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I think I mentioned the one-day film challenge (Crash Cinema) in my last post? Well, I did that. The film we made in 8(ish) hours came out kind of ridiculous but not terrible. Hopefully amusing. It was for the theme of Argo (that new Ben Affleck movie), and we had to incorporate a bunch of stuff into it. Anyway, I went to the press screening of Argo on Monday and LOVED it, and our short film is showing before the premiere of Argo tonight, so I'm going to see it again! This time with the whole red carpet dealio (lol). I might come back with more thoughts later, but for now I'll just say that I really enjoyed the movie, and that it was very tense at times but surprisingly hilarious at times too. Definitely not a "funny" movie, but lighthearted enough to break up the crazy tension and time pressure. Really good, though; I recommend it.

Last night, I watched Devour. Purely because of Jensen. (The things I do for him...) Reactions: 1) LOL 2) no really, LOL, what is that thing? 3) there is some terrible acting going on here 4) holy god, Jensen is pretty 5) he just can't escape the hell, devil, possession, psychopath shit, can he? Okay, honestly, it wasn't as terrible as I was expecting it to be, but I had some pretttttty low expectations. Jensen was about the only good thing in it, and I'm glad he was the star because if he'd only shown up in a couple of scenes, I don't know that I could've gotten through it. I loved all his little bb psychopath moments. Had to hide my eyes when he was cutting off his tongue, though. D: I came out of that movie just wanting someone to edit together that footage with SPN footage to make a video about young!Dean. It fits pretty well, right?

I've seen New York Minute (ridiculous, but I grew up watching Mary Kate & Ashley movies, so that wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be), so next up is Christmas Cottage. I will admit, I don't have high hopes. lol sorry, Jared, it just doesn't look like my type of movie. I do like Thomas Kinkade in real life, though. I will give it a shot.

How awesome was SPN 8.02, btw? FUCKING AWESOME. Can't wait for the next one. Is it Wednesday yet?

Other things: I keep calling the job to find out the schedule for my training and they keep not calling me back. UGH, I WANT TO START ALREADY. Hopefully I'm about to pick up another job, though: teaching kids robotics like I did this summer, except year-round. Yay? Yay money and robots, at least. And finally, I'm trying to get back in the habit of checking my f-list and posting here, so keep on top of me to do that. In the meantime, you know where to find me (on twitter. always. constantly. forever.). Oh, I'm writing a bit more too. Trying to finish a kink_bingo fic that keeps growing. Hopefully I can wrap that up soon. And who's excited for NaNoWriMo? I think I'm settling on an idea, now I just want to START it. \o/


Jun. 24th, 2012 02:48 pm
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Biggest bit of news: I graduated from SCAD. \o/ This is awesome, obviously, but I already have mixed feelings because damn, I miss school. Well, not yet, but it hasn't sunk in that I won't be going back, so I feel like I still have classes to take, you know? I feel like it's just summer break. But I graduated, I won't be going back (not there, anyway; if I go to grad school at some point, it'll be somewhere else). [ profile] undersea Came down a few days before and stayed with me, and we got to sit next to each other during the morning ceremony, which was really cool. Our families also got to meet, we all hung out and had dinner together, and our moms got along like... well, pick a similie.

My grandparents on both sides also came down, and we stayed at a beach house on Tybee Island after I moved out of my apartment (bye, great apartment! bye, independence! ;_____;), and from there my mom and I went up to Atlanta for a week or so to get all my stuff and a couple cars shipped to Seattle. The cars arrived a couple days ago and the rest of my stuff arrived today, and I haven't unpacked at all. For the time being, I'm just at home, job hunting. I don't know how long term I'm staying here... O.o Hopefully not TOO long, because wow, I already miss living alone/with roommates as opposed to my parents, lol.

