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I think I mentioned the one-day film challenge (Crash Cinema) in my last post? Well, I did that. The film we made in 8(ish) hours came out kind of ridiculous but not terrible. Hopefully amusing. It was for the theme of Argo (that new Ben Affleck movie), and we had to incorporate a bunch of stuff into it. Anyway, I went to the press screening of Argo on Monday and LOVED it, and our short film is showing before the premiere of Argo tonight, so I'm going to see it again! This time with the whole red carpet dealio (lol). I might come back with more thoughts later, but for now I'll just say that I really enjoyed the movie, and that it was very tense at times but surprisingly hilarious at times too. Definitely not a "funny" movie, but lighthearted enough to break up the crazy tension and time pressure. Really good, though; I recommend it.

Last night, I watched Devour. Purely because of Jensen. (The things I do for him...) Reactions: 1) LOL 2) no really, LOL, what is that thing? 3) there is some terrible acting going on here 4) holy god, Jensen is pretty 5) he just can't escape the hell, devil, possession, psychopath shit, can he? Okay, honestly, it wasn't as terrible as I was expecting it to be, but I had some pretttttty low expectations. Jensen was about the only good thing in it, and I'm glad he was the star because if he'd only shown up in a couple of scenes, I don't know that I could've gotten through it. I loved all his little bb psychopath moments. Had to hide my eyes when he was cutting off his tongue, though. D: I came out of that movie just wanting someone to edit together that footage with SPN footage to make a video about young!Dean. It fits pretty well, right?

I've seen New York Minute (ridiculous, but I grew up watching Mary Kate & Ashley movies, so that wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be), so next up is Christmas Cottage. I will admit, I don't have high hopes. lol sorry, Jared, it just doesn't look like my type of movie. I do like Thomas Kinkade in real life, though. I will give it a shot.

How awesome was SPN 8.02, btw? FUCKING AWESOME. Can't wait for the next one. Is it Wednesday yet?

Other things: I keep calling the job to find out the schedule for my training and they keep not calling me back. UGH, I WANT TO START ALREADY. Hopefully I'm about to pick up another job, though: teaching kids robotics like I did this summer, except year-round. Yay? Yay money and robots, at least. And finally, I'm trying to get back in the habit of checking my f-list and posting here, so keep on top of me to do that. In the meantime, you know where to find me (on twitter. always. constantly. forever.). Oh, I'm writing a bit more too. Trying to finish a kink_bingo fic that keeps growing. Hopefully I can wrap that up soon. And who's excited for NaNoWriMo? I think I'm settling on an idea, now I just want to START it. \o/
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Today was the last day of the film festival. I've been BOOKED UP this entire past week, seeing movies or going to panels from 8am to 10pm or even midnight on a couple nights. Barely had time to eat, no time for homework, didn't get much sleep, and I definitely caught a cold. But it was amazing. I've seen a lot of REALLY great stuff. Carnage, with Kate Winslet and Jodie Foster, was amazing, and it played out in real time in one location, I ADORED it. Jeff, Who Lives at Home, which was my last movie of the festival, was excellent and funny and all of the scenes were improvised, which I find fascinating. Also the co-writer/co-director who came to accept the award on behalf of him and his brother, Jay Duplass, was SUPER ADORABLE. The Artist, which was opening night, was gorgeous and really intersting. A silent black & white movie. Butter, with Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde, was a surprise hit, and was HILARIOUS. We Need to Talk About Kevin was fucking disturbing but... good? Crazy as hell, but Ezra Miller was great, and he was also in Another Happy Day, which I ADORED. Ellen Barkin and the writer/director Sam Levinson were here with that. Bringing Up Bobby was Famke Janssen's writing/directing debut, and I really enjoyed that a lot, and also she is gorgeous in real life. Ray Liotta was here with The Son of No One, which I thought was really great; it reminded me of The Departed, kind of? Coriolanus was really interesting... Wasn't expecting it to be THAT Shakespearian, but it was, and I thought it really worked. And A Dangerous Method, that was pretty great, and kinky, and kind of funny as well. Loved Kiera Knightly in it. Aaron Eckhart and James Marsden were both here also but I didn't get to see them (though I did see James both in a theater and outside the hotel. LOVE.). The Muppets movie had it's world premiere last night, but I opted not to wait in line to try and get a rush ticket for that, and I also didn't have a ticket for tonight's closing night movie, Like Crazy, but I'm cool with that. I ended on a really great note this afternoon (with Jeff and the Jay Duplass Q&A).

