Mar. 24th, 2008 11:41 pm
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grades. boo )

oh, and that cute physics guy? as time went on, he just got more and more annoying and boring. gah. what is it with boys? he started off cute and nice and interesting, and then it just got kinda "....ooookay then." y'know what I mean?

and also, music. first of all, I'm suddenly very into Lily Allen and I totally want to buy her CD, and secondly, this video is in that weird freaky-awesome-hilarious zone.

Alfie - Lily Allen )

tomorrow: piano lesson, more editing of Citadel, and hopefully The Other Boleyn Girl. I can't believe the recital's in a week. >.< and also, I love Citadel, still. it's one of my favorite things I've written, I think. and finally; I've heard good and bad things about that movie, and I just really want to see it to satisfy my curiousity. and to see Jim Sturgess. 'cause seriously, he's adorable. LOL

zomg yay

Mar. 20th, 2008 08:53 pm
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school is done. until the 31st. omg yay. OMG YAY. no more physics. YESSSSSS.

came home after the final, went to tacoma from there, and once there, I found out that my mom brought my ID badge HOME for me, which meant that I LEFT it at home, since I didn't know it was there. she also printed out a map for me, which I also didn't know was there, but I managed to find a parking place okay without it.

I didn't really have a job today, so I kinda stuck to my mom and was her personal assistant, because she kept forgetting things. LOL tomorrow I'm the announcer dude's prop assistant, which will be cool, I hope. the whole event's a lot smaller than I anticipated, though. but that's okay, 'cause next year, it'll be at key arena in downtown seattle.

*sigh* I'm sooooo tired. I've been walking around all day, talking to people. and there was this whole thing with a radio interview with harold perrineau this morning at 6 that I wanted to hear but they miscalculated and it was really at 8, so I woke up waaaaay early, so am very tired. but I'm gonna be waking up early for the next two days. sunday, I'm sleeping till noon.

the only thing left for school is the extra credit questions for italian, due by saturday afternoon. so hopefully tiffany and i will work on that together tomorrow night or something.

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first order of business, THIS SONG OMG. I've had it stuck in my head since this morning. and this girl, Brandi Carlile, is from where my friend lives. HOW AWESOME? but omg, yes, this song, I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. I'll upload it if anyone wants it, but not right now, 'cause I'm about to go to bed.

ok, next up: DOM LOVES BILLY, IT IS OFFICIAL. LOL I HAVE NO WORDS. I'm just in a prolonged state of fangirl squee.

school-wise - ONE FINAL DOWN, ONE TO GO. I studied for a lot of the weekend, and I took six fucking pages (graph paper pages, not normal pages) of notes, TWO of which were just vocabulary. but the final went well, I think, and there were sections of it that I was 100% confidant about, so that was very nice indeed. unfortunately, during that time, I didn't even touch physics, so now I have all of a day to go over that.

OH. we have a bunny. my sister's fostering her for the humane society, and her original name was SMIPPLES (yes, you read that right). the first thing the people said? CHANGE HER NAME, PLEASE, OMG. 'cause no one could read it right, or figure out how to pronounce it. we're now calling her Lyla, and she's adorable and soft and weighs more than one of the dogs (Peanut). LOL Peanut's a bit nervous about her, but okay with her; Dazzle's scared out of her mind (we think she's seen Monty Python/Holy Grail too many times, LOL), and Popcorn either HATES her or is just completely freaked out. Lyla nearly gave Dazzle a heart attack when she first got here: Dazzle came in and jumped on the bed and saw this movement out of the corner of her eye and she was like OMGWTFBUNNYRABBIT?!!!?!?!?!!!?! and she's been hiding under my desk a lot now. LOL *pets her*

spoilers for... Project Runway S4 Finale, Biggest Loser Couples (tonight's episode), and Lost - the one about Jin and Sun )


OH, and I had something to post about my Italian class, but I'll save that for later, since it's kinda long and I've already talked about A TON of things. OH, and I wanted talk more about The Other Boleyn Girl, and the second one, and... oh what else? OH RIGHT, King Arthur and my Sex & Sexuality textbook. LATER, THOUGH.

OH ALSO, I can't wait for ScriptFrenzy. I WANNA START NOW. question: would you guys wanna read it as I write/when I finish? it's weird formatting and stuff if you're not used to it. and I'd have to figure out a way to post it, 'cause last time I tried, LJ just erased all the formatting.