Additions to the family: I got a puppy!! This has been several months in the making, but it wasn't a sure thing until I finally talked to my family about it right around graduation, when he came available to adopt. He was seized in a hoarding case or something and was basically tied up in legal stuff until the case finally closed--earlier than expected, which meant my sister had to adopt him for me right after graduation before I got to Seattle (I thought I would be home by the time he was available). He's a little long-haired chihuahua, VERY fluffy, black and white with black around his eyes that makes him look kind of pissed off all the time, even though he's the happiest little puppy ever. (I keep saying puppy, but he's like 2 years old. Just tiny.) I (re)named him Jack, and I call him all sorts of stupid, ridiculous names, and he got used to me pretty fast, sticks to me like glue, all that sort of stuff. \o/ My sister's also getting a new puppy (in addition to Dazzle and Peanut, who both live with her at school already), but she won't be available to adopt until August. LOTS OF DOGS. Fortunately, she goes back to school (with all three dogs) in late August, which will leave me with just Jack.

Fandom news! The biggest fandom news is that I have a new fandom now. Supernatural! Which I haven't posted about AT ALL, because I have basically avoided livejournal for MONTHS. I haven't even been on except to read fic, pretty much. Haven't even read my flist. /o\ I'M SO SORRY, I want to do better about that. Twitter's basically my main social outlet at the moment, even though half the shit I read there annoys me these days. lol

BUT, SUPERNATURAL. AND SPN RPS. So here's how it went[ profile] sulwen came to visit me in Savannah over spring break (St Patrick's Day, yay parade and drunkeness!) and forced me to watch the pilot episode. I was immediately hooked and we watched all the way into season 2 before she left. Then after she left, I continued watching NONSTOP until I caught up with the middle of season 7, which I watched as it aired. And until I had to pack up my TV, I KEPT watching spn nonstop, rewatching my favorite episodes and sequences of episodes and rewatching my favorites AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, and right now I'm going into WITHDRAWAL. Luckily the CW and TNT both have iPad apps that can stream episodes, I just can't choose which episodes I wanna see. BUT I DON'T EVEN CARE RIGHT NOW, I just need my spn fix.

Dean is pretty much my favorite character on TV now. There's lots of thinky-thought reasons, but one very superficial reason is that Jensen Ackles is seriously pretty. I got my Jensen fix last night as I made my parents watch Ten Inch Hero (which has become my feel-good movie, and my mom enjoyed it too, yay). So that leads me to SPN RPS! Jensen and Jared as a fic pairing are as happy and fluffy as Sam and Dean are angsty and fucked up, it's pretty great. I've been reading SO MUCH FIC, lots of rps while I was still catching up with episodes, and I just recently started reading actual plotty spn fic now that season 7 has ended. SO MUCH ANGST. SO MUCH KINK. SO MUCH EXCELLENT, AMAZING FIC. Seriously, some of the fic I've read recently has been the best fic I've EVER READ. In any fandom. I had no idea the fic would be this good. I love it. Annnnnnnd I got into the fandom/finished school just in time for the gigantic spn_j2_bigbang to start posting. \o/!!! I love Sam and Dean and John and Jared and Jensen and Jeff and Misha and just EVERYBODY, it's all amazing and I'm so so so so happy rolling around in a new to me fandom.

Other fandom news: I've seen Avengers several times and LOVED IT, and Clint/Hawkeye is my favorite (UNF HOT) and he needs his own movie okay. I've been reading some good Clint/Natasha and I've always loved Tony Stark so I like him in fic, and Clint/Loki is some fucked up awesomeness. Haven't done a lot of exploring in that fandom, though, just read what I've seen recced. Other fandom stuff: Adam's album is amazing and I love it (I don't think I ever talked about that, SORRY LIVEJOURNAL), and I may be in the minority but I fucking love Tommy with his pink hair. I love Tommy full stop, really, but you already knew that. :D MCR is fairly quiet, which means my epic mcr feelings are fairly quiet at the moment, but Frank on twitter continues to be a delight, so that's always a good thing.