Old movies: I also saw Barry Lyndon, which was... LONG AS FUCK and I thought it was kind of boring, but Alec Baldwin and James Toback came out to talk about it so that was neat, and Born of the Fourth of July, which I hadn't seen either, but that one was really great. Oliver Stone came to talk about that, and to accept an award. Lily Tomlin was also here with The Late Show, and to be honest I remember her more than the movie! She was great, though.

Indie movies: Let Go was really quirky and interesting and definitely cute. And Take Me Home, about a woman who gets in a taxi and they travel from NY to California, that was pretty sweet and cute. There was also A Year in Mooring, with Josh Lucas and James Cromwell (who I saw many times) which was so atmospheric and gorgeous, I really enjoyed it because it didn't go through the traditional Hollywood structure. Inuk was really great too, set in Greenland, and there were no professional actors, it was crazy. All the kids were actually from the children's home up there, and the hunters were actually hunters. It was so great. The guy was a documentary filmmaker with them for a long time before asking them to be in this narrative.

The documentaries that I saw were stunning. To be honest, I think I liked them more than the narrative films. It's much harder to choose a favorite, in any case. PressPausePlay was AMAZING, and it's actually available for download on their site and you should check this shit out. It's right up your alley, and it made me so emotional about art and music and creativity. These Amazing Shadows was about the National Film Registry and it was really great too, and it's going to be on PBS on Dec 29th at 10, you should check that out too. The Bully Project was kind of mindblowing. It was about school bullies, and kids who committed suicide, and it followed a kid around at school and FILMED THE BULLYING and fuck, guys, I was crying my way through that one. The City Dark was about stars and the night sky, and light pollution in cities and even its effect on the human body. It was FASCINATING and also really stunning, but I have a thing for stars and astronomy. They made connections between breast cancer and constant light! I ate that shit up. Oh, and GROW! was about young farmers--young people getting passionate about organic farming. I liked it more than I thought I would, and the filmmakers were around all week, they were pretty great. All of the documentaries were so gorgeous, I loved them.

I went to these "Coffee Talks" almost every weekday morning, and those were fantastic. It's like a really casual panel, more like a conversation, a bunch of students and filmmakers/actors sitting around this lounge area with coffee and doughnuts having a conversation about whatever the topic of the day is. I also went to a Young Director's Forum, which was very intersting, and Bill Borden and Shawn Ku were there, and Shawn was adorable and really funny. And I went to this last-minute Screenwriters/Finding an Agent panel, and there were these two women there who were managers (as opposed to agents) and their little discussion was just so enlightening and great and I met them both afterward and gave them my card, which is always exciting. I tried to stay after the movies during the Q&As, which were pretty much all great, though of course there's always a person in the audience who asks a dumb question or embarrasses themself. Anyway, there were also several beautiful short films, which I won't name alll of, but I think North Atlantic was my favorite (also the writer/director is SO CUTE). That and Winter Frog (grenouille d'hiver). Of course I loved the two about death, but they were both beautiful, touching little stories. There were a couple good animated shorts and student shorts that I liked too.

SO, NOW, the film festival is over, and I get to sleep an extra hour tonight because of the stupid time change thing, and TOMORROW, I need to do the homework I haven't even had time to think about all week. Also tommorow will be a reading of my play on my school radio station. Which will (should) be fun! It was last year. But it also eats into my day because I'm going to be at the radio station for like 4 or 6 hours. D: But omg, once I get that done and my homework for Monday done, then I can CHILL a bit, because the rest of the quarter (JUST TWO WEEKS OMG) is much more relaxed. Haha, everyone was gearing up for the film fest and now we all gotta take a breath. I did have a chance to meet with my producer and OMG she walked into my apartment with the "how can I help you" attitude and when she walked out I felt like SUCH a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. She's great and I love her already.

Fandom-wise, I've been keeping track of things but haven't been able to participate much since I've been in movie theaters or lines ALL DAY EVERY DAY, but I am quite excited about this Adam + Queen thing going on tomorrow. There better be uploads ASAP, since I won't be home for it! Anyway, I've also missed writing a lot; [ profile] sulwen and I were on a roll with our LBB (and... other things) and then I had to just abandon everything all week, so that kind of sucked. So next week we'll get back to writing and relaxing and omg I can't wait. It has been the MOST FUN. Also, Adam and Sauli are being the most precious about their anniversary right now on twitter and it's killing me with cute. I keep meaning to get back on lj more often but... well. I'm glad I can keep track of everyone via twitter, even if not many people on here are following me there.