OKAY NOW I'M RAMBLING. BEDTIME. ...oh and, FIRST this weekend. unfortunately, I don't think the SeaTac tournament will be simulcast, otherwise I'd link you to it, but if it is, I'll let you know. it's very cool.
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Monday is my last official day of school. I have an Italian final on Tuesday and a Physics final on Thursday; my two writing revisions are due in by tomorrow (and they're finished--OMG BEFORE THE LAST MINUTE, YAY ME), and I have a "self assessment" for that class (yeah, I don't know either) due by Monday. And then? FREEDOM. ...for, like, just over a week. UNFAIR. BUT FREEDOM.

So, tomorrow: Italian presentation, which hopefully will go okay. My lines are partially memorized. And how did I end up with the two longest lines in the script? >.< AND THEN, a quiz in physics which I'm sure to fail, because I've pretty much stopped paying attention in that class, and he's trying to cram all this crap into the last week, and everyone in the class is just like OH FUCK OFF. So which is better: sucking in two classes, or sucking HORRIBLY in one and hopefully doing mildly okay in the other? Or do they average out to the same thing?

The sucky part about physics is that I would probably do well with it... with a different teacher, on a different schedule. *sigh*

I'm going to be reciting my Italian lines in my sleep tonight. My two hardest lines:

Io e la mia famiglia ci siamo andati agosto scorso e non ci siamo divertiti. (WOO, THAT ONE'S MEMORIZED! hopefully it will stay that way.)
Che??! No!! I miei zii abitano le a Tragani, e sono pazzi! Se andrò ci avro dovrò a visitare loro. (...yeahhhh, that one's still killing me.)

And then next weekend (directly after my physics final), I (and hopefully Tiffany) will be going down to Tacoma to do the FIRST stuff, which will last for like, 3 or 4 days. It should be fun though. I think my official job is "prop assistant for the announcer", which should mean that I'm gonna be handing the guy a bunch of weird crap and getting a lot of down time while being right up front so I can see the action. LOL I love that my mom's the volunteer coordinator.
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so after about a week of sleeping and resting during every spare moment, I'm moderately healthy again. I think. Slight cough still, but that's it.

today I met with the other two girls in my Italian presentation group, and we got a rough outline done. (I should probably be translating, actually...) schedule for that: meet tomorrow at 12:30-ish and get a rough dialogue written, have either the teacher or one of the tutors look it over on Friday, practice practice practice, present on the 14th. O___O but after today, I'm feeling a bit more confident. It's a pretty good story this time, and it incorporates all the stuff we've learned so far, so yay!

dunno what the hell's going on in physics. there's the creepy dude, the cute dude, and the freaky mean girl and none of us have a clue, and so we're probably just gonna fail or something. it's the teacher's fault. he's an idiot.

my portfolio presentation is like, 90% done. I just need the cropped pic of my Boromir painting and then jpgs of all of the pictures, and I need to fill out that form, oh yeah. and then it'll be done and sent in. \o/ (about bloody time.)

am currently writing my 'final story' for my writing class, which is supposed to be up for peer review by today (but it's not finished yet!), and in the mean time, I've been reading over some of my WIP fics, and hoping to get started on those again. yay!!

stolen from [ profile] surreality_fan

What does my Birthdate mean? )



Feb. 27th, 2008 12:54 pm
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am officially sick. most likely with the flu. and i think i was having auditory hallucinations last night. it sounded like someone walking over gravel with plastic grocery bags on top, so kinda crinkly and stuff. but the footsteps never faded away, so it was like someone walking in place. and none of the rest of my family heard it, so. O.o am on drugs now.

i was so dead yesterday afternoon that i completely forgot to do my online physics homework. oooops. and today i have 2 writing thingies due, which i haven't started. more oops. but at least my italian test was postponed until monday, and physics was easy today because he just drew a bunch of stupid-looking pictures on the board and didn't really explain much. but now i've eaten some soup, i have 'the archer' on my kindle, and am gonna go take a nap.

oh, yesterday, my physics teacher came out of the classroom and started talking to me and cute physics guy (we'd been chatting for a while), and he started telling us about learning the building blocks that'll be useful throughout the series of classes (of which there are 3) and i felt guilty about not taking the class next quarter, like, really guilty, but then i thought about how i've been doing so far and it almost erases my guilt. because seriously, i can't take another class with this guy, about this subject. it's just not happening.

also, i've been thinking about going friends-only. fic will remain public, of course. but i think i'm seeing the appeal of f-locking. something to think about, anyway.


