Jun. 21st, 2007 04:01 pm
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college quarter grades and SAT scores!!! I win. :D except, I'm going to take the SAT again in the fall because I wanna do better. >.< I think I'm also gonna take the ACT then too, which is like the SAT, only not really. LOL anyway, onto the scores...

this quarter's grades )

SAT scores )

oh, so, a random funny story about the SAT: the room I took it in was an English-as-a-second-language classroom, so there were alphabet posters and stuff that you might find in an elementary school. anyway. it's me and about 12 other teenagers, and we have to copy out this statement that says we won't cheat or whatever. except the rule states that it has to be copied out IN CURSIVE. >.< the funny/sad part: barely any of us could WRITE in cursive, and we had to use those stupid posters in order to write the letters correctly. LOL printing is so much better. and typing's even better than that. cursive is just... hard. lol it took us longer than the allotted time to complete the statement. >.< hahahahaha

college search stuff )

also, an interesting and amusing tidbit: Tony's parents (and mine) all went to Georgia Tech, whose mascot is a yellow jacket; SCAD's mascot is a bee; and the place where Tony wants to go, Southern Polytechnic, has a hornet. I find that very amusing. LOL goes to show how easily amused I am...

also! thank you all for the feel-better-wishes and the prompts! am working on those now. and I do feel better. :) ♥
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tiffany, we've been playing phone tag for what seems like forever. >.< have you gotten your last essay back yet in english? and have you given up on catching up with posting?

and, are you going to do anything with the co-op in the fall? lol, i don't even remember what classes we decided on. or did we not decide yet? i've no clue. >.<

call me or comment or email or something! haven't talked to you in ages!
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some stressful school stuff )

OH YEAH. I nearly forgot. Tomorrow, I AM GOING TO SEE THE POLICE IN CONCERT. *\o/* Which I toootallly forgot about until about a week ago, and even then, I thought it was next week-Thursday instead of tomorrow-Thursday. But yeah, that should be VERY FUN, and kind of a celebration for the end of classes. Even though I'm not completely finished until next Thursday. At least all of my stressful work is done, now's just a time for doing as much backdated work as I can before the end of the quarter.

Filming on Sat/Sun. Cute Guy is an idiot and forgot to return the light kit the other day; I'm hoping he didn't have to pay the $200 late fee, but then again, he kinda deserves it for being such a flake. >.< Oh, but on Sunday, I have to bring a dress suitable for being an extra in a prom scene. I only have one dress, and it's a Chinese dress that I wore to the last piano recital. Luckily, it fits and everything just fine. I just hope it's appropriate...

Psych final on Thursday, and then THAT'S IT FOR SCHOOL. omg I really really really really really can't wait. My mom even said, "Thursday evening, you can read whatever you want, write whatever you want, go on livejournal, and chat with whoever." hahahaha YAYNESS. but then she said, "but not until Thrusday evening." >.< ONE WEEK UNTIL FREEDOM OMG. There's gonna be a party, just you wait and see.
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oh what the fuck, LJ? not letting me see my f-list now? not fair, i tell you. not bloody fair.

i fiiiiiinally finished my essay about 2 and a half hours after the due time. and it's still on the short side. but at least it's coherent. mostly. i think.
     (tiff, call me tomorrow later today or something, we can discuss. oh, also, you aren't coming on friday, are you? >.<)

was hoping to read at least one short fluffy fic before bed, but no, LJ is being annoying and preventing me from clicking on posts, so. bed it is, then. y'know what i really really want? printed versions of all those really long, really good fics. like c-verse and sema's series and. well, lotruni isn't really complete yet, but that too. *sigh* anyway.

also, surreality_fan, i did manage to see your post about GJ, and i've just friended you over there. was going to comment on your post, but LJ's being stupid so i couldn't, sorry. >.<

hopefully LJ will stop being so wanky soon. because omg this is annoying!
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1 hr until paper is due. it is 1.25 pages when it SHOULD be 4-7 pages.

i suck.

also, i have a bloody nose, WTF? *gets tissues*
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english paper = 28 words long.


supposed to be on why people should get a college education. due by tonight. i'm so fucked.
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I finally went to bed around 3am. *headdesk* I'm honestly not worried about my own journal and most of the comms that I'm a member of being affected by this mess. For some reason, though, I've been following the whole thing closely and I even made a link-post of my own! Why? No idea. I guess to make it easier for me (and hopefully you) to stay in the loop. So anyway, after an hour this morning of checking things out and updating links, I'm gonna do my usual random RL post.