HP 7 PT 2

Jul. 15th, 2011 03:32 am
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OMG IT'S ALL OVER. ;__________________________________;

let me start off by explaining my POV. i've read the books, a LOT, and i was definitely one of THOSE PEOPLE who watched the movies and pointed out ALL THE THINGS they changed from the books. BUT. i haven't read this book in... quite a while. i remembered the major points, like the horcruxes and the people who died and how it gets resolved, but the specifics were all kinda fuzzy to me. once i realized the movie was actually COMING OUT SOON OMG (these things tend to sneak up to me) i did flip through the last book just to get the gist (and when i say flip through i mean i literally read a few sentences out of every chunk of pages i grabbed). but at that point i realized it's probably BETTER for me to not really remember the specifics, so i didn't look into it too deeply on purpose. therefore: i watched this new movie as a MOVIE based on a book, and as a MOVIE, i really enjoyed it. NOW, of course, i want to reread the whole last book (the whole series, but srsly, DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THAT) and catch all the things i forgot about and pick the movie apart later, but for now, i'm very pleased.

reactions )

it hasn't quite hit me yet that it's all over. this is the last one. i mean, i cried a bit watching the livestream of the london premiere, when everyone was making their little speeches about this being the end (and not the end, and so on and so forth), but now... IDK, I FEEL ADRIFT. oh man, it's really over. how did that HAPPEN. it's been a long, amazing journey. i grew up with these characters. it'll probably hit me for real soon, i can kind of sense it coming. oh man. it's been fun.
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So I watched A History of Violence. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Am sick, and sleepy, so this is probably going to be on the verge of incoherency.

spoilers )
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good idea: starting homework when it's assigned, then finishing it well before it's due.

bad idea: ignoring homework and starting it the night before it's due, at 10:40pm.

take a guess at which idea I had.

in other news, I rather liked Kingdom of Heaven, though I did think it was too dark most of the time. there's a time and place for darkness, and most of the time, I just want to see what's on the screen, really. I liked Orli's hair, though. lol

and in still other news, [ profile] mock_the_stupid is hilarious.

ETA: Not due until Friday, yayness! unfortunately, that is now tomorrow, and I still don't have near enough of it finished. FUCK.
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I just watched Reign Over Me, which made me cryyyy. spoilers )

Before we started the movie, though, my mom was looking up my textbooks for next quarter, and she said, "you almost have an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree!!" so I go over to the computer and look, and after winter quarter, I only need 3 more classes and I'd have the degree. Completely on accident! When I first started, we looked at the required classes and I pretty much said, "well that's shit, I'm not taking those!" so I didn't bother. But now I just need 2 more social sciences and 1 more natural science (this is after physics and fiction-writing). So then we re-looked at the classes and found multitudes of ones that I actually want to take. So I might get my AA degree by spring. wtf?! LOL, I'm very surprised. BUT, I don't know if I'll actually do that or not, because it calls into question how I'm going to 4-year college; right now, I'd go as a freshman and just (hopefully) get exempt out of some of the basic classes. but if I have the degree, I'd go in as a transfer student, and I don't know yet if that would be a good thing or not. but yeah, I thought that was kind of weird; I wasn't trying for the degree, and here I am, getting it by accident! strange. and kind of awesome. :P we never did get around to ordering my textbooks, though. LOL

Tomorrow, it looks like I'm going bowling. hm. whatever. maybe I can finagle some of the family to see Sweeney Todd after. *giggles* and then, I think, we're all going to a Chinese place near our house. Should be interesting. Hopefully fun as well.

I'm more than halfway through the Golden Compass, by the way, and totally loving it. I read several chapters today, but then I fell asleep until the dog we were babysitting jumped on me and slobbered all over my face. LOL so now I'll go get in bed and listen to more LotR music and read a bit more. yay! :D

ps: this is a pic of me and my new camera from Christmas day, which my sister took with her new camera. :D beware, it's kinda big.

picture )
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and so much stuff has happened! first of all, in TV land...

