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Well, it is a new year. It is the year of graduation and jobs and a new place to live. It is also the year of new music and tour from Adam, which I am REALLY excited about. I don't expect new music from MCR, but I'm still holding out hope for videos and comics and whatever else those boys come up with (I can't imagine they'll hibernate for long). I want to do things like eat healthier and lose weight (I did both this past year, but it's hard to stick to, and I want to get better at the sticking to it part). I also want to be more social (I definitely started that this past year, but I can do better), and meet some online friends, now that I know some people in kind-of-my area. I want to write more, although that sounds silly when you read onto this next bit of the post. I want to write some original fic, though, and that's always hard to stick to, for me.

But check this out. I was going to do that end of the year fic meme that I saw a couple people fill out, but it wasn't working for me, so I just tallied things up instead. I wrote and posted 46 fics, two of which were co-written with [ profile] sulwen (and one of those was for the sick!Frank challenge at [ profile] yobrothatssick). One was a 41k fic for [ profile] lambliffbigbang and one was a 25k fic for [ profile] bandombigbang. 15 fics were for the summer fill fest at [ profile] glam_kink (and they're having a new year fill fest now, you should check that out). But this is the really shocking (to me) part: my wordcount totals.

solo posted fic: 122,053
posted fic with [ profile] sulwen: 20,883
(which brings my total posted fic to 142,936 words)

But that's not all. I mean, I am SHOCKED that I wrote more than 120k this year on my own. But listen to this. [ profile] sulwen and I were both signed up for LBB again, and we both had problems with our fics, and on the very same day, we both planned to drop out of the challenge (which I hate doing). So to keep from dropping out, we teamed up and started outlining the fic we had both dreamed of, the one nobody would ever in a million years write for us. This was in October. Since then (and the fic is only about 80% finished so far), we have written about 124,500 words together on it. That's almost the same as I wrote solo all year. My mind was blown. Especially once I added all my writing solo and with her together: 267,436. That is a fucking ridiculous amount of words, you guys. I'm pretty pleased. It's hard for me to even remember writing all those fics earlier in the year, because our LBB took over my life, and I can't even think about what it was like before it wasn't a part of my life. That and all our notfic which we desperately want to write but can't until LBB is finished. Finding an amazing writing partner is pretty much the best thing ever. We are constantly inspired to write more.

So for the new year, the pressure is on. We have to finish our LBB by our posting date in January, and we each have a [ profile] bandomreversebb fic to work on, and I have to get everything together to shoot my film in February (and March). And then I have to find a job and a place to live and graduate, holy fuck. More immediately: I have to pack. I've been home since Thanksgiving and I'm heading back to Savannah at ass o'clock in the morning tomorrow. Then all that other shit can start.

Overall, I think it's been a great year. But I have high hopes for this next one. :)

btw, all of my bandom and glam fic is up at archive of our own, and all my cowritten fic with [ profile] sulwen is and will be posted there exlusively. I will probably keep posting solo fic there and here on lj for the foreseeable future. If I ever get the time, I'll work on transferring all my lotrips fic over to AO3 as well, so everything can be in one place, but who knows when that will happen. :P

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I did the voice meme thing everyone's been doing! It's super cool to hear everyone's voices. I've been bad about leaving comments since I do most shit on my phone, but I'm listening! Wanna hear me ramble for 15 minutes? :D

The Questions:
1. What's your username and is there a story behind it?
2. Where are you from and where do you live now?
3. What are you wearing? Yes, I am hitting on you.
4. How long have you been in bandom? How did you get into it?
5. Which bands are your favorites?
6. Which band members are your favorites?
7. Have you seen any of them in concert? Any fun stories or memories to share?
8. Do you have an OTP? What is it, and why do you love it?
9. What story do you wish someone would write?
10. Are you working on something for bandom right now? Tell us a little bit about it.
11. You've got fic open somewhere on your computer right now, don't lie. So go to one of your open tabs or word documents or whatever, and read us a couple of lines.
12. Say these words: Iero, haberdashery, LOLcat, flist, dirigible, halcyon, nemesis, ephemeral, languorous

Bandom Voice Meme by silentdescant

Bandom Voice Meme 2 by silentdescant

I had to split it in two because it cut me off in the middle! Bad soundcloud. Listening back to it, I don't think I said "ridiculous" at all, which is crazy because I say that word like a million times a day. Wow! I do say "like" and "super" and "awesome" a lot, oops. Voice posts are cool, I kind of want to do them more often. I like rambling about shit (even though I do get off track way easily).