Yesterday: had auditions - only two people came in (I'm not counting the two 5-year-olds, but they were so adorable), so we had to cast them. Filming starts on Sat, and we don't have half the cast set yet... >.< Also, the evil producer girl was acting decidedly un-evil, which unnerved me a bit. Maybe she was in a bad mood when she sent that email? Maybe her English is really that bad? Dunno. But she was acting perfectly polite and everything, so. Strange.

Today: ack, English paper due by tonight! Oh noes! Also, class today - meeting in groups (again, oh joy.). I still haven't taken detailed notes on the movie we're analyzing (The Butterfly Effect). I'll have to do that before noon...

3 more weeks of school (or thereabouts). I really cannot wait for summer.

also! At the end of my second week of Weight Watchers, I'm down another 2 pounds. I'm feeling rather good about this. :D

eta: OMG. I totally forgot that there was a test today in Media. Fucking hell. *facepalm*


May. 22nd, 2007 07:54 pm
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so okay, that rant the other day? all most is better now. and Cute Guy showed up today! apparently he's been sick AND his car broke down. *pets him* *no really, because his hair is just lovely* as is his chest hair omfg also, the evil french producer girl has seemed to lighten up a bit and she's not as annoying about the storyboards though she still is speaking french a lot... and because I won't be available on the first day of shooting until the afternoon, I had to give over my duties to the french PA girl, who is very cute and reminds me of Claire on Lost. except, y'know, french. anyway, besides the whole language difference thing (quite a few "sorry? what was that?" in our conversation, LOL), she seems very sharp and she caught on quickly, so should be able to manage fine without me for half a day. and I didn't really get a chance to talk to the director, but he seemed very laid back today, so I'm guessing he's handling everything he's supposed to. and I kind of avoided the annoying DoP. hopefully the director and the producer will get on him for doing storyboards omg. I did complain to BOTH of them, so. *hopes* ALSO, nobody turned up for the auditions yesterday! so we're having auditions again next week or something, and the producer wants me to come, so yay. kind of. lol. it'll be interesting, to say the least.

whew. *takes a breath* also, I got quite a bit of Escaping Blame writing done while I was waiting around. *should be working on RunAway omg*

things to do tonight: organize psych project results with my dad; read an essay for english; post in psych; email the script to the producer; email a few documents to the PA; hopefully watch Dom on that The Sauce show, which [personal profile] txvoodoosays was really cute. \o/

oh, and tiffany? omg that piano in the student union building. SUCKS OMG. wtf half the keys won't even PLAY! the guy who was playing before me somehow sounded awesome, though, despite the stupid piano.

also, nearing the end of week 1 of my unofficial weight watchers thing, which is going alright. *shrugs* I do find myself wanting things I can't really have, though, like COOKIES. >.<


May. 16th, 2007 09:17 pm
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omg first draft of essay is done. hopefully it won't take too much editing/revising before i can turn it in and WATCH LOST OMG.


also, have uploaded this new icon. by [livejournal.com profile] green_queen. because she totally rocks. :D
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i want to get my paper done so i can watch lost. but i haven't even REALLY started. >.< that gives me, what, 3 hours? no, it starts at 10, doesn't it. LOL so 4 hours. and 5 until the paper's DUE. fuck. why have i still not started it? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. omg i suck. this paper is going to suck majorly omg.
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+ )

- )

more + )

and finally, I love you all. :) Thanks for being here and everything. /sappy omg >.<


May. 14th, 2007 05:37 pm
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done with biology omgyay!

more to come.

eta: the day

so, that was my day, up to this point. Spidey review coming up shortly. :D

eta2: hahaha, i ROCK. i barely skimmed through the psych chapter, but i took the 2 practice quizzes (didn't do very well), and then took the graded quiz, and i fucking ACED it. *\o/* this is not reinforcing good study habits..... LOL
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was about to reply to comments, but then realized i had to work on my essay some more. >.< so, will reply in person later, but for now, thank you for the "get well soon" type comments, they really cheered me up. ♥ :)

this is my predicament: i chose lotr to write an essay about. the assignment is to back up my opinion with facts and evidence. my opinion is pretty much that lotr is the best film(s) ever. so i wrote an essay and sent it to my mom for critique. and she says that i don't state my opinion at all, and that it's all straight facts, and that the essay has no personality or passion, and that if the class were a journalism class instead of a personal essay class, i'd get an A because i'm so succient and objective. >.< so that is one part of my problem. the other part is this: how do i write about lotr without getting TOO gushy and fangirlish about it? and without saying words like "fantastic", "stunning", and "awe-inspiring", etc. too much?

random note: today in the paper, there was a blurb about Lost's end date, which (of course) made me think of Dominic. right next to it was a blurb about PJ directing some movie that he and Fran and Phillipa wrote the screenplay for, which (of course) also made me think of Dom. there's no point to this little anecdote other than the fact that i found it amusing that they were right next to each other. lol i am easily amused.