- The Office: Casino Night - OMG JIM. CRYING. LOVE. AWWWWWWW. ♥ SO MUCH.
- The Beatles' Help! movie - CRACKTASTIC. I think the best part was watching them mess around in the snow, LOL.
- the Monk and Psych holiday specials - were nothing really special. >.< but any new Psych is good, because it is adorable. :P

in the mail today came the movies Reign Over Me, which looked really good, so I can't wait to watch it, and THE FLYING SCOTSMAN. YAY!!! I also have Hairspray from the store, and that really has to go back, but I haven't watched it yet...

in school news, I got an A in Studio Production. as if I could've gotten anything else. and a B in math, which means I didn't do fantastically on the final, because before the final, I think my grade was about a B+... and I don't have my grade for Italian yet, but my grade prior to the exam is a 92.8, which is ALMOST an A, I think. I looked up the books I need for next quarter: Italian uses the same book I already have, which is very nice; Physics requires like, 4 different book/workbook/study guide things, booo; and the two books for Writing Fiction look AWESOME. can't wait to get those in my hands. :D

as I said a while ago, cute guy had something else going on and couldn't come to Sweeney Todd, but it's always fun when my dad and I see movies together, so I really wasn't too bummed. the movie was AWESOME. and the blood was very Tim Burton-ish: bright bright red, and therefore not very disgusting. there was a lot of it, though. but there was so much humor in the movie too, it was really cool. and then the costumes were awesome, and the singing was alright, and it was just soooo cool!! I do think the gothy makeup was overdone in a couple of scenes, though. but overall I liked it. I can't wait to see it again when it actually comes out. lol!!

currently, I'm rearranging furniture in the house. amazing how just rearranging a room makes it look so much cleaner. LOL of course, there's actual cleaning being done as well, much to my annoyance. :P my friend is coming over on Sunday night and staying until Monday to help us clean (she's getting paid to clean, btw. I wish I was getting paid. >.<) I think the grandparents are coming on Wednesday, which doesn't leave a whole lot of time... and then my dad's birthday is on Saturday next week, so that's when we're going to have the first big family dinner of the holidays, I think.

other randomness:
- I'm in chapter 4 of The Golden Compass, and so far I realllllly like it. hopefully I'll be able to finish it before I go see the movie.
- omgwtf coyote? there was a coyote in our backyard earlier today!! WTF? for reference, I live in the very densely populated suburbs. O.o
- ever since classes ended, I've been staying up extremely late at night and waking up extremely late in the morning. I dunno why. my body rebels against waking up early now. :P
- FotR last night = ♥. I don't know why I get so fangirly when the movies are on TV, seeing as I have them on extended edition DVD.... :P
- there's a part near the end of The Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks (which I finished recently and really enjoyed) that I agree with SO MUCH that I was literally saying "YES, EXACTLY!!" out loud as I listened. I don't want to spoil anyone or spark an argument or anything, so I'll just say that the passage pertains to religion and leave it at that.
- tony emailed me a photo of us from the weekend we first met. awww, we're so little! apparently we were 12, but we certaily don't look it from the picture. lol
- I started writing a Dom/Viggo ficlet a few days ago and it has since grown into something much more involved than I was planning. but there will still be porn, don't worry about that. *g*
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1 - Happy belated birthday to Raquel, even though I said it privately to her when it was actually her birthday. *\o/* Love you, brainspouse. ♥

2 - August Rush )

3 - Brokeback Mountain )

4 - I watched Sleepy Hollow for the first time a few days ago. I thought it was kinda ehh, but I did like Johnny Depp (of course). And in the middle of it, they showed a preview of Sweeny Todd. OMG I WANT TO SEE IT. SIFF has a free-for-members screening sometime in early December, but I think it's probably sold out by now. I'm not sure if I have something else that night or what, but omg if I'm free and it's still available, I AM GOING. Helena Bonham Carter is so awesome. As is Alan Rickman. And Johnny Depp. And the whole dark, spooky aspect of it.