Feb. 21st, 2008 12:30 am
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italian presentation tomorrow, which i just now finished making. oh, it's gonna be such crap.

physics exam tomorrow, which i haven't studied for. that's gonna be worse than crap.

writing journal due... half an hour ago. will do it tomorrow. that's already crap.

new vignettes due... shit, today. those will probably be crap.

chores - before i go to bed. also, note to self: *DON'T FORGET* give laurie my psych book tomorrow. and where the hell's the workbook to go with it? must find.

oh yeah. SLEEP. that's moderately important, is it not?


Feb. 19th, 2008 01:46 pm
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I GOT A 25/25 ON MY LAST PHYSICS QUIZ. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I DUNNO. AND CUTE PHYSICS GUY ONLY GOT 16! OMG WHAT? LOL I'm like, super excited. YAY FOR A GOOD GRADE. *AND* my group problem was 21/22!!! (even though I only did like thismuch of the work on that, I STILL GET THE POINTS! which makes me kind of a lazy bitch, but hey, at least I'm not failing.

so, yay for physics, for the moment. but there's an exam on Thursday, which is not good news. and a pop quiz in Italian tomorrow, but hopefully it won't be too difficult. it's all multiple choice and T/F questions, so yay.

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oh, poor Dommie.

I'm making up freakin' WEIRD alternate universes just to have an excuse to write him getting beaten bloody. >__<

maybe it sparked from rewatching the Lost s3 finale? quite possibly. or maybe I just love him in pain. very probable. god, I'm such a sadist with him.

although, at Raquel's behest, I'm giving my other new fic a relatively happy ending. :P

I don't even know what to do with this new one. seriously. *shakes head*

also, ITALIAN TEST POSTPONED TO FRIDAY! and there was much rejoicing.
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yay, Kevin finally emailed back about my job. and then he called last night. so, he's gonna pick me up from class on Wednesday and we'll presumably talk about schedules for editing time then. and he wants me to film the VEX tournament on the 23rd. I'm thinking about recruiting cuteguy from last quarter to help....

oh Lost. if you've seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say OMG WTF OMG OMG OMG OMFG GUHH. yeah. SO SEXY. and sad, too, but yeah. oh, and the rest of the episode had me going WTFFFFFFFF!!!

did I ever post about Torchwood? GUH KISSING OMFG. I have since clipped it and put it on repeat. so sad for Tosh, though.

OH, and I randomly watched Spice World yesterday and was like OMG IS THAT TOSH? IT IS. WOW. ROFL I love all the cameos in that movie. :P and after that I watched 2 episodes of Dr. Who, which was awesome. I watched kind of a lot of tv yesterday... >.<

BUT, I did do some homework. I painted some, I did about half of my physics, and I started reading Pinocchio in Italian.

and I'm 3.2k into a new fic and I have no idea where it's leading... I dunno yet if it'll have a happy ending or a HORRIBLY DEPRESSING one. it could go either way. LOL

and finally, I'm going to try to play Lost's "Life and Death" song on the piano. it's so prettyyyyy!! and sad. :(
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Ho voluto affiggere prima di adesso, ma non ho avuto abbastanza vocabulario. Io ancora no ho abbastanza, ma uso Questa mattina mia professoressa ha dato un pop quiz e sapero ho fatto bene. Dopo abbiamo iniziato imparare il Futuro Anteriore tenpo. È non davvero difficile, se recordo Passato Prossimo. Cazzo, è difficile a scrivo in italiano! Mia testa offesa.

Probabilmente uso la parola male.... >.< Ma oh, vedi tutti ho imparare!

Adesso voglio mangiare; avere molto fame. Userò inglese quando sarò tornata, prometto.

ANCORA, scrivo una nuova storia (finalmente, dio santo... >.<)!! Devo sapere di un terminazione.... Ma finora tutto bene.

Oh e, il traduttrice è molto confuso... :P
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got to school a bit early today, so I was able to sit around in the parking lot to wait, only I was an absolute mess because my mom kept up a steady rant over the phone the entire time. so that pretty much set the tone for the entire day, but there were a couple of highlights. 1) my Italian teacher waved at me when I passed her office window, 2) class itself was pretty easy even though I found out I did horribly on the last test, 3) the guy in my physics class kept me laughing during the (boring) lab today, 4) I came home to find Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the counter and I made a veggie-burger for lunch.

so that's all the good stuff. the bad stuff is: I got a 77 on my Italian test, and all from little tiny mistakes; my physics teacher is an ass, but he *tries* to be nice, which makes it that much worse; the moron in my lab group is such an annoying IDIOT; vista's still giving me issues and I can't turn in my writing assignment; pretty much all recent conversations with my mom; I have a physics exam on Thursday that I'm so not ready for.

and I need to start a new painting.

kinda good

Jan. 24th, 2008 11:04 pm
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ok, so my sister is out of commission for like, 5 or 6 months. apparently she tore her ALC tendon or something like that. she's going for an MRI tomorrow, and she has surgery planned for like, a month from now or something. so now she's depressed, because she's very active, normally, and doesn't like sitting still for long periods of time. Dazzle is FREAKING OUT. she's getting so crazy now that my sis can't play with her. tonight, our friend took her to dog class and ran her with his dog to get some of her energy out.