a more completely random note: those Soup At Hand microwavable thingies are yummy and portable, and i want to take one to school with me the next time i'm on campus but not in class.

there are so many things i keep meaning to post about, but then i don't, because i just want to make this quick, but then i never get back to it and then it's so long afterward that i think "is it even worth it to post" and then i end up not posting, so then i have either no posts at all or a whole bunch of these meaningless type ones. and omg that was all one sentence. sorry. >.< i didn't mean to make this post so long, but it's just coming out that way. >.<

test updates: SAT2 went well, i think. it felt like i did okay. afterwards was a bruch which was good but also kinda too much, and then a meeting with the director and DoP, which was supposed to happen at a Starbucks but didn't at the last minute, and i was kinda counting on a drink to keep me from coughing the entire time, but anyway, the meeting went well. it's kinda weird though, the DoP kept like, looking at me, and it seemed like he was like... trying to reassure himself that i was laughing at his jokes? or something? dunno. that's what it seemed like, though. and he did it again tonight. or maybe he's just a weird, kinda creepy guy. >.<

and now, back to rewriting my essay. "again, with feeling."
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i've started to work at getting caught up in english. an impossible task, but i must do it all the same. so tiffany, since i have to reply to other people, expect some replies, okie dokie? and and, what's your essay about? it has to be turned in by... i don't know. >.< but doesn't it have to be critiqued by wednesday? nobody's posted anything to my group yet! and and and, i keep forgetting your schedule; when are you on campus? and omg there was something else i wanted to ask you but i can't remember! *headdesk*

in other news, i dun feel good. >.< especially my back = hurts a lot. it feels like my spine is collapsing onto itself. i want to take something, but then again i don't, because i'm not so good with pills, and i'm in the mindset that if i CAN do without drugs, i don't wanna take 'em. but i think i might need an aspirin or something. >.< but oh, i can finally hear through both ears again!! like, as of a few weeks ago. finally. lol

eta: 29/30 on my psych quiz last night! and today i looked and got the one i missed right, even though it won't count for my score. some of the quiz questions are EXACTLY taken from the study guide book, so YAY for that. lol


Apr. 30th, 2007 08:32 pm
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index: FIXED OMGYAY. I am insanely happy with being organized. LOL and now I'm REALLY REALLY ORGANIZED, so YAY. I'm very proud of my index now. LOL!!
icons: 2 uploaded - new default, and remixed Rock & Roll, which OMG it actually takes the place of the old one because it has the same keywords and I totally did not know it would do that!
english essay: PFFT.
psych quiz: *studies*

LOL, for this little 5-line post, I have SIX tags. LOL


Apr. 25th, 2007 03:46 pm
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apparently I wrote my school-issued email address wrong on the contact info sheet last night, so I haven't gotten any emails. well at least now I know that I'm not being ignored or anything... >.< so, have txted Cute Guy with my CORRECT email address, so he should be hooking me up with the group any time now. O.o

both essays are close to being done. 1 needs a final touch-up before 5pm, and the other needs a little bit of finessing before 11pm. and then I should be mostly caught up with schoolwork (except biology, because biology is a bastard). I'm hoping that once I get on my right schedule with all my work and stuff that things will go a bit easier, especially after the biology test, which is in like, three weeks. *cue major panic attack*
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well, kinda.

I'll give you a list.

1) I got the Script Supervisor position in my production unit! *dances around omg*
2) I have Cute Guy from last quarter in my unit! *giggles* he is camera operator. dunno how that's gonna work out for him...
3) I do NOT have the scriptwriter or the annoying suck-up girl in my unit! \o/ (which is really good, because in this first production meeting, we TOTALLY tore apart her script. sorry! >.<)
4) it seems like my group pretty much agrees with me on the poor quality of the script.
5) I'm going to be the official script rewriter!! *dances around more omg*
6) the director, who I'm going to be working closely with, is both cute (\o/) and he seems like he'll be easy to work with, so yay!
7) even though the teacher switches from total wanker to awesome in the blink of an eye, he was mostly awesome today. and, he mentioned his wife, which totally surprised me, because he was acting a bit gay. LOL

so, other stuff:

my unit seems generally awesome. yay! the script = crap, but at least we all agree! one of the French girls (of which there are 4 in this class, I think) is the producer, and she seems very organized and on-task, so yay!

during the script read-through, I got assigned the LEAD ROLE. wtf! I am not an actress. >.< but the producer chose me because there are only three girls in the class (including her), and I'm the only one with English as a first language, therefore, lead character = me. >.< luckily, I think this was a one-time read-through, and we're not going to do that again until we have ACTUAL actors.