Happy Thanksgiving!! My dad is out skiing and my sister is... still in bed, I think. Or playing with puppies. I'm recording the parade for us to watch later over Chinese food or something. /laziest family

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title: Sex and Violence
pairing: Frank/Gerard
rating: NC-17
words: 2500
warning: rough sex, blood kink, violence
summary: Frank needs to work out a little anger.
disclaimer: Very untrue. Don't google yourself. Don't pass this along to anyone involved.
a/n: This is for the lovely and talented [ profile] blue_soaring, who knew exactly which fic ideas would entice me. Happy belated birthday! ♥ ♥ ♥

on ao3

Sex and Violence )
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I went to see MCR in Seattle the other night! It was kind of spur of the moment (only bought the tickets last week or so), and I was SO THANKFUL, because I really thought I wouldn't get to see them again before, like... they went back to the studio and wrote a new album and started touring on THAT. so I was very glad. It was not the greatest concert experience, tbh, but MCR was AMAZING.

mcr stuff )

BUT OKAY. this is where I talk about blink a little bit, and I must warn you that I DO NOT LIKE BLINK-182, AND I DON'T WANT TO OFFEND BUT I JUST DON'T LIKE THEM OR THEIR MUSIC. I get that they were big when I was... not old enough to be into bands, so I missed out or whatever. but I have had people (tony) TRY to convert me and he failed. utterly. because I don't like them. so okay, you have been warned. maybe skip this if you love them. blink stuff )

then there was some stuff and some traffic because lol this venue made some awful roadblock choices and the whole way home my dad talked about gerard and queen and freddie mercury being flamboyant and it was great! and at home my mom was still up so we did a little recap for her! and I checked out mcr_u even though there were hardly any comments except for like, MY OWN TWEETS, which was amusing to me but kinda sad (lol time zones) but then there was this thing about a rumor about a drummer being fired.

pedicone stuff )

sorry for... such a craptastic review. it wasn't as overwhelming as my show in the pit on the world contamination tour. it was awesome, but not overwhelming. and my resentment for the asshole blink fans around me kind of killed the mood after. and then all the drummer stuff. this was meant to be a super happy post, but it just didn't turn out that way. but mcr is fucking great and they're going to keep being fucking great, and they're only going to get better from here. this band has proven itself to survive highs and lows, and i trust them.
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Title: Keep Running
Author: [ profile] silentdescant
Band(s): MCR (Killjoys AU)
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 25,300
Rating/Warnings: rape, minor character death, graphic violence
Summary: The Killjoys love doing as much damage to BL/ind as they can, and until now, they've been lucky enough to avoid getting caught by Korse and his draculoid followers. But Korse's mission isn't to just kill them, it's to hurt them—hurt Gerard. And to do that, he uses Frank. After a traumatic, death-defying escape, Frank sets out with the guys to get revenge. In between the car chases and the gunfights, Frank has to let himself heal and figure how to return Gerard's feelings.
Notes: This is definitely an AU of the Killjoys universe MCR has created with their videos, so I'm just warning you in advance, this isn't fully compliant with everything we've seen. Huge thank you to [ profile] bexless for being an awesome and enthusiastic beta, and thank you to [ profile] philosiraptors and [ profile] spuzz for giving me so much encouragement and inspiration while I was writing. ♥

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Four Illustrations by [ profile] xanax_n_wine

Chemistry of a Car Crash by [ profile] dwg
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Keep Running

[index] - [part 1] - [part 2] - [part 3] - [art] - [mix]

part 1 )

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Keep Running

[index] - [part 1] - [part 2] - [part 3] - [art] - [mix]

part 2 )

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Keep Running

[index] - [part 1] - [part 2] - [part 3] - [art] - [mix]

part 3 )

[art] - [mix]
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Keep Running

[index] - [part 1] - [part 2] - [part 3] - [art] - [mix]

Four illustrations by [ profile] xanax_n_wine

excerpts and art )

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OMG. So... I saw My Chemical Romance for the first time. It was my first rock show, and it was my first time seeing MCR, and it was my first time SKIPPING CLASS (lol, I'm such a good girl) and it was amazing. My pictures are kinda crap but that's okay, I know other people took better ones. I think I sent everything I took to twitter, so I'll just link to them there. PREPARE FOR LOTS AND LOTS OF RAMBLING. no, srsly, this is like 5,800 words of rambling (oh my god, self, r u srs?). I tried to kinda divide it into sections so it's not just a giant wall of text, lol. SO, HERE WE GO.

the day before, preparing the day of, and the line )

before the show, The Architects, Thursday, drunk lady )

the show, random observations, THE BOYS ARE GORGEOUS, lots and lots of Frank, this is the section with tweets and pictures and the stuff you actually care about )

merch/the pit )

after the concert )

the next day )

I'm still pretty sore, I have a blue bruise on my arm, and I'm still tired. My ears aren't fully back to normal yet. I lost 2.5 pounds (lol yay). I wrote a TON of notes to myself last night and I think I covered pretty much everything I meant to. I just rambled SO MUCH, this is ridiculous.