Plans for the foreseeable future include: seeing Brave now that my sister is back from Cuba, seeing Avengers again with her, seeing other movies as they come up, forcing my family to watch spn so I can talk about ALL OF MY FEELINGS aloud, and search for jobs. Search for a gazillion jobs. SIGH. I also want to get back to writing. My film is done, I just need to get those DVDs ready to send out, and I finally have some time to go back to writing, YAY. I have so many things planned with [ profile] sulwen, you guys have NO IDEA. :DDDD

Missed you guys. Gonna try to get back in the habit of reading my flist and posting updates here. But really, if you wanna keep up with me, follow me on twitter. @silentdescant!
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Today was the last day of the film festival. I've been BOOKED UP this entire past week, seeing movies or going to panels from 8am to 10pm or even midnight on a couple nights. Barely had time to eat, no time for homework, didn't get much sleep, and I definitely caught a cold. But it was amazing. I've seen a lot of REALLY great stuff. Carnage, with Kate Winslet and Jodie Foster, was amazing, and it played out in real time in one location, I ADORED it. Jeff, Who Lives at Home, which was my last movie of the festival, was excellent and funny and all of the scenes were improvised, which I find fascinating. Also the co-writer/co-director who came to accept the award on behalf of him and his brother, Jay Duplass, was SUPER ADORABLE. The Artist, which was opening night, was gorgeous and really intersting. A silent black & white movie. Butter, with Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde, was a surprise hit, and was HILARIOUS. We Need to Talk About Kevin was fucking disturbing but... good? Crazy as hell, but Ezra Miller was great, and he was also in Another Happy Day, which I ADORED. Ellen Barkin and the writer/director Sam Levinson were here with that. Bringing Up Bobby was Famke Janssen's writing/directing debut, and I really enjoyed that a lot, and also she is gorgeous in real life. Ray Liotta was here with The Son of No One, which I thought was really great; it reminded me of The Departed, kind of? Coriolanus was really interesting... Wasn't expecting it to be THAT Shakespearian, but it was, and I thought it really worked. And A Dangerous Method, that was pretty great, and kinky, and kind of funny as well. Loved Kiera Knightly in it. Aaron Eckhart and James Marsden were both here also but I didn't get to see them (though I did see James both in a theater and outside the hotel. LOVE.). The Muppets movie had it's world premiere last night, but I opted not to wait in line to try and get a rush ticket for that, and I also didn't have a ticket for tonight's closing night movie, Like Crazy, but I'm cool with that. I ended on a really great note this afternoon (with Jeff and the Jay Duplass Q&A).

Old movies: I also saw Barry Lyndon, which was... LONG AS FUCK and I thought it was kind of boring, but Alec Baldwin and James Toback came out to talk about it so that was neat, and Born of the Fourth of July, which I hadn't seen either, but that one was really great. Oliver Stone came to talk about that, and to accept an award. Lily Tomlin was also here with The Late Show, and to be honest I remember her more than the movie! She was great, though.

Indie movies: Let Go was really quirky and interesting and definitely cute. And Take Me Home, about a woman who gets in a taxi and they travel from NY to California, that was pretty sweet and cute. There was also A Year in Mooring, with Josh Lucas and James Cromwell (who I saw many times) which was so atmospheric and gorgeous, I really enjoyed it because it didn't go through the traditional Hollywood structure. Inuk was really great too, set in Greenland, and there were no professional actors, it was crazy. All the kids were actually from the children's home up there, and the hunters were actually hunters. It was so great. The guy was a documentary filmmaker with them for a long time before asking them to be in this narrative.

