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Since our fic won't be ready until tonight, Sarah and I decided it would be okay to post the mix a little early, as a kind of teaser for the fic. We had so much fun pulling these songs together, so I hope you enjoy the playlist. We picked out a line from each that particularly fits the characters and scenes, but it's not really a literal soundtrack. It does, however, follow the general story (vaguely), so this mix can give you a sense of the tone from beginning to end. We're so excited to post later. Enjoy this in the meantime!

eta: the fic has been posted! :)

Disclaimer: The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with the music you collect here is your own responsibility.
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[index] - [1a] - [1b] - [2a] - [2b] - [art] - [mix]

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Cover To Cover

[index] - [one] - [two] - [three] - [four] - [mixes]

I’m sure mixing this fic was kind of hard, because the draft I sent in had basically none of the pseudo-relationship scenes towards the end--seriously, it was only half the length it is now--but wow, [ profile] spuzz and [ profile] manipulant totally came through, and these songs all fit really well with how the fic turned out in the end.

Fanmix 1 )

Fanmix 2 )
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I have:

Attic Demos
The Black Parade
TBPID! Maxwell's show
Bullets, Three Cheers, and Black Parade STRIPPED
and the CD of LOTMS, but it's just not on my computer yet

but I'm missing:

Three Cheers
all of the B-sides
TBPID! Mexico show
Desolation Row
(which I just realized I only have the video of, not the mp3)

all of which I used to have. :( can you help me? I can upload things in return. I have a fair amount of bandom songs and albums. :D

(I'm also looking for Paramore's album Riot and the "Live in Denver" version of Panic's cover of Karma Police, if you've got either of those. I thought I had most of my music back, but apparently not. eta: dammit, I lost my entire Thrice discography too. ugh. but I think I just found that again... I hope.)

eta: you guys are awesome. ♥
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Merry Christmas!!

I was going to post this just after I'd posted the epilogue, but... I forgot. *facepalm* Sorry!! So now, on Christmas, here's the complete version (in Word document format) of Runaway. I think I may've fixed a few typos, but otherwise it's exactly the same as what's posted, but all in one place. Thank you, again, readers, for all of your comments and encouragement while I was writing the story, it means so much to me. ♥

Runaway (complete document) - sendspace, 1 MB

[online chapter index]
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I hate it when my computer randomly shuts down internet explorer, thereby closing all of the tabs I had open. *KICKS OMG* Semi-luckily for me, I almost anticipated this, and I have a relatively good memory for crap like that. Except I keep thinking there was something else that I had open that I can't remember.... >.<

Also, I just realized I never posted this: Augustana's album All The Stars And Boulevards, as a .zip file of .mp3s.

Jeff's premiere is tonight. I guess I'm going to wear my green Chinese dress, which is pretty much the only dress I have at the moment. I have a black one, actually, but it doesn't have sleeves and it's kinda low cut and it's FREEZING here, so I'm thinkin' no. There was a lot of frost this morning. Very very cold. >.<

Speaking of, I had to wait outside the DoL before it opened to get my driver's license. Only, I'd taken the written test before and passed, so apparently I didn't need to take it again, I just had to schedule my actual drive test. So, next Wednesday at 2:50, I have to go back and do that and remember to brush my hair and stuff because I finally get a new picture on my license and I want it to look better than the one I have now, which is absolute crap. LOL

Also, I made an autumn/Dom wallpaper, but I didn't really like it, so I made a different Dom wallpaper, with text from a poem called Moonlight by Giridhar Mohanarangan.

So now it's 4pm and I have to go eat and get ready to go.
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this is all instrumental-type music. all the albums are .zip, the two single songs are .mp3.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - 18 songs

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - 19 songs

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - 19 songs

Arwen's Song (Houses of Healing) - song from RotK Extended Edition (not on the soundtrack)

Use Well the Days - LotR song that isn't in the movies

Hanneke Cassel - celtic/folk fiddle music. 12 songs

Bear McCreary - various songs from the Battlestar Galactica soundtracks. 8 songs

Nature's Symphonies - classical music with stormy nature sounds added in. 13 songs

hope you enjoy. :D
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I uploaded some stuff for [profile] bloodrayveness and figured you guys might want it too, so here it is.

An Insomniac's Nightmare screencaps
An Insomniac's Nightmare Behind the Scenes screencaps
Shooting Livien screencaps part one
Shooting Livien screencaps part two
Shooting Livien .gif animations (2)

I keep meaning to download a couple of my favorite CDs to my computer, both so I could listen to them on my ipod and so I could upload them here, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. >.<

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New song

Soul Swimming

kinda bad quality, but at least it's listenable.

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uploaded a song, because even though I've had it for, like, ever, I'm just now actually "listening" to it. so, here ya go.

Aqualung - All Or Nothing

ps: does this remind you of The Beatles or is it just me?


Nov. 7th, 2006 10:25 am
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So apparently I missed the astronaut that's going to speak at the college in... ten minutes. And I missed the seminar before the astronaut. I might still be able to go to the "21st Century Career Revolutions" at 11:30, but I was thinking about skipping the last one anyway. Is it worth it to drive thirty minutes in the pouring rain to go to one lecture thing that I'm not even sure I'll be able to hear because I didn't sign up for it? Probably not. Most likely scenario: I will stay home. Take good notes, Tiff!!!! oh, and are you going to the Career one? cuz that and the astronaut one were the main ones that I wanted to see.

Edit: Yay, I managed to get to the Career Revolutions one. Kinda interesting, a bit boring. Didn't stay for the afternoon one, though.

New download for the Beecake songs. This new folder contains both my recordings AND the downloads from the livejournal that doesn't exist anymore.

And I'm going through my recent journal entries (they all seem to be connected!) and updating all of the links that don't work. I was going to update my essay list and my review list, but livejournal's being a bastard right now and it takes three tries for anything to work, so.
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I've recorded the songs using Audacity and uploaded a zip folder to sendspace.

Download the folder here.

For the other links, see this post.

music spam

Oct. 14th, 2006 01:14 pm
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I uploaded a ton of music. Here ya go.

Raquel, this is everything (except for the LOTR music) that's on that playlist I made for you. I decided, instead of procrastinating and it taking forever, I should just do it all at once.

I have more songs from most of these artists, so if you know a song that you want, I can check to see if I have it.


Oct. 12th, 2006 06:45 pm
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I've uploaded two Dom appearances: Dom on Leno '05, and Dom on Leno '06. Thought you all might like the links. :D

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