I'm SO GLAD MCR was my first rock show experience. It was an amazing, amazing show, with SO MANY of my absolute favorite songs, and I got really close to the barrier in front of my favorite person (somewhere close to this person because while I didn't get the water, I was right there next to where he threw it), and it was just... amazing. Awesome, in the true sense of the word. The crowd was, for the most part, really excellent to each other, and I pushed myself way past my comfort zone of not touching people and enjoyed the hell out of it, and being in the pit at a rock show was one of my ~life experiences I needed to do before, y'know, I die, and I did it at my VERY FIRST SHOW, with my VERY FAVORITE BAND. I just can't even. I'm so grateful for the whole experience. I WOULD do it again, but maybe not for MCR if I see them again soon, because the next time I see them (BECAUSE I WILL SEE THEM AGAIN, I MUST), I think I want to be in the balcony or something, where there's a little more breathing room and I can actually focus on the stage and not just surviving, you know? But now that I know I CAN survive the pit, it's definitely something I would do again. SO MUCH LOVE. Thank you guys so much for your concert tips, I really really appreciated it so much (lol I'm such a crazy person about being unprepared) and I'm sorry I didn't get to hang out with ppl more before or after ([ profile] erraticonstilts, I wish we'd been able to meet! [ profile] dancinbutterfly, we shall have to hang out sometime later!), but it was just really fantastic overall. Amazing experience.


my thread: here.
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SO, tomorrow i am driving up to atlanta for my very first MCR CONCERT. i'm so excited. :DDDDDD but i start freaking out if i'm unprepared for things, and since i've never done an mcr show before, or even a rock show like this, i... feel very unprepared. /o\ like, idk what to bring, what kind of shoes to wear, if i can take my camera, all that kind of stuff. so... help? tips? when do people start lining up? do they usually check bags for cameras and stuff like that? are there concert necessities that i just have no idea about? i'm basically a rock show virgin, so. oh, and i gotta figure out how to print my tickets and shit. O.O ahhhh the lead-up is stressful. i mean, i know it's gonna be great no matter what, but omg nervous.

my grandparents actually TEXTED ME today, asking when i was coming up. hahaha. so i have a few family obligations to hang out and chat and check out how they're remodeling their bathroom and stuff before i can go downtown and stuff, but it'll be cool to see them and they're super excited about me spending a couple nights at their house, lol. i'm planning on leaving savannah after my class ends at 7:30, so probably more around 8 once i pick up my friend and grab something to eat for the journey. long drive. then the concert on wednesday, crashing wednesday night, and driving back early thursday morning so i can make it to my thursday class. ahaha lots of driving in my future. shit, i gotta figure out some time to do thursday's reading homework in there too.

OMG SO EXCITED. did i mention that? SO. EXCITED. i think a couple people on my flist are going too? we must meet up!!!
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Everyone's been making rec lists for MCR fandom, like, all the must-read stories for newbies. Pretty much everything I would rec has already been recced, SO I decided to do something a little different. I have been told that I write D/s fic pretty well (♥!), but there's some excellent stuff out there that I love to read and reread and reread, fics that inspire me and that I've learned from, so, here's a list of those. It says "multifandom" in the subject line, but it's really only the fandoms and pairings I like, so don't go expecting something varied and diverse. Also, everything here is NC-17 unless otherwise noted.

Lord of the Rings RPS )

LotR RPS is a fandom FULL of excellent BDSM fics, and I'm glad I started out in that fandom. There are far too many to name here (I've gone way past the number I expected to limit myself to anyway), so check out my delicious for more.

My Chemical Romance )

There's something about most of these bandom fics that I can't put my finger on, but they feel different than the lotrips BDSM fics. I don't know why; there's excellent fic in both fandoms. I have less meta about this fandom, apparently. Except that's not exactly true, because I have a ton of meta in my head about the people themselves. I don't know why it feels so different, but it's weirding me out. Anyway, moving on.