The documentaries that I saw were stunning. To be honest, I think I liked them more than the narrative films. It's much harder to choose a favorite, in any case. PressPausePlay was AMAZING, and it's actually available for download on their site and you should check this shit out. It's right up your alley, and it made me so emotional about art and music and creativity. These Amazing Shadows was about the National Film Registry and it was really great too, and it's going to be on PBS on Dec 29th at 10, you should check that out too. The Bully Project was kind of mindblowing. It was about school bullies, and kids who committed suicide, and it followed a kid around at school and FILMED THE BULLYING and fuck, guys, I was crying my way through that one. The City Dark was about stars and the night sky, and light pollution in cities and even its effect on the human body. It was FASCINATING and also really stunning, but I have a thing for stars and astronomy. They made connections between breast cancer and constant light! I ate that shit up. Oh, and GROW! was about young farmers--young people getting passionate about organic farming. I liked it more than I thought I would, and the filmmakers were around all week, they were pretty great. All of the documentaries were so gorgeous, I loved them.

I went to these "Coffee Talks" almost every weekday morning, and those were fantastic. It's like a really casual panel, more like a conversation, a bunch of students and filmmakers/actors sitting around this lounge area with coffee and doughnuts having a conversation about whatever the topic of the day is. I also went to a Young Director's Forum, which was very intersting, and Bill Borden and Shawn Ku were there, and Shawn was adorable and really funny. And I went to this last-minute Screenwriters/Finding an Agent panel, and there were these two women there who were managers (as opposed to agents) and their little discussion was just so enlightening and great and I met them both afterward and gave them my card, which is always exciting. I tried to stay after the movies during the Q&As, which were pretty much all great, though of course there's always a person in the audience who asks a dumb question or embarrasses themself. Anyway, there were also several beautiful short films, which I won't name alll of, but I think North Atlantic was my favorite (also the writer/director is SO CUTE). That and Winter Frog (grenouille d'hiver). Of course I loved the two about death, but they were both beautiful, touching little stories. There were a couple good animated shorts and student shorts that I liked too.

SO, NOW, the film festival is over, and I get to sleep an extra hour tonight because of the stupid time change thing, and TOMORROW, I need to do the homework I haven't even had time to think about all week. Also tommorow will be a reading of my play on my school radio station. Which will (should) be fun! It was last year. But it also eats into my day because I'm going to be at the radio station for like 4 or 6 hours. D: But omg, once I get that done and my homework for Monday done, then I can CHILL a bit, because the rest of the quarter (JUST TWO WEEKS OMG) is much more relaxed. Haha, everyone was gearing up for the film fest and now we all gotta take a breath. I did have a chance to meet with my producer and OMG she walked into my apartment with the "how can I help you" attitude and when she walked out I felt like SUCH a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. She's great and I love her already.

Fandom-wise, I've been keeping track of things but haven't been able to participate much since I've been in movie theaters or lines ALL DAY EVERY DAY, but I am quite excited about this Adam + Queen thing going on tomorrow. There better be uploads ASAP, since I won't be home for it! Anyway, I've also missed writing a lot; [ profile] sulwen and I were on a roll with our LBB (and... other things) and then I had to just abandon everything all week, so that kind of sucked. So next week we'll get back to writing and relaxing and omg I can't wait. It has been the MOST FUN. Also, Adam and Sauli are being the most precious about their anniversary right now on twitter and it's killing me with cute. I keep meaning to get back on lj more often but... well. I'm glad I can keep track of everyone via twitter, even if not many people on here are following me there.
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1. Pick 15 of your favourite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions.

woo, quotes! )

some of these are probably really easy. and the hardest part about doing this meme was PICKING MOVIES. LOL



Aug. 20th, 2007 12:40 am
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i just got out of bed to come and do something on the computer, only i've completely forgotten what it was. it's kinda scary how often this happens to me...

in other random news; movies i've watched recently:

happy feet - meh. it was alright, and i love lij's voice, but i thought it was kinda silly. i did like the incorporation of live action with the animation though. very nice.
transformers - another meh. the effects were pretty awesome, but it was too 'kiddie' for my taste. i dunno why i think that, but i do. i just couldn't get over the fact that it's a children's movie.
the history boys - heeeee. love. i put it on my blockbuster list but then i actually downloaded it and watched it on my computer first. very much with the love omg. though the ending was a bit sad. :( thank you sooo much for recommending it, [ profile] rainbowcobweb.