I meanwhile, felt better today. I dunno what it was; maybe having my Italian homework TURNED IN and starting a new chapter there, or maybe it was finally understanding something in physics. I was listening to some good music in the car, traffic wasn't too horrible, and I got to school early enough to work on some outstanding physics homework. and the skies have been SO CLEAR lately, the mountains on both sides of the city (the Cascades and the Olympics) both stood out and looked amazing.

although the physics lecture today was so well understood I didn't even bother taking notes for part of it. me and this other guy kept looking at each other like OMG HURRY UP THIS IS SO FUCKING BORING. we counted down the minutes until the end of class. >.<

I need to post my vignettes for writing today, but GRRR, am having trouble logging into vista. FUCKING VISTA. hopefully I won't get marked off for posting them a day late if I explain that I COULDN'T BLOODY LOG ON.

tomorrow's schedule: Italian, physics, physics HW Q&A, piano, art, and hopefully sleep. TGIF omg. y'know, last night I actually went to bed before midnight. O.o!

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My sister had to go to the hospital last night 'cause she fell weirdly on her leg while rock climbing. So now she's all doped up on pain meds. What fun! O.o

Italian was cancelled today. It would've been nice to know that before I left the house, but oh well. The teacher's Spanish class was cancelled too, so I dunno if she's sick or just doing something else today or what. It'd be nice if it was cancelled tomorrow....

Physics, though. Unfortunately, not cancelled. I hate this class. I was kinda like this during the whole thing today: @___@. And that moron guy? This time he nearly fell asleep (I could hear a bit of snoring) and when he woke up, he was picking ear wax out of his ears. It was disgusting. Anyway, I stayed after class to talk to the teacher and he didn't really answer my questions, but he's just weird and I don't like him so I just left. Oh, but the class after mine is taught by my old math teacher. He was so nice... I wish he taught my physics class and not the engineering one, or whatever specialized one he does.

Can you believe that I'm having trouble writing my 'Trauma' vignette this week? I don't usually have any problems with traumatic stuff. >.< The other one this week is 'Specimen', which is "a story telling one anecdote about a memorable character." Hmmmm.... *thinks* Any ideas?

And finally, voting for the mome awards - I am having so much trouble deciding which fic to vote for in the Billy/Dom Long Fiction category. THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD! I had slightly less trouble for the Short Fiction category, but still, those were all good too! I want to vote for them all. LOL

Oh wait, one more thing. I don't remember who I downloaded this song from, Everything's Alright (I Think It's Time) by Jude. But I really really love it, so thank you, whoever you are. Who would'a thunk I'd love such an uplifting song? My favorites usually tend towards angsty... :P
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today was much with the wtf-ness.

to and fro )

Anyway. That was my day at school. I recorded a voice post, but then people started talking to me, so I couldn't finish that. eta: but it posted anyway! Here it is. lol Now on to less boring stuff.

1. [ profile] bloodrayveness has posted an RPS Fandom poll, which I really want you all to go vote in, because I'm very interested in everyone's answers.

2. Reading [ profile] semaphore27's This Is The Way the World Ends (lotrips/the stand crossover) is probably not the best idea late at night. But it's so good. Oh, Dom.

3. I'm having trouble thinking of a good situation for my writing assignment this week, Last Lap: "Last Lap places the character, right in the opening lines, close to the climax of a series of events. So the story begins partway up the face of the cliff and not when your character, Arnold, first got interested in mountain climbing." It's quite an interesting prompt, but all I can think of now is mountain climbing. Any suggestions for a situation? Anyone? Anything?