There doesn't seem to be quiiiite as much BDSM in this fandom as there was in lotrips, but there's still quite a lot that I have saved to my delicious that I haven't recced here. Check it out. I've been a little lenient with my bdsm tag, though; most of these just have some element (sometimes a pretty vague element) of D/s.

Adam Lambert (and Co.) )

And as always, there's more to be found at my delicious! Also, there's a surprising amount of good stuff over at the [ profile] glam_kink meme. I like how kinky this fandom seems to be, and how, even if Adam isn't all that kinky in real life, he makes it easy to push him to that extreme in fiction.

That pretty much concludes this rec list. Hopefully I rambled enough-but-not-too-much for you. :) This was really a lot of fun, because I had an excuse to reread some really good fic. Especially in lotrips; I haven't read much in that fandom in a long time, so it was good to revisit. Oh, and if you have any other must-read BDSM fics, please link me to them! I'm always up for more good kinkfic.

ETA (April 2011): This list, especially in Adam fandom, is not up to date at all. A lot of really excellent BDSM fics have been posted since I wrote this post, and I've saved some of them to my delicious and some of them to my AO3 bookmarks if you'd like to go looking for them. I'll probably do an updated D/s reclist at some point, and I'll link to it here when I do.


Nov. 15th, 2010 03:30 pm
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FIRST THINGS FIRST: the [ profile] werewolfbigbang story I did art for has been posted! it is by the wonderful [ profile] fleurdeliser and [ profile] tuesdaysgone, and it's really great, and it's about the mob, isn't that awesome? :D the master post is here! go check it out!!

SECONDLY: mcr has released some tour dates. O_________O the closest shows to me are the tabernacle in atlanta (may 11) and house of blues in orlando (may 18), and i think i'm going to try for the atlanta show. it's in the middle of the week (both of them are), which SUCKS, because i'm pretty much going to have to miss one or two days of classes, but i haven't seen mcr live and i NEED TO, OKAY. plus if i go to atlanta, i can probably stay with family instead of getting a hotel. cue freaking out about presale times and shit. oh god oh god oh god. *CRAZYFACE* i really wish i was home while they're in the pacific NW, 'cause i could totally justify going to seattle, portland, and maybe even vancouver shows. :( much easier to swing than down here.

thirdly: i'm about to present my sound design final project today, and so now all i have left is: a final exam in directing tonight, a final exam in history on wednesday, a final exam in sound on wednesday, and presenting my directing final project on wednesday night. SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE. so damn close. then i drop off my car with family and catch a plane home on thursday night. :DDDD

other news: super excited for the sing video, adam and tommy look like porn when they're kissing, frank is super hot all the time, that's all for now, BACK TO FINALS.

Fic: Choice

Aug. 2nd, 2010 04:23 pm
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title: Choice
pairing: Frank/Mikey, Gerard/Frank/Mikey
rating: PG-13/R
words: 1460
warning: incest
summary: Frank can't keep his crush a secret.
disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Don't Google yourself.
a/n: This is for [ profile] sleepingcities, for the [ profile] waysplusone fic exchange. I hope you like it. :D?

Choice )
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Band(s): MCR
Pairing(s): Frank/Jamia, Gerard/Lindsey
Word Count: ~34,700
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, minor character death
Summary: Frank lost his ship, his crew, and his best friend in one violent storm. When he washes up on an island, he has to learn how start living again. Time passes, and he thinks he’s settled down and moved on, but then he rescues a woman from the sea and in caring for her, realizes he hasn’t fully recovered from his own shipwreck. Frank quickly comes to depend on her and though he starts to live again, he doesn’t want to live without her. Vaguely-historical AU.

Notes: Thank you to the bbb mods for being so helpful and quick to respond. :) Concrit is welcome, and if you see any typos please do point them out to me. Thank you!

[bbb master post]

[part 1a]
[part 1b]
[part 2a]
[part 2b]

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Fanart by [ profile] cool_rain_kiss
Fanart by [ profile] kidsxheroes

Anchor Me to Home by [ profile] somethinguncool
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part 1a )

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[index] - [1a] - [1b] - [2a] - [2b] - [art] - [mix]

part 1b )

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[index] - [1a] - [1b] - [2a] - [2b] - [art] - [mix]

part 2a )

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[index] - [1a] - [1b] - [2a] - [2b] - [art] - [mix]

part 2b )


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