oh, and i watched lost episode 'greatest hits' again. *sniffles* the season finale is still downloading.
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feel free to just scroll on by. i just wanted to preserve this transcript for my own (and hopefully others') amusement.

a chat between me and my sister.

for reference, we're in the same room while doing this. LOL

also, lost spoilers for season 3 finale in there somewhere. also, i edited out names of RL people we talked about. also, this is really REALLY rapid-fire. and all the times i'm saying 'dude pay attention', she's doing other stuff on her computer besides chatting with me. lol! demanding, aren't i?

lookit us procrastinate omg.

warnings for: length, keyboard smashing, typos, and LOTS OF RANDOMNESS OMG.

random word and movie associations )
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I was bribed into finishing my essays today by my mom, who offered to take me out to a movie. So I finished, and there were no movies that I desperately wanted to see. So I looked on pay-per-view, and still nothing. Even Blockbuster has semi-failed me. >.< But we went to the store and got Sahara (which I've seen before, but is good anyway) and Munich (which has Eric Bana in it, yay!). I was going to get Boondock Saints, but it wasn't there. :( Also, I was randomly looking at the shelves, and all of the sudden, I see Dom. O.o I didn't know The Purifiers was at this store, but apparently it is. lol!

Billy/Beecake/ORC news: check out [ profile] beizy's journal for squeeage and [ profile] rosamundeb for videos omg!!!!!!

And finally, I'm going to play Walking in the Air for my piano recital. Ordered the music book and it's on its way. :D It took quite a long search to find a more advanced version than the common one that I found everywhere. Hopefully this one'll be good.

ps: did anyone watch The Black Donnellys? and is anyone going to watch The Riches (starts tomorrow)? unfortunately they're in the same time slot, but I'm going to try to keep up with the Donnelly's online.
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Christmas day was very fun. Even though my uncle acts the same age as his son. O.o I watched the beginning of Nacho Libre with them (they gave us a copy), and it looked incredibly stupid. Why did they give us that??

A couple main gifts that I love: a black and white calendar of LotR portraits, a green celtic-design datebook, a piano book of the Best of the Beatles, and a bunch of skin care type stuff.

The movie Love, Actually gets better each time I watch it. I want that to become the movie I watch every Christmas. And I didn't know Rodrigo Santoro was in it! lol Then again, everybody's in that movie.

Also, my dad broke his leg skiing. Just a side note. LOL So he'll be home all drugged up and making no sense pretty soon.


Dec. 11th, 2006 07:54 pm
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m'watching the mummy returns.


that's it. goodbye. :D
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both by [ profile] ingvessogur.

The Fairest Of The Seasons

and a multichap AU

Never Been

still snowing. a bit. slowed down though. King5 news showed video of downtown Seattle and Queen Anne side by side. In Seattle, there's rain. In Queen Anne, there's snow. O.O not a whole lot of elevation difference there. And if you don't live here/know Seattle, you won't have a clue as to what I'm talking about. lol

tomorrow: room's a mess, must clean. desk's a mess, must clean also. and get rid of all evidence of English class. *evil grin* I'm hoping BCC will be closed for snow, but so far, no luck. so then, astronomy tomorrow night. aaaaaand, a ton of writing, because RunAway still isn't ready to post. >.< *sheepish* I'm busy? finals week? um... I suddenly found I had a life? actually, no, that's not true. I'm still woefully lifeless. well, at least socially. physically, I am alive. fuck, this is getting weirder by the minute. Or sentence, as it were. I should just shut up, shouldn't I? well, I will then. see? shutting up now.

oh wait, except for one last thing. I watched Titanic tonight. the darn movie makes me tear up EVERY TIME. and Leonardo DiCaprio is really fucking hot. except when he's deathly cold. *totally lame joke* and I suddenly have the urge to write Titanic!Monaboyd. >.< I wonder if anyone's written that before. probably so. I shall ask the trusty [ profile] lotrips_finders, because people there can find anything.
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I'm feelin' very good about holidays right now. To sum up:

1) my English portfolio is completely finished and I never have to worry about it again and the only other time I have to see the evil!prof is when I get my grade. *pumps fist in the air* YESSSSS!!!!!

