishing up some WIPs (like you couldn't already tell by the fact that every other thing I post is fic). :D So at least I'm getting something done, right? Right. The next one is almost done. So close I can almost taste it. So close I can almost reach out and touch the little italicized 'fin.' at the end. And I am so unbelievably happy about that fact. *\o/*


Aug. 21st, 2007 11:49 am
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i know what the lost numbers mean. it's a collection of COMPLETELY RANDOM numbers. SO RANDOM, that you see them absolutely everywhere, all the time. aaannnndddd, yeah, that's it. LOL

and i assume by now that everyone's seen the new Dom photoshoot? what do you guys think of the new tattoo?

and finally, i think i'm going to delete my facebook account because i never got into it and i don't like using it and i don't like the idea of people being able to find me through my rl friends and stuff.

oh wait, no finally. because yesterday i reread some of my old favorite fics and they put me in a better mood, so i'll just pass on the links here, even though you'll probably already have read them. and omg this post is getting longer by the second. sorry.

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I found out when my flight was. Tuesday morning at 7am, which means I have to leave here at like.. 5.30 or something. IN THE MORNING. apparently, my mom is insane. it might actually be easier for me to stay up until I have to leave rather than try to WAKE UP at zero-o'clock in the morning. omg i hate mornings. especially since I've been staying up until about 2am every night. jet-lag is going to KILL me.

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things i should always keep in my purse )

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ETA: apparently I have to have college applications ready for when I visit Drexel and SCAD. OMGWTF RIGHT NOW?? I don't have application essays AT ALL, I don't have any of the forms filled out, and I don't have all my portfolio stuff ready yet. *headdesk*

and there's probably more, but hopefully I'll either remember it later, or it's not extremely vital. also, I'm going to wear a light blazer-type jacket on the plane, but that's the only long-sleeved thing I'm bringing. do'ya think I need another jacket, or is my family right in thinking that it'll be SUPER DEADLY HOT and I won't need it in Philadelphia and Atlanta?

also, last night I watched the new Monk and Psych episodes. monk and psych spoilers )

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