OH, at the beginning of class, the teacher handed out standardized tests! WTF! apparently our class was RANDOMLY CHOSEN to do a test on SCIENCE. we are a MOVIE-MAKING class. we do not do science. >.< I think I actually got a lot of the questions right (that I answered), and it did help being somewhat of a science-type-person, and also that I took Astronomy a while back.... but luckily this test won't be graded; it's just for the college's general... info or something or other. I dunno. I wished we'd gotten to take the writing section though, I could'a aced that.

UNFORTUNATELY, I realized that I have 2 essays due tomorrow: one just needs a conclusion, but the other needs to be written period. it only has to be 2 pages though (I was like "really? REALLY? YAY!"), but I still need to think of something to SAY, y'know? but anyway, 2 essays due tomorrow, and I'm gonna be gone alllllll morning doing biology. fuck. also, I hafta post stuff in psych tonight too. *headdesk* oh, and I gave my movie unit my school email address, which means I'm actually going to have to check that email address. >.< hopefully I can figure out some kind of rule to make it auto-forward to my normal one. O.o

1.5 hours until midnight. first order of business: psych posting. 2nd: Media & Messages paper, because it would be better to turn in a first draft than nothing at all. 3rd: English paper, because even though it's crap right now, at least it's partially written. *runs off*

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lotr book test tomorrow, but it's open-book, so yayness.

just barely got in my psych and english posts before midnight tonight, even though they were supposed to be done this MORNING. instead, i watched Lost, since i was still 2 weeks behind. i then geeked out and watched
spoilers )

i've also been listening to my "midnight storm" cd, which is classical music with thunder sounds over parts of it, and it's really cool and a great find at a library book sale. anyways, i have much love for Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D minor, and of course, Beethoven's 5th. and actually, there's a Mozart song on here that i really love, even though i'm not really a Mozart kind of girl. he's usually too happy-sounding for my taste. Beethoven's my fav because i can PLAY some of his stuff (moonlight sonata, and actually now that i said that, i'm surprised that's not on this cd!). /music geek omg

but anyway, i was mentioning the music because it kinda gets me in the zone for writing that new church monaboyd fic, which is a completely different style than i usually write in, so i have to concentrate to keep consistent. and Raquel said she likes the new style, and that it is very different, so it's not just my imagination. and now i'm all happy from that little review, so yay for writing.

and speaking of writing, i just remembered i have an essay about lighting in one scene of a film of my choice due by wednesday. and i haven't picked a movie yet. i'm going to watch Contact again, even though it's on vhs, because i seem to remember some dramatic lighting in that, and just because i love it and want to watch it again. i also have Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, which is black and white and should have some really good lighting, plus director commentary so maybe i can pull stuff from that for my essay.

oh, back to the music for a second. anybody know what the song is that's played in the background of the new lost promos? i've heard it before, i know i have, but i can't place it and now i really want that song. because it's pretty. *g*

and omg, tiffany i'm sorrrrrry. i meant to copy the table of contents yesterday, and then today, and now i've totally forgotten until now. >.< i WILL scan tomorrow. or something. sorrrrryyyyyyy. >.<

i suck

Apr. 15th, 2007 10:13 pm
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omg i completely suck at life. kill me now!!

paper for tomorrow - half written
quiz study guide for tomorrow - nonexistent, and in fact, i haven't even finished the readings.


i don't mean to procrastinate so much...
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omg, I STILL haven't gotten back to a bunch of comments. I'm sorry! I'll reply eventually, really.

Making Movies
list + notes )

non-spoilery comments for a Coppola film, The Conversation )

Media & Messages
list + notes )

English Expository whatever the class title is >.<
  • um.. not much goin' on here yet.

  • readings to do, but haven't done them so far. >.<
  • semi-yay for interesting textbooks! and I'd read about John Locke (Lost) being named after a psychology person, but now that this John Locke is in my textbook, it's phenomenally more interesting. lol

  • the prof sounds nice, but she seems to expect a lot. >.<
  • do I even have to say anything here?

  • approx. 5 weeks until death.

Other news: yay for flatscreen monitors. I have sooo much more room on my desk now, and I even organized my little bookshelf thingy with all my current textbooks instead of the ones from three years ago! \o/ Also, computer memory got fixed a bit, so my computer's much faster now. \o/ Also, WSU visit on... Friday. Dunno how it's gonna go, as I've never really visited a college before as a prospective student. O.o

Raquel news: She got off the plane and the locals immediately recognized her as queen and declared their loyalty. Revolt expected. ♥

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