2) my Media project (making an xhtml table) was incredibly easy, and the test was only marginally harder.

3) I only have Astronomy on Monday (with no English!!), and a pretty light week after that.

4) I'm going to see Casino Royale in a few hours. I've been feeling deprived of movie-watching because of all this schoolwork.

5) even though this weekend is going to be absolute hell, at least there will be heaters in the barn. Yes, you read that right; I'm going to a barn. >.< I'm the film crew for my sister's dog trial. But at least people are letting us borrow their cameras, which are much nicer than the ones I usually use for filming.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans, and Happy Un-Thanksgiving to the rest of you.

And last but certainly not least (I didn't forget!!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAQUEL!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥ It feels like forever since we've chatted. *resolves to do so* Oh, and that thing I was gonna send you? Yeah, still not sent. Hopefully I'll send it before Christmas. lol!


Nov. 12th, 2006 04:30 pm
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First off, my weekend class ended early. Like, by three hours. And it was early the other two days too. So yeah, that was awesome. And I got an A apparently. I think the coolest assignment though, was writing a letter to myself, which the teacher will send to me in January, when the next quarter starts. Umm, I think that's all I have to say about the class. Oh, except for this: she gave us bubbles thingies. Y'know, the little solution and the wand and all that. It helps with stress. So the classroom was full of bubbles for like, fifteen minutes or something. 'Twas a very fun class. Oh, and we watched the movie Door to Door. And did I say yesterday that she was going to make us watch Declining By Degrees, which is the documentary I've been writing a paper on for the past, what, month or something? Luckily we talked her out of it. >.<

Anyway, now for the randomness.

I've still got like 150 pages of Invisible Man. >.< But last night, I said to Tiffany, "Can I kill him [the author]?" and she said, "I'd join you, but unfortunately, I think he's already dead." So then I said, "Can I kill him again?" This dude is grammatically incorrect, and his sentences go on for entire pages. Seriously. >.<

Also, I saw a bird (a crow, I think) walk slowly towards a puddle and dip his face in. Not like a birdbath, where birds splash around, but just... dipping the side of his face in. Like he (she, it, whatever), was trying to wash it's face or something. I dunno, it was just weird.

Haven't worked on RunAway recently, but I have at least one more chapter already written. Been working more on Escaping Blame, and that's not even begun posting yet. Okay, now I'm tired. And I want food. And I need to finish the stupid book. And there's several things on my flist that I want to comment on, but I haven't had the time yet, sorry.

Um. Yeah, I think that's it for now.

ps: raquel, i'm reading cusp again. >.< it's just soooo gooooood.
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My friend loaned/gave me the vocal/piano books for TTT and ROTK!! She said she couldn't find FOTR yet, but she will sometime. I'm now learning the Ent march song (I forget the name, sorry) in TTT.

A side note: I had a bloody nose last night and just now. I'm not the type of person that gets bloody noses. I'm beginning to freak out.

Um, I also saw Girl With A Pearl Earring, and Poseidon. Reviews for those coming soon. Probably sooner than all the ones I said were coming soon and never came.

And now, to sleep, perchance to dream...

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I'm feeling spammy right now. Anyway, I just found out that this movie I missed at the SIFF, The Science Of Sleep, has opened in select theatres. I think it's in Seattle somewhere.... It looks pretty cool, if very strange. And its from the guy who did Eternal Sunshine... (no wonder it looks strange)

Check this out to find out more about the movie.

Also, I'm scheduled for a hair appointment on Saturday. I realllly need a haircut. So, yay.

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