5 - Okay, NaNoWriMo time. Last night I made it to 40k. All of the sudden, 50k seems a hell of a lot closer. BUT, I have a problem. I'm going to my friend's birthday party on Friday (the 30th) directly after being at school all day, so, no chance to write or upload it to be validated. NOT GOOD. So, basically, I have to finish by the 29th. *headdesk* Last night I wrote a whole subplot that I hadn't planned, thought out at all, or even thought OF until I started writing it. So, there's absolutely nothing foreshadowing what happens, which I don't really like, but editing is for later. For now, at least I have another few thousand words added to it.

other random things: House season 3 bloopers! and omg hilarious (but PAINFUL) gymnastics bloopers! and my sister linked me to these soccer bloopers. :P
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The Lincoln Project premiere - cut for spoilers and length )

*sigh* Wow, that was longer than I thought it was going to be. The gist of it is, the movie was great. Could'a been better, but it was pretty impressive. :)
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ok, Across the Universe was beyond awesome. When it comes out on DVD, I WILL BUY IT IMMEDIATELY. As it is, I've already preordered the delux edition soundtrack. JUDE = AMAZING. and also Max. and omg I LOVED IT. I think my favorite song was Strawberry Fields, though Hey Jude and All You Need Is Love were awesome too. And Eddie Izzard was awesome, and I totally wasn't expecting him to be in it.

10 billion out of 10 stars.
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I watched Mel Gibson's Apocolypto. spoilers )

And as a side note, I watched the "making of" bonus feature and omg the clips of Mel Gibson in action were so cute. He was dancing around and being very hands-on and it just looked so fun.
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omfg. nearly every staff person my dad and I encountered was so fucking incompetent. nobody knew what the hell was going on and we finally found the check-in area almost by sheer chance. it was in the BASEBALL stadium, wtf? anyways, we got our little badges and sat in the stands and listened for a while to some boring, absolutely predictable speeches and then we finally got to have lunch. except there was so much noise that we couldn't really talk as a group around the table, so sitting with some old alumni guy was really... not very interesting. so, after lunch we're getting bored and we decide why not just go and have the free ice cream and check out the football stadium (we've never been in before). the ice cream was the best part. LOL then we went to a little academic fair thing and the people THERE had no clue what they were talking about, even when we asked questions! "uh.... you can check out the website for more information..." oh shut up. boring as hell. so we waited around until the stadium opened and only then did we look at our tickets.

imagine a football stadium with about 3 tiers of stands. now put me and my dad at the top of the third tier. that's about where our seats were. so we pretty much said no right then, but we went up to the top anyway, just to see. OMG IT'S FUCKING HIGH UP. AND STEEP. and there was no way in hell I would've willingly sat there for more than five minutes. so then after carefully climbing down (we should've used harnesses and rope!) we took an express elevator down to the field level and hung out there for a few minutes. and then we left, because we're so not sports people.

and we went to see a movie instead! MUCH MORE FUN. we saw Death at a Funeral, which is a British black comedy and omg it was HILARIOUS. I'm so glad it came back to theaters here; it was here during the film festival but only at the beginning, so I missed it then. minor review-type spoilers )

so that was it. except now I have a headache because I think I've had too much caffeine and not enough food. *sigh* that was so much better than sitting through a football game omg. and now I feel like a bit of a rebel because of skipping out on the game. hahahahaha

but seriously, Death at a Funeral: FTFW. go see it if it's at a theater anywhere near you.
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am watching titanic. this montage of people as the ship sinks and the string quartet plays makes me teary every time. and now i think i'm going to shut up and watch it instead of ramble on about all the little bits. oh, king theoden. or the captain, whichever. lol i was also marveling a bit at leo dicaprio because i just got through watching blood diamond, and he's obviously much younger in this movie. i just thought it was surprising how much younger he looked, because he doesn't look at all old in blood diamond. also, speaking of him, i watched the aviator the other night and it sparked a bit of a fic that's turning out completely stupid, but i just have to get it out, y'know? so i'm writing it, even though i doubt i'll ever be satisfied with it enough to post. because it really isn't good at all. unfortunately, that's kind of how i'm feeling about runaway, but i'm determined to finish that one, and soon. it WILL have an ending, i swear.

on an unrelated note, i hate my period with a fiery passion, and my back aches something awful. but y'know, i think i read somewhere that women are at their most creative when they're on their period. doesn't make it a whole lot better, does it? *curls up in bed with a book*