Voice Post

Jan. 15th, 2008 10:19 am
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Ok, so, apparently the voice post did post, just privately.

and it cuts off there because that other voice was a guy asking me a question, and I closed my phone to answer him. lol
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ok, list of stuff I hafta do tomorrow:

- revise and turn in my facade and juggling vignettes (asdfjlaskjflsjkdf JUGGLING IHU)
- email Kevin omg
- try to extract those stupid fucking dvd files
- read physics and start online hw (which was only posted TONIGHT, WTF. grr, teacher)
- italian hw
- paint 
eta: read history. stupid history. >.<

hm, what am I missing?

in other news, I slept until almost noon today, which was quite lovely. but then I ate breakfast and then nothing until dinner, so I completely pigged out on pizza, and now I kinda feel sick and gross. >.<

I think I had a bit of a breakthrough on my painting (hopefully). AH, THAT'S WHAT'S MISSING. *adds to list* anyway. I need to finish that and start a new one, like, really soon. like, tomorrow. hopefully.

oh, I stayed up late last night reading and reviewing vignettes from my fiction classmates, and I just have to say something: after reading all those, I feel like the majority of you guys on my flist are better writers than the guys in my class. ♥ there were a couple of pieces that I really enjoyed, though.

and randomly, I just realized how much I'm gonna miss my best friend here when I go off to college. we get half an hour of girl-talk time on fridays, and last week was really good for some reason (though, omg we are such gossips. LOL). I should have her over sometime soon... when she came over to help clean the house before the holidays, we stayed up SO LATE just talking. and now I'm making myself kinda sad, so I'll stop there.

oh, but omg, the new girl in my art class is SO ANNOYING. (she's not really new, but she's new compared to how long we've been doing art with the same little group). so I was talking to my friend in her bedroom before art, and the girl comes in, and I was trying to tell some story or other, and she totally interrupts me and starts just rambling on about something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. my friend is just looking at me like O___o and I'm looking back at her like O___O!! with my mouth kind of hanging open in shock, and when the girl finally stops talking, there's one of those weird, awkward silences, wherein I say "...SO ANYWAY" and try to pick up where I left off. that wasn't the first time she'd done that, but it was definitely one of the most OBVIOUS and ANNOYING times. she's just, like.. completely lacking in social etiquitte. omg. >.<

sorry to go all 'preteen girl' on you there, but she just bugs the hell out of me. let's see, how many times did I say "like" in that paragraph? wow, only 3? I said it more in my head, believe me. LOL anyway, that's all the inane rambling I'll subject you to tonight. I'm off to bed.


Jan. 7th, 2008 01:48 pm
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where are you??? call me or comment or email or something.

even laura and alex thought it was weird when you didn't turn up for class...

gah, life

Jan. 4th, 2008 08:21 am
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'tis 8:15. I should leave in 15 minutes. I haven't eaten yet, though. I haven't printed that pic I was going to start painting today. I finished my Italian homework at 3am ('cause it was easy, so I procrastinated). I stayed up really late reading DOM/ELIJAH (but it was Establishment, so it was good), and omg, I actually got Raquel hooked on it as well. LOL!!

job from hell had more issues: the DVD that supposedly didn't have errors didn't re-download back in completely. like, the whole end of the show is just not there. I tried importing it from the DVD with the error in the beginning, but apparently it either couldn't get past that error, or there was some other problem with it (I wouldn't be surprised). omg I wish this lady would just FUCK OFF. and my mom isn't helping me with it because she said I know more about it than she did. that is NOT TRUE. I didn't even know Premiere could import those file extensions off DVDs!! (it's cool, though, because I think I have part of a movie saved like that and couldn't play it, so...)

and why is it so bloody cold in this house?! *snuggles under several layers of blankets* >.< can I stay home today?
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oh crap, it's 1am. today = first day of school. Italian was interesting; there were 2 sections of the 101 class, but now there's only 1 section of the 102 class, so we've merged together. physics was kinda awesome, the instructor seems pretty cool. tomorrow we're doing some kind of experiment with bowling. should be fun. so far in writing, I've introduced myself and gotten several replies about my nano fic. \o/ speaking of, I need to get cracking on that, but not right now. I also have to choose another picture to paint; there's one I like from the second photoshoot we did, but the position's just SLIGHTLY off, and I'm not quite confident that I'd be able to wing it. I also have to take care of those STUPID FUCKING DVDS OMFG *KICKS THINGS*. it's the job that won't. fucking. end. and the worst part is, she's already paid me. also, I have to email Kevin. shit. the FIRST kickoff is like, next Saturday or something. or the one after, I dunno. and also, one of my NY's resolutions is to stick to weight watchers omg. >.< and also, I had lots of stomach pain today, no idea why. *clutches stomach* owie.

anyway, now Raquel's got me dreaming about a new fic, as well as a couple WIPs, and omg sweet dreams tonight. *cackles*

and randomly, Brent Corrigan was awfully adorable when he was young. well, sexy and adorable. LOL

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