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Now that I’ve seen OotP a second time, hopefully I managed to be a bit more coherent in my review. I was so coherent, in fact, that this review takes up 6 full pages in MS Word. O.o I tried to go mostly in chronological order. HUGE, MAJOR, DETAILED SPOILERS AHEAD.
So yeah, that’s the movie. Before it started, a couple of the theater people came in and said “We’ve got some time to kill, so, how about a trivia game! Poster prizes for people who answer questions right!” I immediately sat forward and was all attentive. :D The first few questions were EASY, and I raised my hand, but I didn’t do it FIRST, so he didn’t call on me. One question went to a girl on the front row – Can you name all of the Weasleys? I watched the girl counting on her fingers and obviously struggling with it, and then the guy said “Ok, she got 6 out of 9, can anybody beat that?” and I was like Hermione in the first movie in Potions class. He pointed to me and I was like “…me? …ME?” and then I said, calmly and very easily, “Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny,” while thinking the entire time, “OMG IS THERE ONE BETWEEN PERCY AND F&G THAT I’M FORGETTING? OMG I KNOW I’M FORGETTING ONE!” I kind of recited the names without any involvement from my brain, because it was kind of frozen and crashing like a computer. And then everyone around me (and pretty much the whole audience) was like “…wow.” LOL!!! So I got a poster! And then my hands were shaking and my stomach was in knots and butterflies because I hate being put on the spot. LOL
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bah! stupid internet. the network's broken, so my ~5 computer/4 person family is down to one single computer, and we're all kinda annoyed. Jill, i was going to reupload those zip files to sendspace for you, but now i can't get a connection between my computer and the internet at all, so i'm afraid they'll have to wait until after my trip, if you still want me to upload them for you. sorrrrry!!! :( i also meant to reply to comments from a bunch of people, but, while it's not impossible to do on this computer, it's difficult, so that'll also have to wait. grr.

also, it took me for-fucking-ever to make dvds for the theatre people. none of the stupid computers would burn a single working disc for the longest time. while i don't mind filming for these people and i certainly don't mind the money they pay me for doing it, i'm glad i won't have to KEEP doing it once i'm off to college.

i am ALMOST all packed up for the trip; i think i have all the clothes i'm going to take, so now i just need to get together my accessories/books/music/shit like that. and i have to leave enough room to bring back the new harry potter book, because it's getting shipped to one of the places we're staying, lol. i had a minor panic attack today because my mom bought the book with a credit card that was in her stolen purse and therefore cancelled, but she called...somebody and worked it out with the new credit card so they'll still send the book. *sigh* i'm reading/listening to HBP now, but i can't bring the book, so i'll have to transfer all the cds to my ipod. that'll take forever, i'm sure. >.< it's coming down to the wire with packing, but i feel like i'm pretty ahead of the game this time. well, until the last minute, i'm sure, when i'll find a whole suitcase worth of stuff i wanted to bring. LOL

oh and i watched velvet goldmine for the first time. ewan mcgregor/jonathan rhys meyers kissing and... doing other stuff = HOT omg. i still don't quite see the appeal of the whole glam-rock style, but those two were fucking hot.

also, brainspouse, since this computer doesn't have yim or googletalk (grr!), i hope you feel better!!! *LOTSA HUGS* less-than-three omg.

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sometimes Bill O'Reilly really pisses. me. off.

and also, am watching The Good Shepherd and am very wtf about it. what the hell is going on in this bloody movie?
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better, more coherent review to come. and until then, see [profile] ack_attack's majorly spoilery post, because i agree with her on ALMOST everything she mentioned.
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I've seen a few things so far, and the festival's almost over, so I'm cramming a bunch of stuff into this last weekend. I think this is everything I've been to; hopefully I haven't forgotten any...

Goya's Ghosts )

Lovely By Surprise )

French For Beginners )

I Really Hate My Job )

A few other random notes: I absolutely love Don Cheadle in pretty much everything I've ever seen him in. Also, I saw my first zombie movie the other day, and OMG. First off, it FREAKED. ME. OUT. and secondly, WTF. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever. None. My dad and I were like "uh... WHAT? No, seriously, WHAT?" And now I'm waiting apprehensively for Dom's zombie movie....... >.<

On the schedule for tomorrow: some movie at 4pm; I think it's Arctic Tale, by the same people that made March of the Penguins (I think), and then I'm off to the theatre for the first time in a long while to film/usher their production of something I've forgotten the title of.

Also, YAY SLEEP. I slept 11 hours last night, and had a surprisingly good, if somewhat sad, dream. lol! And this icon fits the dream perfectly... *sigh*
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My first SIFF movie of the festival: a documentary about the Apollo space missions.

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